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Towards Eternal Lost

"Towards Eternal Lost" (2001 Demo)

1. Dark Years of Carnage
2. Rotten, Shattered, Burned and Spoiled
3. Towards Eternal Lost

1. Dark Years of Carnage

1. Dark Years of Carnage

Behold with me
New tragic dawn
Another day of bloodshed
Once again on the bloodstained earth

Slayers we are, merciless
Rule with the force, eternal war
Tools of the pain, deep to your flesh

Thousands are they
Like lambs to the slaughter
Flesh ripping, bones crushing
Blood flows the field we stand
Throats open, heads falling
Make them bleed, make them cry
Let they suffer before they die
Make them die

These years are gone
For new years to come
Dark years of carnage

Through the times,
through the wars,
Vicious hordes
Seek for blood in thousand battlefields
Demonized, wrath within
Ride into another massacre
Genocide, lunacy
Impure we stride
Through the times, through the wars,
seek for blood
Dishonoured destructors
Messengers of the Death

2. Rotten, Shattered, Burned and Spoiled

2.Rotten, Shattered, Burned and Spoiled

Like a fire
From the depths of underworld
I shall rise
Between life and death
I march with my hordes, my servants from deep
To world beyond with those who no more breath
Unleash our wrath, in blood they shall drown
Even my death can not slow me down

Hunger of the beast
Smell of blood fills empty mind
Rotten, shattered, burned and spoiled
Sadistic pleasures
In me they grow and darken my soul
Predator´s sight, eyes once so bright
Projecting only darkness
And see new Era
Enormous are piles of corpses
They´re been dismembered
Their flesh putrifies
And still they are alive

No mercy for the damned
victims of mortification
soon they shall get slayed
Fly upon the horrorfields
Piles of bones and rotting flesh
My unborn servants feast
Behold world as it becomes desert

Eternal pain and darkness
No hope to be released
Endless are days of torment
Forever they suffer deceased

3. Towards Eternal Lost

3. Towards Eternal Lost

Bless the wicked mind of mine
Show me the light
Guidance for the weak
Lay your hands above me
I can sense the path of believer

Covert by fear, controlled by illusions
Mind is so weak
Trap of the nature
Going insane
Still fighting
Illness or damnation

Facing the demons, searching for soul
Praying only relief
Spirits in me howling, mourning and bleeding
Senseless cruelty
Emptiness fills the roaring depths of insanity
Sane...Never again

All what is darkens to black
Agony and pain flowing every single vain
Panicing till lost hoping better start for all
Facing the fears, endless horror sights
cursed..for eternity

Towards eternal lost,
Infernal pain will flow
Gathering together every motion and desire
Tortured mind arising from depths...


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