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Roaring Depths of Insanity

"Roaring Depths of Insanity" (2003)

1. Cursed to Suffer
2. Eternity in Torment
3. Dark Years of Carnage
4. Witness my Madness
5. Drowned into the Darkness
6. Rotten, Shattered, Burned and Spoiled
7. Feed the Greed
8. Beneath the Tombstones
9. Towards Eternal Lost
10. Reign in Violent Perfection

1. Cursed to Suffer

1. Cursed to Suffer

Inspired by pale skin, torment and death
Slowly cold blade sinks deep into chest
Bloodstreaked vomit gushes from mouth
Body still wriggles as cold hands rip the heart out
First victim of the dead
Shattered is his head
Dead must be fed
Blood spills from his throat
As his corpse still tries to scream
For ending to this misery

They are awaken
Dead eyes have opened
Bloodlusted legion
Heralds of darkness

Rise from graves
Madness released
Your last breath
When dead feast

Insane they are in their decayed brains
Cursed to suffer from unholy pain
Walking the earth beneath a blackened sky
For your flesh and blood are still alive
You must die, they want your blood

2. Eternity in Torment

2. Eternity in Torment

Bow - in front my dominions grouns
My triumph of immortal life
As my servants of the dark
Will make you one of mine
Fell pleasures what I seek
Those temtations of the weak
For you my mortal ones
Beware my chilren of the night

Pain - that everlasting disgrace
Shall be your only faith
For me you only breath -
For me you live
Suffer by my command
Bleed by my will
As my humble servant
Obey only me

Scream - sweet music to my ears
Ambrosia on my feast
My blade is shining bright
As it rips off your rotten corpse

Stains of blood on a ice cold stone in a altar
Sacrificial monument of death
Echoes in air Speaking language of the death, only mourning
(Misery and torment)
Entering to hall seeking pleasures of torture, flesh and blood
Tomb of mutilated corpses
Dawn of terror, suffered souls armageddon
Regenerate the dead

Sleeping, again I dream of death and disorder
Screams of despair, agonizing sound of pain
Fear and displeasure
Torment, in lake of flames they're burning my soul
Mutilated, torn apart
In death I rise
And open my eyes
Behold through the darkness
Thousands seas of blood
Eternity in torment

Servant of the dark, loyal demon of blood
Immortal creature I've become
Desire for pain gave birth to this slave
From depths I shall rise

You shall feel my might
Pleasure that keeps me alive
Lust of flesh and blood
I shall show you meaning of fear and pain

I am eternity
I am lost
I am darkness
Abyss by my side
Forever I shall be

3. Dark Years of Carnage

3. Dark years of carnage

Behold with me
New tragic dawn
Another day of bloodshed
Once again on the bloodstained earth

Slayers we are, merciless
Rule with the force, eternal war
Tools of the pain, deep to your flesh

Thousands are they
Like lambs to the slaughter
Flesh ripping, bones crushing
Blood floods the field we stand
Throats open, heads falling
Make them bleed, make them cry
Let they suffer before they die
Make them die

These years are gone
For new years to come
Dark years of carnage

Through the times, through wars, vicious hordes
Seek for blood in thousand battlefields
Demonized, wrath within
Ride into another massacre
Genocide, lunacy
Impure we stride
Through the times, through wars, seek for blood
Dishonoured destructors, Messengers of the death

4. Witness my Madness

4. Witness my madness

Memories that once remembered
Drowned into the sea of madness
No sign's of humanity
Never ending atrocity

I can see the fear in your eyes
Mindless cruelty
Feel the hate deep inside
Growing day by day

Live with the pain what you cannot void
Tearing mind apart
Slashing to pieces your body your soul
You cannot run or hide

Painting pictures to the walls
Birth from horror sight's
Feel's that painting's come alive
Trick of human mind

I am the only one to blame
Because of me someone will die again
It is my way of life to be your pain


5. Drowned into the Darkness

5. Drowned Into The Darkness

When the moon slips over
the sun and the day turns into night
Dead will start their symphonies
They came like shadows
Like whispers from the darkest forest
Across the sea with the mark of Immortality
Elements of life
All are drowned into darkness
Under deepest night
All the symbols and signs
Fortuning from the dark desire

And the sun cried blood for the sake of the mankind
So glorius race soon it will fade away
Oh morning dusk and great sacrifices
Take life away from the horror the pain
Take life away...

Voices from nowhere turning sane into insane
It shall take control
like it's been for years so long

Sun will no more rise
Life begins to die

6. Rotten, Shattered, Burned and Spoiled

6. Rotten, shattered, burned and spoiled

Like a fire
from the depths of underworld
I shall rise between life and death
I march with my hordes, my servants from deep
to world beyond with those who no more breath
Unleash our wrath, in blood they shall drown
even my death can not slow me down

Hunger of the beast
smell of blood fills empty mind
Rotten, shattered, burned and spoiled
Sadistic pleasures
in me they grow and darken my soul
predator�s sight, eyes once so bright
Projecting only darkness
and see new Era
Enormous are piles of corpses
They�re been dismembered
Their flesh putrifies
and still they are alive

No mercy for the damned
victims of mortification
soon they shall get slayed
Fly upon the horrorfields
Piles of bones and rotting flesh
My unborn servants feast
Behold world as it becomes desert

Eternal pain and darkness
No hope to be released
Endless are days of torment
Forever they suffer deceased

7. Feed the Greed

7. Feed The Greed

Deep inside of me
My nature sickening and vile
Abomination violation within
I become blood lusted hostile
Remains of mind
Senseless being of lunacy

Maiming, dissecting blade cutting deep
Pain, torment, after torture you die
Wrath, lust, feelings deeply decayed
Once again disgusting thing is made

Eat the flesh
Consume the entrails
To disfigure
And self disgrace
In vain you grow
For me you breed
To damnation
Feed the greed

Darkness fills me
Obsessed to kill and devastate
From humanity I alienate
Beast begins to dominate
Mentally ill
No therapy can cure a soul
Decayed before born
Infernal evil eternally

8. Beneath the Tombstones

8. Beneath the tombstones

Putrified lifeless tissue
Abomination starts to move
Eyes open
I'm alive

I died but still I can breath
And still I can feel my corpse rotting in agony
This pain is unbearable
Inhumane suffering
My death has made me a lunatic

Here I rot in my coffin
In my own grave
No light shines in this darkness

Maggots crawl all over me
Under my skin they're eating flesh
As I scream, as I decay
Reek of rot is all I smell
Vomiting will never end
No one hears my screams

So morbid I am
So insane I am
So dark is my grave
So blind are my eyes
So black is my blood
So strong is the pain
For I am dead

Among the others
Those who are halfeaten
I hear their desperate screams
I sense their pain
And now I join them
I join the horde of cursed
Beneath the tombstones
We howl as we rot

9. Towards Eternal Lost

9. Towards eternal lost

Bless the wicked mind of mine
Show me the light
Guidance for the weak
Lay your hands above me
I can sense the path of believer

Covert by fear, controlled by illusions
Mind is so weak
Trap of the nature
Going insane
Still fighting
Illness or damnation

Facing thed demons, searching the soul
praying only relief
Spirits in me howling, mourning and bleeding
senseless cruelty
Emptiness fills the roaring depths of insanity
Never again...

All what is darkens to black
Agony and pain flowing every single vain
Panicing till lost hoping better start for all
Facing the fears endless horror sights
cursed for eternity

Towards eternal lost, Infernal pain will flow
Gathering together every motion and desire
Tortured mind arising from depths

10. Reign in Violent Perfection

10. Reign in violent perfection

Pool of blood reflects my image
I see my face and hatred in it
Deep inside me I fear what I am
Wrath in my mind keeps me killing again

Kill for insane pervertion
Reign in violent perfection
Embrace damnation

Mindless I cause your death
With a smile I cut off your head
And see your blood on walls
It's your name what death calls

Anger that can be never beared
Dominates in atrocity
Unleashed superiority
Instrument of devastation

Obsessed to slaughter

Come to me
More souls to be released
And darkness grows stronger in me
Laughing I wash myself in blood
And darkness shall rise from me


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