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Drowned into the Darkness

"Drowned into the Darkness" (2001 Demo)

1. Drowned Into The Darkness
2. Feed The Greed
3. Cemetery Fields
4. Nightly (Instrumental)

1. Drowned Into The Darkness

1.Drowned Into The Darkness

When the moon slips over
the sun and the day turns into night
Dead will start their symphonies
They came like shadows
Like whispers from the darkest forest
Across the sea with the mark of Immortality
Elements of life
All are drowned into darkness
Under deepest night
All the symbols and signs
Fortuning from the dark desire

And the sun cried blood for the sake of the mankind
So glorius race soon it will fade away
Oh morning dusk and great sacrifices
Take life away from the horror the pain
Take life away...

Voices from nowhere turning sane into insane
It shall take control
like it's been for years so long

Drowned into the darkness

2. Feed The Greed

2.Feed The Greed

Deep inside of me
My nature sickening and vile
Abomination violation within
I become blood lusted hostile
Remains of mind
Senseless being of lunacy

Maiming, dissecting blade cutting deep
Pain, torment, after torture you die
Wrath, lust, feelings deeply decayed
Once again disgusting thing is made

Eat the flesh
Consume the entrails
To disfigure
And self disgrace
In vain you grow
For me you breed
To damnation
Feed the greed

Darkness fills me
Obsessed to kill and devastate
From humanity I alienate
Beast begins to dominate
Mentally ill
No therapy can cure a soul
Decayed before born
Infernal evil eternall

3. Cemetery Fields

3. Cemetery Fields

Sun will no more rise
Life begins to die
Stillbirth into doomed generation

Madness devastates
Mankind turns against himself
Everyone of them
Killing as many they can
Wars to the end
Dark side of mind dominates
Earth desolates
Final destruction

Seas of blood
Great storms and black rains
Endless path through cemetary fields
Endless lines of graves

Those who ruled the world
They created their own destruction
Winter lasts eternally
For now and forever

All entire
Race in fire
Slayed together
Dead forever

4. Nightly (Instrumental)


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