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Spread The Germs…Over the Human Worms

"Spread The Germs…Over the Human Worms" (2002)

1. Enclosed
2. Alienated
3. Pedagogy For The Oppressed
4. Ever Eluding Promise
5. I Conform
6. All In The Past
7. Cerebral Crawl
8. Counterworks
9. Mass Malaise
10. Two Feet Down With The World To Go
11. Animated Capitalism
12. Spread The Germs
13. Committed
14. Distorted Mind
15. Hyperbole
16. Reaping Time Has Come
17. Protagonist
18. Safe In Numbers
19. Select
20. Structure
21. Corrupt
22. Contrive
23. Seethe
24. Fugitive
25. No Name
26. Ensorcell
27. Helpless
28. Silent Moment
29. Disconnect
30. Adamantine Star

1. Enclosed

A permissive society
Willing to ignore the prejudice
To turn a blind eye to the prevailing icons
That capture a moment
A piece of the present
So consumed to look at history
Wherein resides the origin of all deceit

2. Alienated

Isolated from having anything more than an existence
Knowing who is to blame for the circumstance
Knowing who is responsible for your plight
In the work place or at home
The individual remains an isolated unit
With no-one to turn to for assistance
Relationships are made and broken on the back of a selfish need
To fulfil an otherwise lonely existence
This is the world we all live in
As we struggle for definition
For something that defines our person
And yet by doing so we become so self-absorbed
That we forget all those around us
Who would only be too willing to provide the hand of friendship

3. Pedagogy For The Oppressed

Solidarity for you and me
Solidarity: the call for participation
Denying the adoption of a liberal ethos
Certify you right to be part of a collective
To educate for better conditions

4. Ever Eluding Promise

Struggling for a sense of quality
Aiming for the unattainable
Trying to realise a dream
And yet the one constant is despair

5. I Conform

Shape the form, discard the guise
Become the self before your eyes
As we passively observe our destruction
We become distracted by the scene
A world of white men dictating our fate
Whatever choice we make
We will always conform

6. All In The Past

Old topics regarded as outmoded
A time of different values and focus
A time of critiquing the system and its adherents
The past always has a way of creeping up on you when you least expect it

7. Cerebral Crawl

Trying to sort yourself out
Dealing with what's in your head
Lacking the courage to step out and help others

8. Counterworks

A safe haven to abuse
An innocent people participate
Experimented upon
They unknowingly become
Test vessels for eugenic data
No-one hears their cry
There is no justification
None whatsoever

9. Mass Malaise

The cry echoes across the nations
Justice for all
But who decides what justice is?
Who cares to contemplate why we trust?
Who knows what we really think?
Left with the problem and no solution
We remain safe by relying on what we think we know

10. Two Feet Down With The World To Go

Consolidating business interests
The new age of profit begins
No more sensitivity to world economic equality
It may be the same tune but the volume is getting so much louder
Pharmaceuticals shore up their monopoly
Designated environmental areas become oil fields
Whilst the water contains higher levels of arsenic
America is killing itself
And Bush has his two feet down with the world to go

11. Animated Capitalism

The products of today bought and sold
On the back of what they offer: an improved life
New and improved friends
And all because we are so unhappy with our lives
We animate that which should not exist

12. Spread The Germs

The system of marginal rule
Dictatorial state of inbred parasites
This is our future
Denied an existence

13. Committed

Committed to the task
Committed to a political agenda
A dye cast in stone
A stereotype that enables all of us to be labelled
Packaged and bagged

14. Distorted Mind

Fleeing from something so much worse than we can imagine
Distorted mind
But society does not assign value to anything unless it can extract a profit

15. Hyperbole

Selling the ideology
Offering the hand of reconciliation
The sound bytes are convincing
And yet the objective is subjugation
Not equal integration

16. Reaping Time Has Come

So arrogant that it was impossible to accept the fate of a capitalist icon
Legitimate targets for destruction depends upon the perpetrator
What one calls collateral damage the other calls terrorism,
And so the world goes round in endless cycles of contradiction
A reaping we shall go
For the reaping time has come

17. Protagonist

Time to confront
Time to challenge
Protagonist: you preconceptions (assumptions, presuppositions)
Time for release
To express your frustration
This is no illusion
No idle fantasy
To have a world of no heroes
To have a world with no masters

18. Safe In Numbers

Collective identities
Collective representation
It's so late to be a member of a group
And yet so dangerous to forget who you are
To integrate singularity and dividual notions of self
Defies the convenience of reductionist values

19. Select

Select the truth, destroy the lie
The racist slur of white design
Dichotomy of black and white
Distinctions made without a fight
Ignorance breeds contempt
Contempt breeds a new dawn

20. Structure

Seemingly bound to the structure
Seemingly tied to the ethos of a corrupt society
We partake in the holy grail
The consumerism of new age
The age of increasing exploitation
The age of innocence where the blind lead the blind
But look further into alternative methods
The alternative schemata playing at a different pace

21. Corrupt

Break down the door
Take a weapon of simple design
You're corrupt
You're corrupted
Put the gun against their heads
Pull the trigger and they're dead
Good riddance

22. Contrive

It feels like a knife in my back
This nonchalant attitude towards everything
Where is the action?
Where is the sacrifice?

23. Seethe

Seethe with hate
A cathartic experience
One that allays pain while crystallising the focus
Of what you believe is wrong and right
Casting the black man as fundamentally backwards
Belonging to the other domain
We shall admonish

24. Fugitive

You have nothing to say
Just want to hide away
The ideology you've kept
Results in you being so out of step
Entertainment doesn't fool me
Politics is of import
Not just mindless fun
No sense of what's to come
Stand on your own two feet

25. No Name

It's about morality
Who is right and who is wrong
But morality comes with money
Morality comes with Christ
Disrespect for local custom
Disrespect for individuality

26. Ensorcell

The only way to comprehend methods of discernment
Is to integrate oneself
Change your outward appearance
Adopt the turncoat nature of the trickster
Successfully exact the full store of knowledge and destroy from within

27. Helpless

There is no hope
There is no future
No-one cares anymore
Day-tripper mentality prevails
You're as helpless as you want to be

28. Silent Moment

Thing and ponder upon our position
As much as we would like to be
Associated with radical sentiments

29. Disconnect

Disconnect oneself from the censorship of current affairs
Look for information about what is happening further afield
Understand that we must attempt to go and help
We must travel
We must learn not through selective communication
But through real life experience

30. Adamantine Star


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