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Tears And Blood

"Tears And Blood" (2004)

1. Out Of Madness
2. A Heart Was Beating
3. A Heart Was Beatin (Part II)
4. Broken Pines
5. Tears And Blood
6. Tears And Blood (Part II)
7. Removal /re-mastering/
8. Who Dared To Say /re-mastering/

1. Out Of Madness

2. A Heart Was Beating

I hear beats
I hear an ardent heart
Desired in dreams when touching your reflection
I sense your heat when in regret we part.
I heard beats but they leave e'en recollections.
I hear beats
The sounds of broken still
Anxiety's steps pursue my tired reason
They burn my soul and then embrace by chill
They tear my heart - to bits they smash my vision ...

3. A Heart Was Beatin (Part II)

4. Broken Pines

The towering pines near sea shore sands
The wind has broken with ruthless hands.
They see the bright future they long to defend
Refusing concealment and scorning to bend:
"Although you have broken us, tyrant power
The fight is not done in this dying hour.
Our very last moan hurls a challenge to fate
Each bough his sing at you, incessant in hate. "
The towering pines after breaking
Will come up from the deep

Like great ships andstill
Against all storms thrust a fearless breast
Against a!l storms ever on ward they press;
"Now hurl on your billows you dark storm pride
We'll get win the future where happiness bides.
For split us you may and break us you might
But we'll win the future where dawn blazes

5. Tears And Blood

Call the pain again inside my wound
Pour sea water and then I remember
Your ocean of feelings
Filled up with drops, up with drops
Of my tears and blood.
Tears and blood
Divide my soul and sky
Devotion and solitude
Are moved into my broken heart.
In drops of blood I see
Description of my destiny
I keep my self in quite
When looking into my eyes.
Passing through the cover of your universe
I'm breaking tenderness by traces of memory
Not come true dreams of mine
Are flying to ocean.

6. Tears And Blood (Part II)

7. Removal /re-mastering/

Winding way takes me to the river
Summer smell of pine wood.
Feeds and wakes my memory.
I already hear a waltz of meadow voices
My meeting will mean beginning...
I'm looking into the sky
And listening as the clouds speak
"We are so beautiful", they say to me
They are inviting me.
But I can't raise to you
"Get to know yourself, and you will raise.
I cry because I don't know guess
"We're you so you're we", they say to me.
So I wonderful cloud and I am eternal.
I remove into the distance by the will of the wind,
By the will of a free wind,
Which was born in space.
The beautiful birds arise before my face
I feel pride for my sense
And the world of Earth is before me.
Goodbye my beautiful friends
And my past love.
Yes I want to forget my dreams
And sorrowful screams ,
The beautiful birds arise before my eyes
I feel the pride for the aim.
My soul merge with NATURE...
Invisible threads wrap me up...
Goodbye my flowers and woods
And my past love...

8. Who Dared To Say /re-mastering/

Who dared to say that Thou art not a Goddess?
Where is the monster who was not entranced.
Who did not gaze upon Thee, rapt and wordless.
His heart unmoved by beauty's radiance?
Thou art the Queen of heaven, I implore.
Look dawn upon me from Thine kingdom high!
I used to think that empty was the sky.
But Thee, oh Rose of heaven, I adore!
In gods and spirits men are free to doubt.
And tales of paradise and hell my flout.
But Thou art in our hearts, not tales, enthroned.
And come a day, the whole world will forget
All gods and spirits, and will genuflect before.
Thy painted image, Thee alone!


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