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"Hellbringer" (1996 Demo)

1. Guns are screaming
2. Fire in the throat
3. The breath of the dragon
4. Hell bringer
5. Doomed to die

1. Guns are screaming

Guns are screaming , it must be law
exploding all the Balls for running Blood
Choose your Side now , don`t fear the War
steel breath of guns will break your holy bones .

You are the rebel and fight to save us
and raise your fist again
and leather you wear for kill
the wind of death is near as ghost of
War from hell !!!

Guns are screaming , a song to all
your father pain and mother suffering
they will guide you to climb the hill
your children could cry on other knees .

Repeat Chorus

2. Fire in the throat

Image that you have the fire in your throat
the soft kiss of devil strikes your soul
The sad sound of a church up your mind
screams to your face the call of the wild .
Ch .
Vile as a snake
who`s rang your bell
a nuclear rain burns in your spine

Can you feel into you a smart recall
try to snap on the neck air of the caw
after sweet touch of fire changes joke
has come the turn to swallow a razor blade
Ch .
It sticks on your throat
your midriff on flames
don`t try to deceit
your scales are splitted ... up

Your flesh burns
fire in your throat
you have no escape
your heart`s on flames .

3. The breath of the dragon

Can you see around us the breath of the Dragon
it could wither you with only a glance

In the Time of a breath

The great beast is everywhere , it lives in our fears
from the wind is rising in every noise you hear

Through the lands of the Blade

Ch .
All scales are blazing on the bark of the trees
can you feel its roaring on the frozen wind
in your Winter Dreams , a magic mist .

Its tongue of fire shoots you as a thunderbolt
a presence soft as clouds , but heavy as steel .

Can gulp down you off the reel .

Into our Minds it`s living , the world for which we need
the clash of good and evil , saving humanity

Destiny of my sword is with it .

Repeat Ch .

The Beast had possessed me before begun the storm
the Blood of my enemies lies high overworld
My life is it`s Blood , my Sword are those eyes
The Flight of my Mind ... I`ve got the Beast inside

4. Hell bringer

Can you hear the black bat screams
it`s growing into your Mind
it`s gonna make you feel Pain
What you said from the other side
has brought another life by blood and fire .

Ch .
It wants to plant it`s Seeds
The Death on your Feet
the one who wins all fights
and burns in every sky

Fool Moon shines , the dark is high
left every hopes , cause lost in Sunlight
change your thougths except your moan
and Sinner flyes to unchain your Night

Repeat Ch .

5. Doomed to die

I`m here again as every day ,
but now I`m sure I `ve found my way
No more Tears and no more Pain
simply I forget fear I`ll break this Chain .

Ch .
Doomed to die I can feel me free
dispair of my life is coming with me
I`ve seen their lies but I`ve known their kind
they shuttered my life untill my Mind .

A Life in sorrow it was hard to live
I knew the Shame but I couldn`t rid
nobody combined I am a man
I`m going to leave myself from this hell

Repeat Ch .

A pool of Blood I`d rippen my Veins
I`m feeling so sad don`t think I`m insane
warm breath of Death is sighing on me
it`s finished my time pray god for me

Repeat Ch .


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