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Begins with a Nightmare

"Begins with a Nightmare" (1987)

1. Hit from the Rear
2. The Betrayal
3. Chambers of Darkness
4. On the Attack
5. Night Prowler
6. Streets of Indecision
7. A Night on the Horizon
8. Switchblade Man

1. Hit from the Rear

At the top of the stairs
I saw the gypsy staring
Me right in the eye
Then she read my hand and told me
I was in for a surprise
She said, "Keep yourself at home
And don´t take to the roads
Tonight you won´t survive
For there´s danger there
I´ve seen it and my mind never lies"

Hey, it ain´t a game
How could you believe
That you´ll never fall
Now you´re feelin´ the strain
I warned you don´t go
When you´re hit from the rear
Oh there´s no

Well the clock struck five
As my time expired
So I paid for her insight
And again she stressed
You keep yourself home tonight
Then the rain came down
With a thunderin´ sound
And a chill ran up my spine
Could her words be true?
Was I approaching my doom?


Well it all came true
Within a minute or two
Just like she said it would
Heard the screamin´ tires
Tearin´ towards me
My life on the line
Tossin´ and turnin
The nightmare whirlin´
But I got out alive
In the gypsy´s words
"Ya keep yourself home tonight"


2. The Betrayal

3. Chambers of Darkness

In the chambers of darkness
We´re all prisoners of the
Old man´s charade
He has locked us away
With no reasons for what
He has done
Our town was once peaceful
But was taken by trick by the man
Who had promised us wealth
Unbeknown to us they were lies
All lies

Chorus 1:
Man, we believed what you said
But you have deceived us
As whyever?
Oh man now when will it end?
Are we doomed to die in chains?

We have tried to escape here
Ah but time after time we have failed
Now in chains we work hard
As the tyrant looks on from above
Oh and yes we have slaved
For the city
but the pleasures that come
We don´t know
When the work day is done
It is back to the chambers for all

(Chorus 1)

We work our fingers to the bone
To please your eyes
And we´ve served the city build on
Pain and fear and lies
Oh you took ahold of us like we were
Toys to squeeze
Oh but can´t you hear us cry

Chorus 2:
Man we believed everything
But you have deceived us why ever
And man when will it end
Are we doomed to die in chains

It is dawn of the morning
As we sweat in the heat of the sun
But the tyrant has fallen
And we are upon hin like flies
So at last the chains are broken
And the end it has come for his will
And the city´s regained
By the people who made it
Once strong

Chorus 3:
Tell me man we believed everything
And you have deceived us whyever
Man now your reign´s at an end
So you´re doomed to die in chains

Alas our city´s build on
Pain and fear and lies
As for the tyrant
Oh we have thrown away the keys

4. On the Attack

On the attack!
Ready for my call
I stand at attention
Where my mission sends me
I will go
There´s never time for fear
Ya walk tall with a vengeance
It´s the only way you´ll live the war
Yeah the war

I´m fighting for my flag
And my country´s honour
Well I´m a killing machine
If you must know
In the fields you´ll feel the air of anger
On the frontline see the bodies blown
Oh see them blow. Attack

I´ve got a bullet here
It´s got your name mack
And when I´m through with you
Ya won´t feel the same
Cause I´m a drilling machine
You´re my line of fire
But I feel no blame
Politicians choose it
How could they choose. Attack

5. Night Prowler

He´s the night prowler
Sneakin´ round your house
And you´re his victim
Though unaware right now
He´s been schemin´and
Surveillin´ you for days
And now that you´re out awhile
He´s sure to have his way

He´s there!
You beware of it oh
Meet your fate when you
Open up the door
There´s a light on
You´re sure you didn´t leave
You turn the handle

He´s the night prowler
Ravaging each room
And you´re his target
For ill impending doom
He´s there searching for treasure
You´ve concealed
But he´s outwitted ´cause there´s
Nothin´ to steal


Ah, I´ll give you all that I´ve got to give
Ah, I´ll give you it all just let me live

You´re gettin´ closer to
The home where you belong
Although the night prowler´s
Fooled he won´t be stung
He´s peerin´ through a window
Just as you arrive
He see what he wants
And off he goes to hide


Knowin´ nothin´ of my
Fate beyond the door
I turned the key to meet
The night prowler´s stare
He said gimme what I came for
And I´ll spare your life
And I said no way and shot him down
To save my life


6. Streets of Indecision

He roams the streets at night
Some say with half a mind
The children stand and stare
Some run for they are scared
They used to know him when
He was fine
The doctor´s negligence
Made him a livin´ wreck
Now their mistake has ruined a life

Chorus 1:
Out in the streets he´s got no future
He´s comin´ home tonight
But not like he oughta yeah!
Can their mistake be justified?

He sits and stares at space
With a pale blank look on his face
What is he thinking now?
Dr. does he think at all?
Can´t tell if he knows what I´m saying
To think he once was sane
And now can´t even blame
The ones for messin´ up his brain

Chorus 2:
Out in the streets of indecision
He´s comin´ home tonight
But not like he oughta yeah!
Can their mistake be justified?

It happens all the time
But still I wonder why?
We trust in you to save
Not maim or deprevate
The ones who turn to you for help
Lest we forgive and forget
The damage leaves a dent
That we can never change again

(Chorus 1)

´Cause their mistake has ruined a life

7. A Night on the Horizon

A bright night on the horizon
I´m here without a care
Got our share
And we´re doin´ well
It ain´t easy but though we´re getting by
Holding on and longing
For tomorrow´s sun
I´m livin´ for the times
On the run for the thrill of it all
It ain´t easy but though we gotta try yeah

Here tonight!
I´m gonna get the best of life
´Cause I got what I need and believe
That we´ve got it made
Let it out you´ve been hidin´ too long
And give it all
Never ask for no returns
And live for every breath and
The best of forevermore
Take it now while the getting is good
´Cause life´s too short to waste

And you know we ain´t had enough!
No not of the certain stuff oh no
It´s been a long time far too long

Tonight´s alive!
The warmth of the fire feels alright
The sights and sounds in the crowd
Brings a memory
Better times oh I can´t say
I´ve had but before you know
The sun is up and time to go
Good times never last
Got too fast fast
It ain´t a mystery
It ain´t easy but though we gotta try
´Cause life´s too short to waste

(1st verse repeat)

8. Switchblade Man

The street´s his home
´Cause he´s got nowhere to go
Runnin´ from the arm of the law
The switchblade man
He makes his livin´ from things
That people exchange for their souls
He chills the nighttime air
When least expected he´s there
He´s the switchblade man, yeah

His cut is quick. His cut is clean
He´s livin´ on the edge of obscene
Razor sharp maniac stalkin´ his prey
Ya get away before it´s too late
He´s always one step ahead
But one day he´ll pay for his sins

Should you dare to walk the night
Be prepared to pay the price
Should you meet him face to face
Realize it´s your mistake

The city´s unsafe since
He planted his seed
He´s using life to flower his greed
He´s frontpage news
And still on the loose
Tomorrow could be you or me
He´s got a hold on us now
We´re only pawns to his crown


It´s too late to run
´Cause he´s comin´ behind
Cuts you with his stainless pride
The warning was out
But you didn´t take heed
Now he´s left your body to bleed
Oh heaven help our city´s pain
Take this beast who´s gone insane


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