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Flesh for the Devil

"Flesh for the Devil" (2005 EP)

1. Invocation
2. Possessed by Blasphemy
3. Flesh for the Devil
4. Reign of the Antichrist
5. Nocturnal Hell (Slaughter cover)
6. Unholy War

1. Invocation

Invoke the ancient laws
Black Magic rituals
The fire has taken form
Prepare the demon horde


Bring Forth the hosts of Hell
Command with blackened spell
Recite the inverted pass
Dark magic Rites prevail


Descend to flames
Anointing the chosen one

2. Possessed by Blasphemy

The Divine has perished
Before the dawn
Crowned in dismay
Virtuous decay

Down to hell
The soul descends
The damned arrive
To the black gates of Death

Bring all your demons
For the saints have forsaken me
I am Damned to hellfire
And Possessed by Blasphemy

3. Flesh for the Devil

In the Night
Raise the forces of darkness
Chants of evil
Bring forth thy master
In the name of Satan

Praises of Demons
Enchant this night
The whore awaits
Upon the alter

She wants the darkness....
She feels the evil....
Her blood is flowing...

Flesh For The Devil!

4. Reign of the Antichrist

Up from the Dark Kingdom
Up from the depths of Hell
Under Satanís command
Fallen angels dwell

From the seven gates
Unleash the Souls of Hate

Up from the Darkness we rise
Up from the crypts of Death
We are Satanís own
Dark one shall defy

From the fall of grace-I shall rise again
Avenging chosen one-Known as Satanís son
Demons feed upon-Blood of the mortal man
Raise the devils sign-Reign of the Antichrist

5. Nocturnal Hell (Slaughter cover)

Into the dream world slowly I creep
Into the land that I go when I sleep
This time Iím trapped & cannot return
There are certain things a mortal can learn

Wildest fantasy first It feels good
Slowly things happen Not the way they should

Canít control & ripped wide apart
Enter my nightmare, itís only just a start

Jump out of bed fully awake
Feeling a tremor as the bed shakes
Realize it now muffle your scream
Awake in Hell we all know as

ďThe DreamĒ........

6. Unholy War

Entering the suffering- Fallen angels rise
From the forces of Satanís blood-We shall take command
Demons gather before the throne-At will to kill for Satan
From the Hordes of Hell-The Bells of Death will ring

Burn the Heavens in praise of the dark
Destroying the Alliance of God

Unholy one-Unholy son-Defile the ways of Christ
Battle upon the helm-to bring the sacrifice
Soldiers of Darkness-Apparitions in the mist
Forces gather in the name of Satan

Unholy War

Rise up in the name of the evil god
Into the darkness We shall endure


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