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Black Earth

"Black Earth" (1996)

1. Black Earth
2. NecroLust
3. Slaughtered For The Gods
4. Defile
5. Jaws Of Satan
6. Evil Incarnate
7. Guardian Of The Abyss
8. Blood Sacrifice
9. Infernal Kingdom
10. Sathanas
11. Soul Cremator
12. Hail Lucifer
13. Dominion Of Death

1. Black Earth

Book of the black earth
Evil handed fourth
Forbidden seals aflame
Descend to forgotten lands

Hordes watch beyond
And wait for the gate to crack
Attack with satan's law
Perish the blood of man

The book was bound in flesh
Then was the sent from hell
Raging souls collide
Burning angels fell!

Dead shall live again
Rise from the depths of hell
Immortals breed hate
Christians meet their fate

2. NecroLust

Corpse raped in the grave
Nocturnal lust that they crave
Intercourse with the dead
Rotting carnage ripped to shreds!

Decaying life in the tomb
Mummified layed to rest
Offerings brought unto
Time to raise up dead


Remains exhumed
Limb from limb
Have been torn apart!
From their graves
Souls will never
Rest in Peace!

3. Slaughtered For The Gods

Unveil the presence
Bring the final hour
Through the evil eye
Focus satan's power!

Ancient times
Cults perform the pagan rites
Deliverance into the trance of death
Fell the knife slice through your life!

Slaughtered for the Gods!

Virgin's blood
Drips from the Altar
Spirit world
Has now been opened!

4. Defile

Helm of darkness
Corrupting gods' souls
Evil has blessed
Satanic scrolls

Into the light
Gateway to hell
Lucifer cast black magic spells

Guardian arise
Your eyes of burning red
Ring the unholy bells
To awaken the undead!

Striking of the serpent
Poisoned minds combined
Troops that satan has sent
Mortals Terrorized!

Shadows from beyond
Summoned to destroy!
Archangel flies into the void
Locusts carry plagues
Scriptures that foretold
Unite the gods of death
Embrace the devil's soul!

Black prophecies of time
Spread across the land
Defle the religions
Beelzebub commands!

5. Jaws Of Satan

Shred of flesh gnawed to the bone
Unholy kingdom ruled by Death
Hell's fire burning desecrating valley
Satan stands watching the corpses that surround me

Jaws of Satan!

Intestinal fluid dripping from my mouth
Demons rise forth to pull me down!
Centuires of gore, bloody lakes of red
Gargoyle of hell fucking eats the dead!

Jaws of Satan!

Jaws of death will arrive
Mist of doom will consume!
Evil blackness cursed the priest!
Up from hell they shall dwell
Marching dead locks the gate
Slicing axe seals your fate
Enochian keys burn with power
Black magic force takes it's course

Wings of Death are wrapped around me
Conflict of evil reigns unholy
Throne of torment horns of hell
Flood the temple the witches spell!

6. Evil Incarnate

Stalking through the night
Praise Nosferatu
Renounced his ways
Of the holy lord

Born to feast on blood
One with the fire
Run with the wolves!
Behold satan's desire!

Evil Incarnate

Reborn through death
Returned to life
The priests attempt
The cross denied!

7. Guardian Of The Abyss

Escaping from reality mind and soul
Guardian of the flame
Giving us eternal life
Obliterate... Denominations
Getting weak
Awaiting your death as it comes!

Enter the realm of the dead
Rotting smell
Lift the lid off the corpse
Evil dwells...

Guardian of the Abyss

Symbol of the Baphomet
Revelations certain
Spells of oppression...
Reaper waits in the dark...

8. Blood Sacrifice

The beast has come
to take our souls!
We shall rot in the hole
Your end draws near
Bring satanic rites
No way to stop
Blood sacrifice!

Demons from hell
The beast will kill
Blood he will drink
and your will spill!
Sword to neck
Take your life!
Greet your death
Blood sacrifice!

Sacrifice is done
You're fucking dead!
Demons stand around
Smashing your head!
Candle burns low
To end the night...
You're still in hell!

Blood sacrifice!

9. Infernal Kingdom

Disciples ascend
Conjuring war that will never end
The beast is releasedfrom its ancient slumber!

The kingdom burning below me!
Judgement has been passed
Hell holds my eternity

Infernal kingdom

Chant the incantation
Prayers to summon the demons fortress bound in evil
Sacrifice has been given to hell!

10. Sathanas

A long time ago
Satan's people roamed free
Spreading the unholy to villages near and far

Came a holy war
Army of christians...
Mobs of satans children
Many christians killed!
Few of them remain...
Now that time has passed
Now the time has come!
Rise from the ashes!
Seige the fucking earth!
Live the way we want
Satan shall rule the world!

11. Soul Cremator

From the flames
Unleashed to decimate
Spread your wings and crush victims to their deaths!

Cremate the soul
Submit to purify!
Unearthly pain
The fire seals your doom!
Forever you will be in eternal agony!

Soul Cremator!

12. Hail Lucifer

Deadly night...
Candles melt
Burnign bright...
time to die!

Beware the mark of the beast!
Don't break the seventh seal
On your blood we will feast!
Hell shall now appeal

Burning in hell's fire
Behold evil desire!
Black mass rules tonight
Virgin screams out in fright!

Hail prince of night!
Jesus has decieved you!
Unholy battle you must fight!
Lucifer will retrieve you!

Demonic faith grows stronger
Christianity lasts no longer!
Pray that god's desceased
Bring death to me!

13. Dominion Of Death

City of the dead
Rise to your revenge!
Godless beings
Wickedness prevails!

Destroyed by the hand of the christian god
His eve's are filled with hate
Watching orgies in the blood!

Rivers flow with souls on fire!
Condemn this land that breeds desire
Satanic bliss, evil reign...
City of sodom, rise again!

Dominion of death!


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