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Armies Of Charon

"Armies Of Charon" (1997)

1. Intro
2. Armies Of Charon
3. Servant To The Ungod
4. Exorcism
5. Palace Of Belial
6. Resurrect
7. Before The Throne
8. Into Darkness
9. Devoured By The Beast
10. Prophecy Unfolds
11. Writhe In Sin

1. Intro

2. Armies Of Charon

Chariots race upon
The ancient shores of the styx
Charon leads the way
An raises the pentagram
Evil forces
Caress the bleeding moon
For the heavens are gone
Armies of charon
Regions of the dead
Imprisson the soul of the lost
Sentensed to eternity
With no sight of god

3. Servant To The Ungod

Take me through
The burning gates
Of lust and despair
Show the visions
The essense is all mine
The path of enlightenment
Awaits my journey
For now I'm
A servant
To the Ungod
I shall diminish
Into the fire
As the demons
Rise up - to greet me

4. Exorcism

Evil spirits
Entre the body
Demons take control
As they manifest the soul
Holy rites - have been read
Prayers against the beast
Time has come - to meet the master
Vomit on the priest
Wicked angels
Of the night
Come into me
I fear not the dark
Let the demons thrive

5. Palace Of Belial

Bodies die - bodies bleed
Cast to Hell - demons seed
For my sins - you will see
Cause your blood - drips from me
Endless fight - of the dead
Corpses fly - through the air
Plunging down - eyes of red
Now your faith - has gone to Hell
Sardonic wrath takes control
Defiled cries - start to rise
Underworld of death decay
As my soul slips away
Palace of Belial
Demonic flesh binds my soul
Eternal death I shall know
Legions fall upon the grave
Wrath unfolds - no one saved
Can you see the mortals
Praying for salvation
Bastard sons of mayhem
Serpent of the darkness
Palace of Belial

6. Resurrect

Lowered to the ground
Preacher reads the holy book
Coffin sealed
Soul revives
Realm of death
Evil bleesings
Morbid wrath
Resurrect - corpses from the grave
Resurrect - spirits back to life
Wicked ways
Restored new life
Unholy lords

7. Before The Throne

Into the shroud of darkness
Where the wolves roam as one
Stand before the sigil sign
And seal the pact in blood!
Before the throne
Feel the power
Prince of darkness
Chosen disciples
Children of the night
Into the shroud of darkness
Realm of the unholy one
Revel in delight
And join the orgy in blood
Before the throne

8. Into Darkness

Deceived the holy trinity
Rebelled against the laws of god
Bringer of deluded minds
Weakening the faith
Conflight with the beast
The demon in cast
To the depths of hell
With satan's wrath
Feel the desire - thrown into the fire
Releasing all antagonism
Reaching for the chalice of souls
Winds bring the beast
To incite all morals
Across the dawn of death
Comes the pry of infamy
Fallen angel - desolate one
Blasphemy - blackened soul
Decaying humans - seas of blood
Tribulation into darkness

9. Devoured By The Beast

Of the unholy master
Curse the light
Enter the dark
Breeding madness
In the name of magic
Ripping evil takes control
Denying Jesus Christ
And his useless ways
Midnight chimes
Angels decay
The flesh consumed
Satan's legions
Appear across - the sky
Blackened arts
Feed the devil
The virgin's blood

10. Prophecy Unfolds

Sathanas' child
Unleashed upon the earth
Dark coven sings
And witness the unholy birth
Second coming
Bring forth the deicide
Revile against the cross
The diabolic race
Laughs at the holy loss
Skies of blood
Christ slips from the altar
As I grasp his soul
Take his will to live
I am in control
Now I rule this power
I, the chosen one
When the war is through
There shall remain none
Approach the seven gates
Christ has lost his way
Evil force is one
For I am Satan' son
Now the earth is hell
Divine one standing tall
Ring the infernal bell
Avenge for Satan's fall

11. Writhe In Sin

From the past
This hatred evolved
Worship the goat
Burn the incence
King's of hell
I call upon you
To rejoice
The words of blasphemy
No lord shall habe
My will or my soul
On demon's wind I'll writhe in my sins
Satan's warriors
Engaged in battle
Through revelations


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