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Infernal Choice Redemption

"Infernal Choice Redemption" (2004 Demo)

1. Destructions of Worshippers of Baal
2. The Fall of Baphomet Emperor
3. Invocation of tribal gates
4. March to fatality
5. Ritual
6. Requiem
7. Invocation
8. Evila

1. Destructions of Worshippers of Baal

2. The Fall of Baphomet Emperor

02 - The Fall of Baphomet Emperor
The Empire of Baphomet
Itís spread for here
This world is destroyed
The prince of hell rulz...
Lucifer other principality
Dominant in the hot hell
Heís more and more furious
For the christians acts
Belial, unhappy creature
No longer conforms to
his death is decreed
and he counts his final days
Leviathan poor fish
Confined himself to profundities
Heíll be mangled like carrion
Stepped by a great Man...
Jehova Supreme God
He're destroyed the hell empire
Hades is in ruins
And the four are desesperate
Its rituals, refuse you false god
And adore only Jehova
He is victory and eternal
And He never deceives or it lies....

3. Invocation of tribal gates

Spirit ot the moon, remember!
Nanna, father of astral gods, remember!
In the name of covenant sworn
Between Yahweh and the race of men
I call to lamb! Immolate and remember!
From the gates of the Angels, I call to lamb
From the gates of the twelve, I pray to lion
Lord, God of Gods,
whom in heaven and upon the earth is exalted
Nanna, of race of Anu, hear me!
Nanna, god of the obscure crown of night, hear me!
Yahweh Sabbaoth will open the gates
Will comand the army
Hear me and remember
Mighty Father
Whose tought is beyond the comprehenson of the gods and men
Gate of the great gates of tribles, open unto me
Master of the tribles, open Juddah gate
Master of Jews, open the gates of heaven
Consume with fire Nanna, tie him in hell
Close the gates of earth tied with the house of Anu
Spirit of moon, will bleed as moon, in agony!

4. March to fatality


Marching for the death
The Satan servants
They think to benefit
But alone darkgoat deceives them
They scream for despaired help
The devil steps and destroys
And lies to unhappy ones
Break the pacts, abandon
Satan marches for the death
His destiny is decreed
Fire lake is the price
For opposing to Divine
* Rev. 20:10 (Greek).

5. Ritual

At this black night I become a vampire, for the Master of the Life and Death. I turn off the darkness and I become the vampire that my mind creates, burniní in passions in the persecution of everythiní that I want.

I leave the restrictions of the wrong way; Iím lookiní forward to use my free will to control my destiny. Now I win the tests and the tribulations of the left handís way.

I myself fill with essence of the vampire power: to be invisible, even under the scaldiní sun, to know when be silent and when pray, to explore my mind entirely. I come undone of this curse! I expel demons in Your name and I want the lives of the wrong way, my will is impenetrable.

Fall, hell gates! With the presence of the Lord, I proclaim Iím vampire; Iíll be true to my chosen Way and myself. Save the justice! Save the Lord of the Justice!

6. Requiem

The night will be my partner. When dyiní of the day the god of the sinister way will try against my life and me and Iíll win him, heís already due.

Solitude around me. I need to feel the presence of Your force to follow my direction in rest. Thereís a cup on the table, overflowiní and colored of red and before my enemies I shout:

- To the winner of death, possesses the key of the hell, gives me to be able of usiní the Name and reveals me the talent of cure. Possess me forever. Possess me now!

The sound of the rain, it's depressive and emptiness. For the alleys they follow my enemies, courted by the funereal cry. I won powers and rulers of the air through the Truth. I see you in my night visions complaining:

- Somebody doesnít want me to know, but to my brothers I give powers and capacities, among them the eternal life.

7. Invocation

Spirit of the Moon remembers!
Princes of the darkness obey me!
In name of the covenant sworn
The Lord of the Hiding place and me
We declared end to the death.

By the profundities of the hell
Be eternally arrested;
Before the unhappy creatures
Be ashamed.

Lord, God of Gods
Owner of the life, You're exalted!
To the guardian of the portals four they listen to me!
You don't have authority on the Earth, obey me!
Close now the portals or be died.
The Lord of the war will invade with the army
And will hurt all in agreement with the pact.

Gate of the great gates, open up in front of me.
Master of the portal gives order to yours elects.
The night will turn into blood
Consume with fire, play them in the lake.
The sulfur will consume and burn them eternally
Spirit of the Moon die agonizing!

8. Evila

This is the seventh seal.
Half hour of silence.
Evila saw seven angels with trumpets.
The smoke of the incense arises with the supplications
And an angel threw fire on the Earth.

Hails and fire with blood,
A third of every consumed herb,
At the touch of the first trumpet.
A third of the sea is in blood
And there isn't more life,
At the sound of the second trumpet.

Absinth fell on the rivers
And the water embitters killed many
And a third of the day is as the night,
Here is the third and the fourth trumpets.

The fifth angel opened the abyss
And grasshoppers hurt the unhappy
But there wasn't death, there was pain
The sixth angel played to free four beasts
And three curses will kill many men
That was not sorry.

And the seventh angel played your trumpet
For the Firstborn of the death to reign
And Evila that is not death
Saw twenty revelations and ten wailings.


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