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Laudate Satanas

"Laudate Satanas" (2001 Demo)

1. Sinister Moon (Instrumental)
2. Perversity
3. Cimmerian Epitaph
4. Das mit Hörnern versehene (Instrumental)
5. Tenebrae (Instrumental)
6. No name

1. Sinister Moon (Instrumental)

2. Perversity

To see across the sea
The beast that is in me
To rise upon the skies

The death between the woods
The life away from me
The moon within my mind

Entropy Inside
The demon alive
Evil everywhere
Hail Perversity!

To do satanic wishes
Voodoo with virgin witches
Satan governs the spheres

Vaccine inside the chasms
The truth goes through the flames
The pit that calls Aimless

Entropy Inside
The demon alive
Evil everywhere
Hail Perversity!

No good, nor good ideals
No love, only desires
No one will be joyeux

No one, nor even Me
Will have, joy endlessly
La néant masters for the eternity

3. Cimmerian Epitaph

her grave in
marble made.

Satan' Scarlet! Alas Queen!
Could I find thee, maid unseen?
Should thou come by evil sin?
Riding magick let me in.

'Neath a grave written in marble
Poison heathen hiss vocable
From beyond spread with sable
Animal instinct be able.

Midst black spectres be headdressed
Downward whitish Eden messed
Ought to impend Hades confessed?
From Cimmerian lust caressed.

Christian the heads be soon severed
Aroused thou snake draggling domed-arcades of creed
Theseus alike, Ariadne steered
Panic god horned nigh satyrs' breed.

If foul mine Eve,
with thou I live.

Prometheus greed, heaven's fire lured,
Even being chained Vulcan's irons crave nay furred
as fay meed baits mine heart uncured
hideously lulled charism occurred.

Crimson dark room
Usher 'til doom.

Palace dismal was solely lit
By Selene's warmth o'er shepherdess Theo's pit
Paled royalty, mystified quit
Parable rites' unravelled fit.

Melting 'round strange sallow ebb rest
Enthralled eyes sight witch's lechery gored chest,
Eyeteeth revealed deep inert, lest
Melpomene hath rehearsed silky lips dire best.

Evil voices
Bleed as roses,
whilst drawn crosses
Writhe our corpses.

"As carnality delighted
promptly yields to torment scorn
Queen of darkness is en-mighted
Vindicated being reborn..."

4. Das mit Hörnern versehene (Instrumental)

5. Tenebrae (Instrumental)

6. No name

Ad Satanas Lucifer diabolus dei nostri excel!
Shall this human sacrifice make arise the temple stones
As I cut with bloody lust the breast of a virgin trust
Cause I'm not afraid of dead I hail all satanic bonds

I am killing all your morals, I am breeding from thy mourning
I hail all satanic nature even Christendom corruption
I shall not complain about greed of big media control planing
I know they are ruled by Satan and our master rules you too

Someone's crying about hate and is bleeding with damned love
Though the other will not hear and this world remains in sin
In the social control scene or in the religious creed
Thou my father Satan win overall reality

Satan's realm's the fucking world, in which fools will rule the fools
Satanas's the mighty lord, he commands all their fool moves
By his kaos was bestowed over us the wisdom pain
And he sets our wisdom too, painful knowledge but it's true

Pain is me, lust is me, hate is me
I now hate all the ones o'er this stage
They are sick, I am sick, we must bleed
Dead must be the only way out of here
But I know Satanas won't let me

Doing always Satan's will, killing everyone thou see
And you fight until you die for at least dream in being free
But we are nothing but slaves of the one with gloomy horns
So if you can perceive it, worship Satan endlessly

We are dying for desires that will never come true facts
For Lord Satan is the kaos that will guide the nonsense acts
Though we try to save our lives if the other seems to oppress
I will never recognize that scenes control is on me

If they try to reach my mind, I will always disagree
But be sure that this don't means I won't try to reach on yours
As in killing and being killed the distinction's far between
So I'd like that Satan's dreams are of me o'er all this shit

But the things I perceive now are not far from the opposite
I know I'm falling so deep and my sorrow endless seems
Yet being waiting then to die but the abyss won't grant this
So I beg upon to thee: kill yourself and thus please me

Pain is here inside me as I breathe
To delight I shall now celebrate
Turn the cross upside down chant the spell
The black mass is the end cut my throat
I like this, worship him, dying fast.


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