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The Oath of Akkad

"The Oath of Akkad" (2001 Demo)

1. The Legend of Sargon
2. Heaven Falls Down
3. Dragon's Heart
4. Betrayed
5. The Wizard

1. The Legend of Sargon

I am Sargon the sovereign
I come from the city of Kish
In the banks of Euphrates
Along many years I reigned

I've got the power of my gods
Everybody must obey me
I create the first empire
The great empire of Akkad


The black heads I ruled
Mighty mountains (I) climbed
The sea lands I crossed
I'm the Mighty One

Armies forces I devastated
Great walls I knocked down
Powerful cities I conquered
and one hundred warriors have lost

Men of Mari follow me
Because Sargon is his king
Sons of Akkad (now) have the power
Now they control the world



I'm Sargon
King of Akkad
I'm Sargon
The mighty ONE

I've got prisoners of Elam
Lugalzaggesi fought against me
But he couldn't win Sargon
"Mighty Sargon, you're the King"



The one who destroy this inscription
will get my heart
This is my prophecy,
This is my prophecy

2. Heaven Falls Down

Dead people come to me
Their eyes say that all's gone
They've lost the power
They've lost their lives

Without faith and without love
They're as scared as god
Angel's scream can not be heard
Their time has come again


Spirits cry through the devil's eyes
Hell is full of died souls
What I know now
(is that) Heaven's falling down

Mortal souls fallen from heaven
They did not disserve it
Heaven is burning by angel cries
There's blood in their eyes

What if I help them
Sending them back to the heavens?
I'd betray my life
I'd betray my god


Who will be the next to die?
I will be the one who choose
Fighting with hate
against the holly forces of god

3. Dragon's Heart

In the valley of Flames
The dragons cry in vain
It's hurted in the heart
For the last dragon's hunter

In the shadows of the night
Deep inside the forest
The hunter is searching you
Helped by the light of the moon


Your father has been killed
In the hands of a dragon
You have to kill him
With the revenge of a crime


You couldn't kill him
Your live belongs to him
The half of heart belongs to the dragon

With sword in your hands
You will fight to the end
Between love and hate
The dragons found the death

I have pain in my heart
Half of my life now is death
What I wanna do?
My warrior life has ended

4. Betrayed

I feel like giving up
I know that I still loving you
If you'd tried you'd have reached me
But I know that now it's too late

In my heart I see no light
In my mind I feel confused
And all I know is that I'm alone
None hears me crying?

There was a time when you looked at me
There was nothing but real love
Why didn't you tell me anything?
Now I'm lost in the deepest wood


But I will not give up
Because life has just began
I've got more reasons to carry on
And I don't need you anymore


A new hope is born
Night is clear
Now my friend
Alone won't be

And you won't find me
Never again
Now in my heart
All is pain

I could not understand you
Why did you make up your mind?
Now you cry but all's in vain
I won't come back again

5. The Wizard

I'm alone in my land
I don't want to get away
I must learn to teach
then teaching I will learn

How to climb the highest mountains
How to see the darkness in my heart
Walk through the tears' wood
Discover your own loneliness… I did


The thunder my friend
The stars my dancers
The moon my lover
The night my liar


See your sadness
In the dark face of the moon
cry and pray your last wish
of the wizard inside

Stars are shining
with their last breath of light
They've forgotten how to love
I've forgotten how to live

Follow your soul which is full of rage
Don't lose your way 'cause it's only your true hope
You thought I would be an evil servant
You were wrong, can you see? I found my wizard



Keep smiling my last friend
I know it's too hard to do it
But feel your condemned life
and I'll wait you there with your only true wish


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