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For We... Who Are Consumed By The Darkness

"For We... Who Are Consumed By The Darkness" (1996)

1. Godless
2. One Black Autumn
3. Die Totenmaske
4. Fuck Pig
5. Agony's Tale
6. Wrath
7. Damned Below Judas
8. Si Piangiamo or Dunque Uniti
9. Breath of Night

1. Godless

I want to be a rock
harden my heart to god
I want oblivion
I want to be alone

I raise my arms
into the wind
I tilt my head
towards the sky

As if I could fly away
into the deepness above
For mercy's sake
feed my mortal desire
End all that is round me
I want to become one
with the stars,
I want to become air
to sail as the
evening breeze

make me immortal
make me perfection
I'll live to die
with your spirit in me

I want to become
the wintry sky
my blood etched hands
wills for this end

2. One Black Autumn

The harlot walks upon the
green meadows, the lamb
of god by her side with a
moral, and self-rightious
law, should crucify in
satan's synagogue,
standing above this mighty
ruin, where satan's first
victory won, with flames of
fire, beneath a fatal tree,
he stretches his druid
pillars flare...

In autumn came his
deathlygroan, from within
and the pomp of war,
rioted in human gore, with
sweet defeat, death and woe...

He withered up sweet
zion's hill, from every
nation of the earth, he
withered up jerusalem's
gates and in a dark land
gave his birth, on the
euphrates satan stood,
and over asia stretched his
pride, then what came
was his mortal worm, but
so translucent from within!

The human form, a mortal
worm, sacrifice, for my sin

Feed the harlot, please beat
the bitch, writhe in
howling, for my sin...

3. Die Totenmaske

Der ewig zuruckommen
Wir ser haben, wir gelitten,
Nietzsche wenn ich
Streben, stumpf das dasien

Gott ist tot!
Die totenmaske
Gott sei dank!
Der ewig zuruckommen

Gott ist tot!

4. Fuck Pig

Fuck the fuck pig
All reality
Not anybody's fear
Come unto me
To recreate

My god...
Fuck the fuck pig
I see the bitch
Lie on my bed,
I stick my dick in her anus
The fuck pig,
The lamb...

5. Agony's Tale

This pain, this darkness,
this blackness, foreve...
sweet agony, my love, my
lust, you tempt me, caress
me, sweet hell, the shame,
freezes me, surrounds me

I want you, I need you, I'll bleed for you, damnation,
eternity, at last...

6. Wrath

I am wrath!

7. Damned Below Judas

Hatred of
the holy,
vengeance to the wicked,
my eternal potion,
disown that deity
damned below judas,
pure abhorration,
sell you holy master,
rot in holy servitude...

I received my sentence,
I disavow my master

I find no shelter
damned below judas,
pure abhorration
"him the vindictive rod of
angry justice, sent quick
and howling to the centre
headlong, I fed with
judgement, am buried
above ground..."

8. Si Piangiamo or Dunque Uniti

Gia so che quella infida,
sotto la tua bell'ombra
assisa un tempo prenda
grati riposi nella calla
stagion dei I nojosi.
so che I miei fidi amore,
allor ch'eran felici lieta
sovente a te sedendo
accanto noti all'aure fasea
col dolce canto: ma, o dio,
che poi crudele volgendo
ad altra piant il su desio,
infedel ti lascio, e al par
dell'amor mio
t'abbandono... su tuoi rami
inariditi, piu non vola
l'augellino, ne piu stanco
perengrino, a te presso
ferma il pie, si piangiamo
or dunque uniti, quel suo
crudo ingrato core,
l'incostanza del suo amore,
la mancanza sua fe?

9. Breath of Night

Beyond the firey lakes
of time, there is a void...
I iwll be what I will be...
from above, a shadow
comes down on me,
through the majestic
spheres, natures eternal
circle of sublime beauty,
the pain, the torture,
the night, the dark,
I am but a void,
a tiny disgusting seed,
sealed in this black earth...

I laugh at the illusion of
god, the grandeur, and the
fools that have followed,
be at peace, my friends,
when you close your eyes
it is forever...

Dawn arose when I met
this wolrd, from the
warmth of oblivion, to the
cold of reality's absurdity.
as I watch the blood
spill from my wrists,
I anticipate the warmth
I shall feel again...


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