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Infernal Hordes of the ancient Times

"Infernal Hordes of the ancient Times" (2003 EP)

1. Servant of darkness
2. Mist of thousand fullmoon
3. Black candle's dim light
4. Total holocaust
5. Storm of the ancient wrath
6. Dominus Inferus vobiscum

1. Servant of darkness

The black-winged horde are coming from the dark sky.
Wing strokes are echoing from the hell-gate.
Infernal demon breathes are falling over the mortal world,
As a nightmare;as in forgotten times.
They killed the angels and decayed the innocent dreams,
And brought the malicious from the deepest abyss.
The nightspirit’s power found life in my veins.
Death and fear found life in weak fleshes.
They are the black creatures belong to the night.
I stand on the infernal circle/and whispered the secret,forbidden anthem.
I spilled the sacrify blood/for thy name and summoned the Ancient one.
Hail to thee/hail to the master of infernal gates.
…/the grim eyes of majestic dark sky,servants of darkness.
…/unholy throne’s black-winged hordes,slaughtered the holy light.
…/I shouted my honour to the elder woods,where I wander eternally.
The black-robed witches dancing in the dark woods,
Screams are coming from the haunted depths.
Devilish witchcraft is bringing dead back to life.
Mighty sorcery,damned face of fallen ones.
The nightspirit’s power found life in my veins.
Death and fear found life in weak fleshes.
They are the black creatures,dwell where sun can’t reach.
I stayed in the circle/and call upon the creatures of night.
The gates opened with the sign of hell/forever where I dwell.
Show me the sign of sin/and let me join the horde within.
They are the sons of summoned dark,they are the black winds when human feel peace.
Ahhh.. open thy gates for the SERVANTS OF DARKNESS…

2. Mist of thousand fullmoon

Fires are,burning in the middle of cold winter night.
Fullmoon is bright as the snow sleeping on the nature,(beautiful as bride)
Invisible thousand eyes open with the rise of mist.
Winter demons dwell in unlight,I hear the storm’s screams.(The wrath)
Winter darkness,call to me depths,
I look their face,cold as graves.
Mist of stars,shines as eyes,
I dwell in ice,I died thousand times.
Raven cries,blazes from night skies,
I am enchanted by the thousand fullmoon lights.
The mist of thousand fullmoon,touched my deep dark emotions…
(I am the eyes/of wolf/gazing to the fullmoon)
And I wander as a wolf, and watched the night from his eye’s dimensions.
(The wild beauty of this/forgottenland)
I dwell under the snowy long trees;for many long and dark centruies.
I watch Anatolian vast landscape;from a high,sharp icy cliff.
All the screams I‘ve heard;belong to the creatures of winterforest throne.
All the grimness,why you feel pain;belong to the merciless winter storms.
…/The mist of thousand fullmoon bring us here.
…/Enchanted silence take us far.
…/Nocturnal fear,howling wolves.
…/The moons of endless nights,I wander unleashed.
Winter darkness,call to me depths,
I look their face,cold as graves.
Mist of stars,shines as eyes,
I dwell in ice,I died thousand times.
Raven cries,blazes from night skies,

3. Black candle's dim light

Dark winter again and freezing grimly,
To my endless forest realm.
Hidden by the misty fog
A desire to prevail this land again.
Death in your eyes is the beast I am.
I am standing on the mighty hills with my sword
As the darkened centruies before the light.
To refresh the bloodriver on my swordblade.
I call the spirits of thousand cemetaries,
To gather again then spill blood in battlefields.
I call the hell’s infernal seven winds,
To blow again,then bring enemy to the deepest abyss.
I sit on my black throne and look to the black clouds
As the times after the war and drink the cursed blood
Of enemies from the skull-shaped chalice.
Only light is candles’,thousand candles’
Black candles and their dim light,
Dancing on grey cold stones of infernal halls.

4. Total holocaust

Burn/us by thy fire/baptize us/with the blood of the liar.
Bring/grim to our heart/against to the light/to blaze the unholy total holocaust.
Supreme of fire is boiling in my veins.
Heat of hell surrounds the cold of winter.
Take your cresset and follow us,
Let’s fire all the fuckin sacred temples.
Kill your human inside and join us,
(Then)Watch the sheeps in total holocaust.
Power of fire is boiling in my veins,
Heat of hell embraces the cold of winter.
Father of all fallens,we signed your divine name/with unholy fire.
A holocaust for thy great mightness,to arrive your/mighty exalted throne.
And finished all the living beauty of the world/grimly one by one.
Now just the ashes of holiness/in total holocaust.
I am enchanted by the thousand fullmoon lights.
(In lonely winter nights)

5. Storm of the ancient wrath

Thousand of warriors sleeping behind this black mountains.
Under the frozen dark earth for many damned dungeon centruies.
Hungry and far from battlefields,the hordes of Anatolian abyss.
The ancient barbarians are preparing for the bloody glory.
Our graves guarded by the black demons and wolves.
Our wrath is growing by the enchant of wars.
When thunder flashes our rotten faces appear,
Grimly and cold then suddenly dissappear.
Listen!You’ll hear our coming when storms grimly blowing.
Behold!You’ll see our victory,just unleashed from dismal purgatory.
The horde knelt before my horde and cried for mercy.
This is the wrath of eternal holocaust and we forgot it’s meaning.
Only hate is flaming inside.
Breathing demons inside and waiting for the great day of conquest.
Bloodbath with the blood of the horde in battlefield,
And proudly roar.
The mighty sign of hell is signed on our black hearts.
The power of wrath is filled our veins.
When darkness grows,barbarian horde roars
Wrathfully calls to war with horns.
Hear!You’ll feel our blasphemic breath,when darkness grimly suffocate.
We are choosen by the damned ones,wrath is coming from the ancient times.
Blasphemic Anatolian graves are ready for the War,
And waiting for to see the mosques in holocaust and blind the eyes
With their smoke.

6. Dominus Inferus vobiscum

A moonless gloomy night,stormy depths of haunted dark forest kingdom
Mistic landscape is reflecting on the cold,dark stirring waters.
Sharp high mountains surround the foggy realm,the ruins of unholy winter throne.
I gaze ýnto the stars,shining as the serpent eyes.
I wander silently with sorrow into the nocturnal winterland.
Darkness from the past walk with me,behold my steps.
I hear the screams from the past,thy creatures dwell in the mist.
A divine anthem wake me from my possessed endless sleep.
I feel thee in my damned black soul I feel (it’s calling.)
My evil emotions flaming inside me;I am enthroned again,as the centruies before.
I prevail this shadowed land with the name and the sign of thy mighty name.
Where I prevail,where I die,(Where I born)
Our Father which art in hell,hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom is come,thy will is done/on earth as it is in hell.
Lead us unto temptation and deliver us from false piety.
(Father) for thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever.
Embrace my damned soul;you dark night
The time when the graveless ones wake and rise.
Embrace my rotten flesh eternally cold night,
Then I can feel the frozen nature once.


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