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Decade of Decay

"Decade of Decay" (1995 Best of/Compilation)

1. The Lost Of Innocence
2. Orgy Of Flies
3. Hate
4. The God's Faeces
5. Song For My Death
6. Midnight Queen
7. Screeches From The Silence
8. Piercings
9. Crush, Kill, Destroy
10. Nightmare
11. Rotting
12. I.N.R.I.
13. Desecration Of Virgin
14. Recrucify
15. The Black Vomit
16. Satanic Lust
17. Christ's Death
18. The Anal Rape Of God
19. Satanas
20. Third Slaughter

1. The Lost Of Innocence

The Lost Of Innocence

2. Orgy Of Flies

There was a time
When all countries were only one
For divine reasons, scientific laws
The human have different colors
Yellow, white, red and black
These are colors of fashion
The one who created us had cursed us
With the gift of life and death

War after war
We have learned nothing
Hate is still alive

In the battle camps
In the wooden shacks
In the streets of the cities
Orgy of Flies
Over unemployed armies
Orgy of Flies
Under your nose
Orgy of Flies
Over a billion corpses
Orgy of Flies

War, hate, anguish and pain
These men, poor humans
So satisfied with others' torment
We want the end of this world
Never will give chance to peace
The flies will forever continue
In their orgy over the corpses
Hate is still alive

3. Hate

I hate you, I hate me
I hate priests, I hate nuns
I hate my enemies, I hate my friends
I hate religion. I hate gods

I hate, hate, hate, hate

I hate children, I hate women
I hate men, I hate dogs
I hate the past, I hate the present
I hate the future, I hate cars

I hate, hate, hate, hate

I hate money, I hate lust
I hate drinks, I hate drugs
I hate addicteds, I hate lesbians
I hate gays, I hate to hate

I hate, hate, hate, hate

4. The God's Faeces

Maybe you can think we are pessimistics
Obstinated, that's OK
This is your point of view
We're not truth owners
But we want to know what you have to say
If you agree, our condolences
If you dischord, scream loud
Prove that we're wrong

We are God's faeces

From the point that I am
The references are so incovenient
I can feel the cry of the children
The sadness of the man
The lamentations of the ancients
Everything is so real
It hurts me deep and cut my flesh
The lover's treason
The rent of the bodies

We are God's faeces

My friend, my love
M "I", my ignorance
Everything is for sale
For cheap prices
Can't you see the flames burning high
Can't you see the souls that are screaming in agony

5. Song For My Death

My friend dressed in black
Always watching me from some distance
Devoted fellow, enemy of the flowers
Mother of the ones who suffer
So many fears, so many loves you
I know that your face is fair
Nothing more will exist
Everything will continue the same

Money, power and blue sky
Means nothing when people die
Democracy, sympathy, you and I
Means nothing when people die

Darkness, storms, calm and joys
Souls screaming in agony
Children playing in innocence
Where we come from?
We are innocent victims
Natural losers
Hungries in a banquet
Corpses without soul

Why we fear hate?
Why we fear deliverance?
Hell is on men's earth
Heaven is on dead's earth

6. Midnight Queen

She was a simple girl, coming from
A simple town
Still a child she started to work
She never had time to school

Had a boyfriend, young,
Unemployed, wasted and stoned
Expelled from home for moralistic reasons
She started to live with him

She was only 16, trying to live with misery
Day after day wasting her life
She decided to sell her body

Walking down corners and dark lanes
Night lights dazzles her mind
Crime and voilence on her way
Soon she was the queen of the night

Midnight queen, alone in the night
Always dreaming of better days
Midnight queen, trying to survive
But so many thorns on her way
Midnight queen, I'm sorry for your
Life, for your sorrow, for your fate
Midnight queen

Dreaming of better days
That will never come
Another night has just begun

Into drugs and booze she throws herself
Trying to escape from reality
She won't escape

Found in a motel room
Her sweet blood everywhere
A few bucks on her body

And around her neck
Tied with a dead knot
Hung a lash

7. Screeches From The Silence

The sunshine of dawn will born
Rain falls at the end of the night
Wetting your face, your soul
Speed is your way of life

Soon you'll meet your fate
Reflected on the wet asphalt
The red of your blood, your blood!!!!
The lights end everywhere
You feel your soul burning in pain
Now you see the face of death
Calling you for a silent kiss

Something strange being inside of me
Am I awakening to a new life?
I can't stand this agony
Somebody please hear my screeches
From the silence

Slowly discovering you're alone
Fighting to escape from reality
Bleeding, your body starts to rot
Awakening in a curse of agony

Something strange compressing you mind
(Your) pain, slowly turns into despair
A despair of a spirit leaving his corpse
Now your time has come!!!

8. Piercings

Screams of agony
Echoing all corners
The torment of a cursed and
Distorted soul

Voluptous desires came from his mind
A slow death to the victims
Is the reason of his life
Mrs. Death is his every day mate
Awaits, the gift of this bad joke

First cut being done
In percing rites
But a hundred sticks
Will not satisfy

Cult of insanity
Agonizing child
Losing her blood
Before she dies

Screams of agony
Echoing all corners
The torment of a cursed and
Distorted soul

You see, my darling
I'm the one who won
Don't leave me now
The party has just begun!!!

9. Crush, Kill, Destroy

Join my world of evil pain
A smell of lewdness is diffuse in the air
The hall is quiet but soon you'll screech
So do it with hate

We're the masters of our own desires
Scream for me, do it loud
From your first victim, life ends
Bathing in his blood, you'll come!

Show me your lust
Show me your hate
Give us the power
To desecrate

Gods of cruelty
Gods of sin
Show us the way
To win

Crush, kill, destroy
Crush - the envy
Kill - your enemies
Destroy - the bounds

Don't believe in tears or smiles
'Cause worms are our only true friends
A kiss is the eve of a vomit
The feeble will loose in the end

10. Nightmare

Behind the gates only death
Burning your mind you hear the bell
The gates are open for your entry
Light of the day turn to the darkness of Hell...


Skull and putrid corpses
Sads and somber places
And you cry tears of blood
Because you are dead

Now you will go prown on endless night
Remembering yours blasphemes and lies
I will never give mercy to you
But Satanas want your sinner's soul
You will never return


11. Rotting

People are blind with something
Can't make happen their desires
All from their god stinks
The reason must talk higher

Jesus is rotting
Jesus now Died

The heart of sinners
Becomes too false
In their sacred week
They remember Christ

Now the sinners are celebrating
His false resurrection

Why do you believe in Christ?
Why do you believe that he isn't dead?
Why do you believe in those things?
Why do you believe in Hell?

I just can say to you
That your lord Jesus Christ
Had a cruel destiny
And now you just can cry

Your hope is in vain
He will never come back
Jesus now burns in pain
'Cause he found death

Jesus is rotting
Jesus now died

12. I.N.R.I.

they say that you've born to the eternal kidness
and that was conceived by divine grace
that came to finish with the pervertion and evil
and died on the cross to humanity save

the pervertion and evil only start after you came
because you was only a crazy lier
false saints were with you on your insanity
and the more stupids believed on you

thieves and corrupts
now eleited priests
they selled pieces
of cloth saying it were yours
the chief of insanity
now is reigning at rome
the pervertion and evil
only start after you came

13. Desecration Of Virgin

seven nights before
of sacred birthday
the lord make himself
present at virgin's home

demons suck your pussy
and fuck 'till delight
she isn't more virgin
because was fucked by satan

he put the virgin of four
fucking your ass hole
the orgy haven't stop
ejaculating on her mouth

she suck the hammer of satan
and reach the first orgasm
he breack laws of god
and prophane the mother of gods

14. Recrucify


15. The Black Vomit

The Black Vomit

Choosed to be the offensor of Christ
Evil, disgusting and bloody mind
He was belched forth of hell
To torment the son of god...

Lucifer designate me to this work
Because I love to fuck you
Eat your delicious mother
Blaspheming over your Trinity

I was born by semen of Satan
At a night with full moon
Blessed by priests of evil
Marked with the sign of goat
I've turn my back to you
My destiny is to be fell
I spit on your face
I'm the black vomit of hell

While your mother cry under your feet
I smile by your disgrace
Suffering is the only thing
Wich I desire to you

Christ you is a liar
Satan is my master
And command my mind to total desaster

Christ I will fuck
All the bastards
Who believe in yours words of love

Christ I hate you
With all my forces
Will piss on your corpse and eat your flesh

16. Satanic Lust

the night is cold
and the sky is without light
only a darkned moon
will be the witness in this night

first hymnes are heard
theinvocation starts
with love they call
lord's presence is the harvest

the sacrifice is done
a innocent virgin is dead
bodies start to fuck
total orgasm is consumed

the dead virgin
now is fucked
sodomy in this night
necromancy is complete

pleasure and delight
satanic lust

17. Christ's Death

day of your death arrive's
inquest are open to you
lies don't be heard
your only sentence is death

miracles and words don't save you
you never will be the higher
the hour of your death is now
your life don't extend so forever

christ's death

satan in hell
await for you
you are welcome
to your nightmare

you cry, for your father
but he don't remember you...

18. The Anal Rape Of God

The Anal Rape Of God

19. Satanas

on fire of darkness
rise a scream of hate
satanas want vomit
on son of god's face
your eyes have wrath
and promiscing a slaughter
the angels of lucifer
are ready to destroy


satanas revenge is started
and the heaven is burning
god angels are deads
and the survivors are praying
the sacred cross is breacked
and demons are smyling
because your lord satanas
raped the mother of false

20. Third Slaughter

Screams of chaos
The final bloody is started
Kill or die
Save your putrid life
Is the end of universe
The death is on our back
Dark angels on massacre
Make the blood turn black

Third Slaughter

Wrath and torment
Is the god's final slaughter
Now our mission
Finally is terminated

Third Slaughter

Satanas want
Fuck your putrid life...
Burn in hell

Third Slaughter

Panic and fear on this our fell
Now the god's son
Are falling to hell...

Third Slaughter


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