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"Santuarium" (2004)

1. Fire in the Sky
2. ...And in the Bloody Days
3. Slave
4. God, God, Gold
5. Frozen Memories
6. Purgatory
7. The Machine Goes On!

1. Fire in the Sky

Angels of war are announcing the judgement day
The end of line is here to stay
There're no more prayers to say
In darkness all of this will lay

Unholy flames are destroying our faith
Near the end, we have fallen in
The guardians of fire are condemning our lifes
Guided by hate, they will vanquish the fight

Dragons from different mountains
are fighting in the sky
Their holy blood is flowing
over our eyes.

Holding my tears as the battle goes on
hundreds of deaths with no reason at all
I lie with the dead and try
to survive
Together is the fear that my death will arrive

Angels are begging for peace
Fighting for the end of the fight

"And he'll be a brave man;
his hand will be against all,
and the hand of all, against him;
he'll live in front of the
face of all his brothers"

Feelings caught inside a cage
No one can stand
Nothing but screams of terror
will be listened, forevermore

Angels are losing their wings
with hope and peace
All the life is getting wasted
in this celestial cemetery.

2. ...And in the Bloody Days

The shadow arrives
and all destruction
causing the fear
there's no solution
the woman cries
what am I to do?
live or die, the time's
coming to you

I have that sense
and see you feel
maybe they find
destroy our skill
will decide future today
nobody can help me
on the bloodspray

With blooding skies
the purgatory is crowded
before waiting my death rise me
I hope win, and save peace
fight !

Save your life, while you still have one
don't follow the shouts
fighter, you must hurry and go
hold on! hold on! go! go!

3. Slave

Slave of my mind
controlled by my own thoughts
Reason amazed by lies
seclusion in a dark soul
Stucked in my own feelings
keep in my most deep inner self
The cold infects my body
I can't rest

Why am I slave?
Why must I die?
There's coming the day
to see... the list of names
and there is mine

Watch from the mountain top
the slaver's camp
Work for your pain
digging on this death swamp
Live to save your people
from their morbid life
Before in their souls they get a cripple
before they reach a graveyard site

Slaves, march!
I now own your life
Let the fight begin

Slaves, kill the impure
They're around, everywhere
no mercy, march
I see you all dying
If you ask me
a reason to kill the others
I'll die in this nonsense world
If my skin won't spell my name
brake my chains and
let me go

4. God, God, Gold

Evil sprays on the wall
On the skylight I see
Words born from a new dawn
And business man will

Washing hands make hebrews guilty
But don't clean a priest's filth
Hatred spawns need space
Now a sand Christ is on grave
God bless the rightest seed
Angels bleed for greedies
Freed is the soul of believers
So shall it be

Cross of pain
Father pray
I always walked this way
Golden god
Living fate:
Redemption needs to be paid

Cold marble under my feet
As cold as their hearts
Better buy a heaven to live
Before hell makes a better bid

Cross of pain
Father pray
Pages written by rage
Golden god
Living fate:
Dripping lies, always said

God, God, God, Gold
Faith is a one-way road
God, God, God, Gold
Right is the soul that is sold

5. Frozen Memories

I can only think on the evil I did
To you
I can only think on the end of the day
without you
I can only see years passing on
without your smile
I can only cry while there's only my
hands on my eyes

Give me a chance to live
Give me a chance to prove I'll give
My love to someone
Someone whom Loves me like I Did

I will not cry until the sun ends
and I die
I will not give in, because I know in the end
I will win
The road will fry my bare Feel and all
my worst sins
My days are only pray to my god
and all His will

Give me a chance to break
The coldest wall with my fists
The iced coffin
with my heart an its heat

After all this way I think
I'm late
All my wounds are now closing,
leaving only scars
All these centuries are inside
my tired soul
you dragged me from the abyss, but I even can't bring you back from death

I'm sorry...

6. Purgatory

Again I'm feeling that cold in my cage
Maybe this time they're coming to get me
Rats, rotten meat and that musty smell
Am I still imprisoned or is it hell?

With bloody hands I paint the wall
No one but me can read these ugly
For 35 years my neck is tied
All my vile crimes god justified

All I saw in this world
I think it's gone with the sins I committed
The food got no taste
Like all the girls that I raped
My tears say I'm no guilty

Envy, greed, anger and other four sins
My heart is nothing but a box of tin
My dear mother won't forgive my faults
I buried her and one can hear the shouts

The shadows are moving and demons
claim my life
For years I waited for guards coming by the door
But I never expected Satan has me sighted
I was already dead and that is my body on the floor

7. The Machine Goes On!


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