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Thy Disciples

"Thy Disciples" (1982 Demo)

1. Creature from Vercenta
2. A King for a King
3. Welcome to the Graveyard

1. Creature from Vercenta

Through the darkness of a lifetime journey
there lies the mystery of the planet Vercenta
were told of a story that changed all history
behind the castles wall began the adventure

Creature from Vercenta
spread your wings and fly
off to your castle
your master of the sky
Creation of a lifetime
created from a dream
Zetor of the night
Zetor the supreme

The creator with the mind of a wizzard
spent a lifetime to fulfill his cosmic dream
to create a bird that can travel at the speed of light
to create the master of supernatural flight


2. A King for a King

Unrest in the East, unrest in the West
the kingdom is devided, and the kings are obsessed
preparing for battle with swords and shields
their great mighty armies, shall fight to the kill

It's a king for a king
as the battle begins
it's a king for a king
as the prophets sing

Deep in the hills where young shall die
the armies march to the deafening cries
fear of death is in their hearts
but fight they shall for the king they love


The sword of death shall strike you down
defend yourself defend your ground
protect your king, he's under siege
you'll give your life, for your king

The enemy is under attack
the rebellion shall be forced back
West and East shall become one again
but the battle of kings shall never end

Chorus 2:
The Earth shall cry
men will die
the battle begins

3. Welcome to the Graveyard

Your time has come, there is no place to run
the priest has a book of death, your name is on page one

Welcome to the graveyard
where kings and queens sleep
welcome to the graveyard
I hope you rest in peace
in the kingdom of Hell.

Come to choose your tombstone, we have a very wide choice
come to the land of fire, and thou shall rejoice

Chorus 2:
Close your eyes
go to sleep
rest in peace
I'll watch over you


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