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Internal Womb Cannibalism

"Internal Womb Cannibalism" (2001)

1. Symptoms
2. Postmortal Gorephobia
3. Killing
4. That Cunts Name Is Heather
5. Intravenous Ejaculation
6. Penis Epidermis Inflammation
7. The False Prophet
8. Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy
9. Dunwich Morgue
10. Dead Virgin Whore
11. Internal Womb Cannibalism
12. Final Goremaggedon

1. Symptoms

2. Postmortal Gorephobia

like blood very much
but it must flow from a living body
I was quenched by my own blood,
the sooniest
I was inducing pleasure to myself

I tortured mute animals later on,
their pain was more beautiful than mine
but it still didn't meet my terms
until I tormented the small boy
from the neighbourhood

I am afraid of the dead ones
their blood is different

The new horizonts have opened for me
and it unleashed my fear at the same time

3. Killing

Stalking the night
leaving no stone unturned
my desire for meat
Makes my blood boil
I need to run

Eating the corpse
feeling remorse but why do I kill
in my sleep

Seeking to be stopped in my own weird way
leaving clues to lead you to me
getting more twisted with every murder
getting excited by the smell of the chase

Total chaos brings absolute pleasure
death gets me high
feeling intoxicated
by the stench of the dead

4. That Cunts Name Is Heather

Her drenched pussy has rotted from stench
fuck that whore - the nasty wench
as she walks the smell erodes the air
it melts skin and eats bone bare
when the slut bends over to bare her fly haven
you can see the mother fucker isn't shaven
what a nasty fuckin' bitch she is
her rotted cunt is cover with dried jiz

It's not enough to have a hole
she saves all her cum in a bowl
the sluts drinks it with her shit
her pussy lips are stuck to her clit

That cunt name is Heather

5. Intravenous Ejaculation

I'm fascinated by the openings in human body
but not by the natural ones

Like a madman
I stab knife into a woman
but I don't wanna kill her
her suffering begins

The best are those created by knife
Steel rod isn't so bad too

Vagina nauseates me
anal cavity is lothesome
I enjoy fucking the body
I enjoy the new openings

of new bodily cavities
among the torn tissues

How many solied pensies
had visited your fleshly cunt

I want to be first
and deflower even your stomach

I purr like a cat-man

6. Penis Epidermis Inflammation

7. The False Prophet

Purposeful lie every day
harped on bullshit
a man gradually belives
that the help really is in phone
he dials a number nice voice is responding
and it starts blabing bullshit
it gives hope, promising future
but it only takes away money and illusions

Fucked up whore lives already for 1000 years
rot and fraud radiates from her rotten gob

Symbol of abomination and degeneration
false horoscopes and predictions

My name is Theodor or Izabel
I am an old cockeyed cunt
I haven't under control even my very life
but I can help to you all

8. Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy

I invite you all to the pigslaughtering feast
all possible specialities are being served
enjoy sausages
the intestines come from our landlord
beautiful rashes of bacon
is from body of the fat neighbour

Let's prepare an excellent soup
the eyes and brain is
of children who have played on the yard

Taste the liver fried on onion
that female didn't booze at all
the excellent ham is made of ass
of our skillful mailman

I together with my dad
we preces everything
we flavour and prepare
only join us and bring something for a drink

We have taste and choosy apetite
we won't content ourselves with anything

We'll laugh and booze
we'll bury the bones in forest
or we'll throw them away
and the dogs'll feed on them

9. Dunwich Morgue

Bodies laid upon cold steel slabs
blood and urine drenching the floor
the stench of decay over helms the living
as pus seeps from every pour

Rusty instruments of healing
now devices of torture and suffering
as pain becomes life and life becomes death
the screams of the dying becomes
cries of rebirth for the dead

Deep onside the dunwich morgue
the dead begin to rise
feasting on flesh
and seeking new victims

Killing only out of instinct
thinking there alive
consuming body organs of anything
living or moving

The dead eating the dead
fagor the sake of being dead
no remorse or concern
for any human life
all will be consumed

10. Dead Virgin Whore

Mutilated remains
desecration of her body
raping her and loving it
losing control
forcing a fist into her cunt
ripping the uterine walls

Dead virgin whore
she meant nothing to me
fucking her corpse
planting my seed

Dead to the world
eyes froze open to see
a knife to her twat
extracting the fetus we conceived

Dineing on my own flesh and blood
destroying my family tree
growing aroused
as I kill the whore in her sleep
pissing on her cold body
I grow more and more aroused

11. Internal Womb Cannibalism

Profligate life and
its consequences
multiple fecundation
of different sperms
intrauterine disorder
with unforeseeable course
multiple fecundation creation
of several fetuses

Mutual devourment
among embryos
inhalation of somebody
else's parts
genetic explosion
perinatal cannibalism

Within the uterus
cobweb made
of umblical cords
suffocated embryos
devoured by siblings

12. Final Goremaggedon


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