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Celebration of Exhumation

"Celebration of Exhumation" (2004)

1. Desecrated-Decapitated (A Hymn to Monica D.)
2. Human Trophies
3. Fetus Rape
4. A Pile of Skulls
5. Violent Intercourse
6. Shapeless and Decomposed
7. Oral Fistfuck
8. Born Dead

1. Desecrated-Decapitated (A Hymn to Monica D.)

Growing erection caressing her pale and
shaking patterns of skin
Held down to the ground, vaginal tunnel
wide open, blood pumping
Gagged by filthy and reeking hands,
vomitous, disgorging between
Fingers of her murderer, fist pulverising
jaw, disfigured and crying
Removed from the scene of crime, blood
and remants removed by the rain
Buried in an unmarked grave, headless
with her head between her tits

"Kill me, please, just kill me"


In the next room, blood covered the
walls and ceiling
Three female bodies with hooks impaling
their throats
Hanging from rusty chains, their bodies
showed signs of bitemarks
And inside the wounds, old semen and
maggots festering

Down in the cellar, bodies buried inside
the walls
Stench was hideous, bloody handprints
on the cement walls
Here some of the sickest things, took
place, his intercourses
Rotting carcass, chopped up bodies,
meathook penetrating flesh...

Exhuming bowels...
Decaying torsos...
The murderer...
Nowhere to be found

2. Human Trophies

Rope around his throat and his limbs
Sharpen the tools that will seal his fate
Bloodsoaked serenades are ready to be
Death shall bring one more to his

Convulsion through every vein of his
body, the knife slips deeper within
Mouth agape, guttural noise, the
beginning of brutal genocide, hunted
through the woods
Eating dirt, head torn off, blood gushing,
covering the soil...
Eating dirt, head torn off, blood gushing,
covering the soil...

Human Trophies

Strip the skin, rinse the bone, polish the
Gouge the eyes, ripe the spine, collecting
One more on the shelf, next to
a hundred of heads...

3. Fetus Rape

Ripping through the vaginal orifice
Cutting with jigsaw and other tools
I put my incision deep within
As I grub with my bloodstained teeth
Dismemberment of the female body
Eviscerate her bloodfilled entrails
I crush her pelvises with my fist
Grabbing the fetus by the head, umbilical
cord snared around the throat
As the fetus suffocates, my cock
penetrates the fontanell

Devourer of children...
Fetus rape!

Finding delightment in this sex act,
finding it so good to fuck
Later down in the esophagus, I start to

4. A Pile of Skulls

Take the heads from the cemetery, the
headless bodies are buried
No use for the spine or meat, cut off the
hands and feet...
The axe hacks through the head, total
desecration of the dead
Corpses decapitated in their sleep, taken
from it's cold and safe keep

Put them in a pile...
Deep down in my home...
A pile of skulls...

Skinning the head from the skin, slicing
the flesh really thin
Cleaning blood from the skull, the water
is red of blood
I want perfection in my collection, the
teeth must shine
Empty skull from vital organs, another
piece for my pile...

Deep and dark holes that was once filled
with joy...
Pointing out the eyes, give them away
as a toy...
Stench is hideous from the pile of skulls
that is so old...
Collected by a man that is so cold...

5. Violent Intercourse

Spreading your pale legs, dipping tongue
into the cunt
Lickng and biting the lips, sucking on
your clit
I know that you like it,
twist and turn in delightment
But it will take a dramatic change, I will
kill you

Forcing my hand deep inside of you,
grabbing what I can get
Pulling out organs and blood, drinking
leukorrhea from the cunt
Your scream in pain, biting lips as
I smile
I am done with your cunt, time to get

I pull my knife and slide it into your
You shake in pain, I enjoy fucking you
Take it all whore, as I fuck you hard
Blood and shit running, out of your open

Fucking you in your rectom, my cock
covered in shit
Forcing you to suck me, lick your shit
from my dick

It's time to end it, I was enjoying it
Stabbing you in the cunt, smashing your
Your throat filled with your own shit...

6. Shapeless and Decomposed

Body floating in the filthy water in the
A mix of piss, turds, blood and vomit
stains its rotting skin...
Larvae has conquered the anal tracts

Slowly eaten by the swarms of flies,
rotten flesh delicacy...
Tits has been cut off, disgust and
vileness fills the holes...

It has been here for weeks...
But no one ever knew about her...
One of many unsolved crimes...
She is a dead, young girl...

Body floating in the filthy water in the
A mix of piss, turds, blood and vomit
stains its rotting skin...
Larvae has conquered the anal tracts
Murderer has a face...and its mine...
Victim has a face...and its yours...

Torso filled with severed cuts, most likely
done with a butcherknife
Hands and feet are bound, cracked ribs
shows signs of resistance
Heart, kidney and liver exhumed, the
Killer must have been a surgeon
internal organs nowhere to be found, the
murderer must have been a cannibal...

7. Oral Fistfuck

I force my fist into your mouth, suck my
fingers one by one
Teeth are breaking as I twist, always
a big mouthed bitch
A gurgling sound is heard, now what
have we learned?
Be careful for what you wish for, or
I will give you some more...

Oral fistfuck...

Proceed down in your throat, fingers are
ripping out your tongue
You feel like vomiting , but my hands
stops you from doing it
Blood is running from your lips, I give
you a warm and gentle kiss
Hot and sticky in the halls of flesh, I will
give so much deserving death...

Down in the ribcage, it's getting hard for
you to struggle
I touch your beating heart with my cold
hands of pleasure
I get so horny, so I jam my arm into
your stomach

8. Born Dead

Inside the womb of a dead woman,the
fetus is growing and breeding
Raped by the undead, she took the
maggotfilled seed
Arms and legs are torn off, the eyes was
ripped and carved
Rotting meat giving the fetus decay,
fetus is swimming in pus and cum...

Maggots, cockroaches, worms and
They feast on the rotting remains of the
Maggots, cockroaches, worms and
The rectum is sticky from diarrhea...

Crawling out of the corpse, open the
eyes to the world
Hideous screams fromt he fetus, echoing
through the wastelands

Lusting for the meat, to drink blood that
is so sweet...
Eating a rotting carcass, raping his dead
mother rotting ass...
He loves her so dearly, he wants her to
stay with him
So he devours the corpse...

He follows the way of his fathers
He rapes new women to create life
Ripping of their heads and limbs
Leaving the corpses for the fetus to eat...


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