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Spring 2002 demo

"Spring 2002 demo" (2002 Demo)

1. Take Me
2. Lost Inside
3. Requiem Aeternum
4. Fin de la Vie
5. Eden's Winter
6. Nightfall
7. Requiem Aeternum

1. Take Me

Take me beyond the night, beyond this caged sanctuary
Where I can’t see myself reflected on a fractured heart.

The haunted past revisits to make my present hell.
Only here in this twisted soul I see a reason for insanity.
I know all too well this suffering
Know all too well why I brought myself here.
To feel this— when you love my way, you’ll see too.

Libra me.
We have all been in storms like these.
We have all clung to some broken dream.
The curtain falls, stage lights dim— listen to our final call.
Living does not mean to cower— nor to wait until death drowns us all.
So I seize this moment;
I capture this hope to fly—
Take me, Release me— heal me from this life.

I thought I could be stronger.
Wouldn’t let the pain show from any tears.
Now I know what the price is— this hollowness I feel.
Seasons passed us by
Flowers fading, broken and tattered.
Yet your memory remains here— a persistent reminder.

Take me through the night; where I can’t see myself
Wishing my tomorrows so hard I forget my yesterdays.
Take me through the fire— so I can be purified.

2. Lost Inside

Misty waters cover my eyes, searching for signs.
Stars light fall on me— pouring through me as I sink in the waves.
I’m always seeking, longing, hoping— there must be more, has to more.
I’m just barely surviving, hanging onto the spiders thread.
And I’m just barely breathing— gotta stop wishing I could never leave this bed.

Dark shadows moving freely— shattered pictures on the ocean—
in this tide, I follow to find salvation yet I’ve forgotten what it was.

I’m lost inside all you see is a ghost moving in the motion of a daily life.
I’m lost inside this emptiness warms me in its misery.
The more I drown— the more I’m living while being lost inside.

It’s too late I’m broken.
All of the pieces I held for so long, finally got to many too keep together.
It’s not your fault, just the way the world works sometimes.
You have to get broken, to be remade.

3. Requiem Aeternum

“O rubor sanguinis,
qui de excelso illo fluxisti
quod divinitas tetigit
tu flos es
quen hyems de flatu serpentis
numquam lesit.”

Don’t think this is forever, sadness can’t be here always.
Don’t think you won’t be forgiven, let an angel carry the weight.
Requiem aeternam— has always been her love song
Donna nobis pacem, elision

To stay on this course requires a greater loss.
To feast at this table requires a poisonous touch.
Requiem aeternam— will always be our love song
In hora mortis nostrae, elision.

Hear an angel beckon you, there are roses beyond the turn.
Winter is but a season, cold hearts still need the sun.
Requiem aeternam
Sempiternam requiem, in paradisum.
Sempiternam requiem/Requiem aeternam
Lux aeterna luceat eis cum sanctis tuis in aeternum

4. Fin de la Vie

Empy gardens, broken vases
Crowded narrow streets that lead to your room.
And here I stand alone again.
Waiting for some resurrection to begin.
I watch others pass by— not noticing where you lay.
Not caring when lovers have been lost and friendships decay.
Oh love if you only knew— the sacrifices I’d go through—
I would give it all for the worth of just more sunrise with you.

(we’re going down) Down to the ground
(no tortured sound) we’re going down
(we’re going down) Awake to the sound
(Open your eyes) Be my surprise.

And always I prayed for one more night
To keep one last breath in yours as we kissed.

Dark misty skies, everpresent shadows of these days without you.
When you said I’ll see you my dear—
I never thought it would be this long,.
When you said just for this moment, how this moment tarries on.
Oh love they have fleeted (these moments)
Like birds scattered to the skies.
And how they soar as I look above— all I have to feel, to hold again.

And here I stand at your door waiting for just one small knock.
Only the flowers open themselves to my tears;
How long will this stone inscribe your name and my fears.

5. Eden's Winter

What did this life do to shut you down?
What has happen to lock that inner door?
I know when you’re happy, but you don’t glow anymore.
Did somebody bruise you?
The mark still shows. Or is it a scar self imposed?

Let your defense fall precious one.
Open your heart to me.
Let some cobwebs be shaken and stirred.
Open yourself to me.

Why are you so scared?
What have you to lose?
Will it hurt so much to choose these feelings,
To peel back the flesh and be exposed?
Happiness, tears of joy and sadness, where has your passion gone?
When you eyes were aflame with desire— for living?
Have you given up, walked away, said goodbye, because everything will die—
Turn to dust like you and I?

Afraid of paradise–
One step in Eden and it’s gone.
Yes I know it’s easier. Sad you won’t fit in with those who feel passion
Down to the depths of their souls.
Those who are overcome cause they’re not afraid to lose control.
Why won’t you give it all—
Nothing held back, nothing reserved?
I wish I could help you fall to the depths of your soul.

6. Nightfall

Let it rain, let it all wash away;
These stains have stayed for far too long.
Let it rain, let it wash away the dirt and decay.
Let it fade, let it bleed; cleanse me from inequity.

And once again, I’ve given into the satyr in your eyes.
Again I’m seduced by the cherub in disguise.

Dance with Pan in the moonlight.
Oh yes, we’ll dance again in firelight.

7. Requiem Aeternum


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