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Made in Judecca

"Made in Judecca" (2002)

1. F.O.T (Fallacy of Truth)
2. Illussions of Hate
3. Screaming to the Dead - Knight Fuxx in Spirits
4. Death in Myself
5. Half Dead
6. Wardance
7. Half Dead (Music Video)

1. F.O.T (Fallacy of Truth)

Sorrowful emotion has come
While I was looking around to myself
My body was whiteness
Cause my failed think
Moving my mind to my one's spirits
But there is completed
Another two faces in my mind

Pray for what?
Why you craving your blinded buried dream
The further is out of my mind
Don't think, don't asking, don't go anywhere
Step by step, throw up gloomy blood
On the creeping slow close to me of yellow dead line
Perfect foolish think is filled with lies
Feeling searching found one by one
Turn, move, I prediction that time to time, pain to pain
promise to my next life

Seeing hate near red line orgasm of lasting
only a pleasant of mine
pestened is again to again
My sensory neuron, my heart, and my think
To wear out too unknown myself
Don't close to me..
I can't breathe cause afraid of you
Urge of your sight, trembled one's hand
My voiceless screaming
I want to go to side of edge
Don't take my soul...oh...

2. Illussions of Hate

What are you fucking saw?
Myself, my all is added to your hateful mind to me.
I also hate you, I want to tear into threads of you.
Here's story of cursed life/want to hear from me?
When you regret that the meaning of life/like an awfully
Where I come from/where I go to anywhere/what I doing anything
What is the finally
Pain of moment by moment/also rationality is fired
The cruel victims flame of a sieve
I hate of feeling myself and disgusted of myself

Can cringe when I cry/can going when I go to anywhere
Can't move all days and can't satisfied anything
Please stop the something to press me more and more/so scared
Must find the thing of scared goes to peace

Please take care of me/with my side/don't leave me alone
I can't to see the light, can't hear, can't touch anything

Please go with me/when I will be escape from here
Everything is alright/no problem where is here

Myself was destructed/even thinking of monopoly
Unperfect of me/disgusted of me/irksome of me
I just, I just want to armageddon.

3. Screaming to the Dead - Knight Fuxx in Spirits

4. Death in Myself

Stop explaining, I already know
You wanna kill me
It's hard to understand
The reason you charge me your guilt
The pleasure of moment is worth nothing
I wanna live my life

With awareness and thought
As you feeling, things that you want

Everything about myself is in your mind,
Just to remember me for the kill

It's cool enough until now
Death in myself, is on a process
May you could be annoy, me from now on
Different appearance, other nature

And totally different, of you are there
And I also try hard, to get there
Couldn't beyond my ability, wanna be free
To escape from the vain, and guilt I need something

I'm just stop here...

5. Half Dead

Just kill me if you can't be responsible for me,
That's the only way to
Blameful incompetence...? Don't blame it on me,
It's sucking mistake.

Falling away from me, betrays on me, plunder from my mind,
Oh God! Please help me! Oh God!
Please kill me, Oh God! Crush my brain...
There's nothing left for me, except endless self torment (torture)
Here I am for the destruction
They drives me insane, no one can't escape from it
Free enter, never exit.

Now I can see everything, uh...? Do you feel it...?
Can you got it? Time for breath.
Come with me, come with me...come with me...go to hell...

6. Wardance

There is unleft from now on
There is nomore anywhere
Be respectfully, be reverence, by sacrifice
My power and enjoyful sensation is rooted by you
Don't turn around
Go to walk to walk until my command
Already trash supply has used for me in your around
As much, I'm compatible, so much enjoyed
Clueless thing of you has made value thing is my great work of art

Asking is useless, you must only obey and follow
Remorse is exclusive of weakness thing
My pleasure is from your pain
Sacrifice and extinction
My all hate and disillusion is based on you

Feel the vicious pain through my body and grudge?
Don't begging by the name of remorse
Foolish an act as you look like a donkey
You was wanted dream is come true
But you is never same yesterday

The cell- mass full of arrogant and cunning is sunset
Finally truth is arise
You feel cunning and see the cruelty this world?
Let see the hunger on your sight
Human afterimage of pay bride for the moment of glee...

7. Half Dead (Music Video)


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