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A Madrigal Of Sorrow

"A Madrigal Of Sorrow" (2004)

1. A Madrigal of Sorrow
2. Caress
3. In Dusk
4. Soothing Memories
5. Lost Why
6. Intimate Abyssal
7. Weepy Drop
8. Un Quelqu’un Solitaire
9. Bitter Taste
10. Pain Poisons Soul
11. Blinding Sun

1. A Madrigal of Sorrow

Nothing is like the pain going with you...
Vanishing the breeze
Licking the wind...

He asked you to be sad
To be beautiful
Bring some tears along with the past
I like you crying
And most when your wipe
Carries a cloud, dense and tortured love

Oh, dear, my queen, Madrigal of sorrow
Share me all your sins
Oh, dear, my queen, Madrigal of sorrow
Bring them down

As we both know
Your darkened heart only sings verses
Of a lonely and damned poet
Verses of laments, spleen,
Beauty in rudeness
Verses received from flowers
Fleurs du Mal

2. Caress

3. In Dusk

Falling for you
My anger has gone
And dusk has come
Your wishes became my saddest theory

Why closing your eyes... going away?
I may never know
But sure I am
That into this I feel

Night tears embrace your cold and white body
Pale hours will never leave

My being is drenched in dusk
While my soul feels its deepest loss
But let death holds me away
I meet you once again

My anger for its decision is quiet now
There is nothing I can do
But let death holds me away
I meet you once again

4. Soothing Memories

Pain soothes tears
And disposes love into tragedy
Nothing that comes before
Shows such alacrity
Not even the touch of your velvet skin

I feel confused
Distressed in nostalgia and jest
All that matters is pleasure and odium
Feigned into vanity and loss

Amuse me, dear suffering
Free me from cold remembrances
that take me to her
Hold my hand once more,
embrace me with your feathers

Bring me the theory of all sorrows
One more kiss, then I go...

"All that is solid melts into air
Even memories"
(Karl Marx)

5. Lost Why

Through her eyes
I could see her deepest thoughts on me
Her dreams and wishes seem so close
Like the ones I've got, too

Why is she hassling me?
What isn't right between us?
Is it me or is it her?
I guess it's too soon to say

Everything started sometime ago
When we went out to smoke
We started to talk about things
Maybe we never knew each other before

Why is she hassling me?
What isn't right between us?
Is it me or is it her?
I guess it's too soon to say

And then when everything
Seemed to take away
Come out the problems
And we started to talk
Less and less, until none
Until none we talked away
Less and less gathered the sand

6. Intimate Abyssal

7. Weepy Drop

Ask yourself
What is the taste of an injured heart's weepy drop?
What fear corrupts the soul?
And caresses senses?

Brighter than you, lip's blood
Is the veil that covers my lucidity
Illusions you desire
Do not hide
The foolishness in your eyes

Loneliness heals all sorrows
Chromium Poison comforts disgrace
It knows not to be charming nor wicked
Only unveils cruelty in love

I look emptiness around me
Lights are cold
And have no one to console me
I put myself into a lifeless garden
No flowers, no autumn

I listen to emptiness, I feel the garden

Pale and serene
I suffer your absence
I get lost into memories of gone days
The longing stagnated in poems...
Like a bitter remembrance danced
Under the moon.

8. Un Quelqu’un Solitaire

Your eyes spy the pale night
Uncommon shapes dance, naked, under the moonlight
Your perfume's smell numbs senses
Opening scarves of a lost heart

and desillusion...
What is the meaning of innocence?
Sometimes sincerity is our great weakness,
An infidel loneliness companion

An hostile weeping supresses the flaming sky
Whisper, innocently, love and greed words
Empty thoughts unveil our desires,
Confess the fear pain announces

The last candle gently agonizes
Gentle and serene
Exhaling a sweet orchid aroma
Moving the sadness that burns
In your breast away
Letting alive remembrances traces behind

9. Bitter Taste

Her absence made me see
All the weakness that I carry inside
It give me a bitter taste
Of what is continue with the tide

Words are said
Thoughts are spelled
Forward the noble end
The purity of seeing no one there

Is the tranquillity I found to be
Nobody is around me, just a
Noir and sweet sensation of relieve

"But why should I for other groan
When no one will sigh for me?"
(Childe Harold)
That is because you lay
What I am on you

10. Pain Poisons Soul

Pain poisons soul
Dissimulating effectiveness in shame
hatred goes through my pride
Blinding my love and respect

Rancour burns dying tears on my face
I am lost in unthankful and suffering memories
Remembrances I still have
Bring me only sadness and betrayal feelings

Once again I'm alone

I have despise raging my soul
Leaving memories and tragedy
All we said to each other was meaningless
Only pale words made of empty promises

Once again happiness becomes loss
I'm sick and tired of being the victim
I do not want to be maculated by your fault

11. Blinding Sun


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