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Symphonies Of Ancient Empires

"Symphonies Of Ancient Empires" (2002)

1. Damned empire symphony
2. Infected inside
3. Faceless
4. Absurdity
5. Infermezzo
6. Sacrilegious obsession
7. Gallery of shadows
8. Apocalypse

1. Damned empire symphony

seen it slighty odd
That the world we live in
Would to have its course
Rising to the top of existence

Our darken brains
Lust for a domination
Perceive mere illusion
And the reality disappears

Ancient myths
Of eternal civilizations
It is a worthless memory
Of venerable fortune tellers

An indivertible end
Not with a highter power
From our indifferent souls
Vegetating from day to day

There are a lot of unknown secrecies
Uncover of many
Remains only on us

The time will come
Majestic silence
Thunderstorm discontinues it only
Remind of a
Long ago civilization
A moss overgrown stone graves

2. Infected inside

Awaking of dream
In cramp and pain
Alone and desolate
In strange place

The heat perhaps burn my eyes
Whipping by tempest unmercifully
Feeble members steady bound
Paralysed body in the sign of infirnity

Cruel punishment to disobedience ones
Who created the lawns into their own picture
Screaming of beats killing me inside
They calling the death

My internals laying down beside my legs
Hidden in dust and blood

Poisoned thorns growing through my brain
My body and soul given to them for a vain
Without fight

3. Faceless

There is hidden mystery
In the cave of cold
No one of us
Can guess that we will get
Slaves of our ancestors
Which lost their faces
For ever

For a long centuries
They were hidden here
Waiting for the longed-for day
All eager here
Like a ravenous beasts
We are only a defenseless victims

Faceless in cape
Stealing our strenght
We are slowly get weak
They will drain our power
In sleep
You are awaking
Near to be death

This dead bodies
Live only of us
Will stay here
The bones in pales
From dust to dust
You can defense
But nothing to change

4. Absurdity

Day by day
You kneel down as today

Now humblier!

The enemy from shade of past
Changed ghastly dream
Into the reality

Tears of fright
On pallid face
A crucifix
In vibrant hands

Spasmodic prayers
For divine rescue
Without responce

Mind return to past
But time is fast
So fast

5. Infermezzo

6. Sacrilegious obsession

Pallid face
Looks to dirty mirror
With a hoary frame
View get she angry
Her beauty slowly decay

Frantic shouts
Which no one hear
Deep in underground
Damned by her master
Frustrated human life
For awful nobility
With no mercy

Virgin in vesture
Reflexioned the candlelight
Reach hand for embrace
But from the chest
The insidious knifes
Rise forward

In the dark passage
Lead to the scaffold
Aproach the light
It is not the saviour
But coming devil
In the womans body
To destroy all beauty
And in perverse minds
Satisfy the lust for eternity

7. Gallery of shadows

To know answer the guestions
The future in the next flash
My mind would get of
The hopeless feelings
The fear of an eternal solitude
Between the grey shadows

Knowledge of unknown
Brings the souls pain
I am bleeding from thrusts
And dying…

My heart is jailed in the temple of grief

I want to leave and shout..

That voice would to wrest
From the all interior
But the silence knock me again
On the ground
I can´t rise ..i´m lost

But over my infirmity
Strating to feel the light
From somewhere comes the shine
Is this the answer I´m looking for

8. Apocalypse


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