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Sacrilegious Obsession

"Sacrilegious Obsession" (2001 Demo)

1. Triumph
2. Faceless
3. Infected inside
4. Obsession
5. Evil alive
6. As I die

1. Triumph

2. Faceless

There’s a hidden mystery
in the cave of cold
no one of us
can guess that we’ll get
slaves of our ancestors
which lost their faces
for ever

For a long centuries
they were hidden here
waiting for the longed-for day
all eager here
like a ravenous beasts
We’re only defenseless victims

Faceless in cape
stealing our strength
We’re slowly get weak
They’ll drain our power
in sleep
You’re awaking
near to be death!

This dead bodies
Live only of us
will stay here
the bones in piles
from dust to dust
you can defense
but nothing to change

3. Infected inside

Awaking of dream
in cramp and pain
alone and desolate
in strange place
somewhere in oblivion

The heat perhaps burns my eyes
whipping by tempest unmercifully
feeble members steady bound
paralysed body in the sign of infirmity

Cruel punishment to disobedience ones
who created the laws into their own picture
screaming of beasts killing me inside
they calling the death

My internals lying down beside my legs
hidden in dust and blood

Poisoned thorns growing through my brain
my body and soul given to them for a vain
without fight...

4. Obsession

Pallid face
looks to dirty mirror
with a hoary frame
view gets she angry
her beauty slowly decay

Frantic shouts
which no one hear
deep in underground
damned by their master
frustrated human life
for awful nobility
with no mercy

Virgin in vesture
reflexioned the candlelight
reach hand for embrace
but from the chest
the insidious knifes
rise forward

In the dark passage
lead to the scaffold
approach the light
It’s not the saviour
but coming devil
in the woman’s body
to destroy all beauty
and in perverse minds
satisfy the lust for eternity

5. Evil alive

That’s a man breeding an evil of the land
his lust - make a suffer to each others
a dirty soul had to belong to the hell
a long ago
...however, he’s still alive!

His fuckin´God don’t commit to parish him - Monstrosity
threnodies of dead pull him on (and on)
loosing his consciousness
the soul is empty
now came the kill it inside!

Mind is confused
avert the face
strength is taking away
the blood on the hands comes from his wounds
he became a self-victim
...plaintively asks

Beseech for excuse of his sins
in the ears sounds thousands of voices
only a death is the deliveration


6. As I die


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