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Within the Prophecy

"Within the Prophecy" (1987)

1. Sight Of The Wise
2. The Captive
3. Winds Of Vengeance
4. Spirit Cry
5. Flight Of The Nazgul
6. The Fear Within
7. Search Eternal

1. Sight Of The Wise

World in madness, doors shut tight
Blind oppression keeping out the light
Power twisted, throughout years of misuse
Seeds of our feeedom waiting to take root
Buildings grey, as architects minds
Laughing children left far behind
Fields now gone, room only for schools
Learning is none with books mere rules
People in lines afraid to step out
Whisper of tongues, too tied to shout
Ticket to death, reaper at the wheel
Never to stop until we learn how to feel
World in madness, doors broken down
Sight of the wise throwing light all around
Power gives way to freedom of choice
Bound hands freed with mind and voice

2. The Captive

Down the spiral staircase into darkness beyond
an endless web of hopelessness, a forlorn and lonely song
The vultures silent eyeing, for the first meal of the day
The mad ones tortured eyes from insanity never stray
In the dark recesses of the pit, walls are damp and cold
Prisoner stares deranged with fears both new and old
Brain has but one use now, to torment the captives mind
Body void of use now, it is like a vision to the blind

The soul if freed could flee the pit, and walk above the pain
And once again delight in warm sun and cooling rain
Reality away now, smile glances on sad lips
whilst glimpsing at the world before returning to the pit

3. Winds Of Vengeance

Deep in the abyss, for years entombed they have lain
Long through the timeless mists, they are like the ghosts of the slain
Engulfed by darkness, they have awaited to rise
above all is their laughter, as the world weeps and dies
Through chance after chance, more mistakes are made
Dormant in the wilderness, on our minds they have preyed
Now the cry from the darklands, burns down deep in our souls
Spirits crying for sanctuary as their evil takes hold

At the hour of the dawn, they eclipsed the sun
from a blackened sky, now both man and beast run
from their shadow no shelter from their anger no peace
From the heavens no mercy, on destruction they feast

Now the land that is left, it is polluted and drained
Trees bear no fruit now, the soil it yields no grain
With the beat of great wings, the wind it rages the earth
Now all evil is cleansed as we await the rebirth

4. Spirit Cry

World is spinning, down into decay
Light slowly fading, purple through to grey
Mother crying raindrops, sweet tears
The final judgement, we realize our fears
Children are crying, unborn babies scream
The nightmare we made, has finished off our dream
Oceans are calling, fertile lands now drown
Sun getting nearer, earth scorched black/brown

Smoke rising around us, senses searching for the light
We're loving each other, but now it's too late
Fire blinds our eyes, heat burns our minds
Singing the final song, that man has written for mankind

5. Flight Of The Nazgul

Why is life so precious, when living is but shreds
of joy and pain, of loss and gain, of torment and resent
Hanging on a cliff edge, we are clawing for a hold
The weak are pushed, the strong held back, the quiet cowed by the bold
More rain than sunshine, the warm outdoes the cold
Safety in numbers, but now we're all alone
I'm stretching out my arms now, I'm yearning for your love
Mist is all around us now, dark shadows fly above.

The cold can kill you, your body keeps me warm
We survey the view now, in the cold light of the dawn
Out on the cliff edge. moss clings so easily
But now it's not so easy for the likes of you and me

6. The Fear Within

Thought, closes his mind, fear down deep within
Cold, hands of terror, time, now it begins
Tearing inside, as alive, but entombed

Hands, grasping his throat, choking, starting to drown
Screams, no-one can hear, reality, he's all alone

Tearing inside, as alive, but entombed

Breaking free from the grip, fear, annuled by the light
Usurper, now is denied, his eyes, it is only a respite

7. Search Eternal

Brighter than the golden, warmer than the sun
Lost in depths black murkey, as the warriors spirit gone
The eagle flies with sight so keen, the jewel it hopes to see
That is lost and can't be found, search for eternity
Old and wise the guru's pace long held solemnity
The preachers prayers are on deaf ears, myth or reality?
A crying child, no hope to calm, now vain all efforts be
That is lost and can't be found, search for eternity

Crowding every corner, with the prizes of knowledge
Creating lonely wastes, with empty ignorance
Filling time with reason, dismissing wonder endlessly
That is lost and can't be found, search for eternity

The sonata of the whale, music for the sailors dance
Hunter and the hunted, whose paths are crossed by chance
Lovers cries in ecstacy, as one they hope to be
that is lost and can't be found, search for eternity

Me the hightest peaks must see, deepest waters they have drowned
Four corners of the earth, forever to go round
The empty void, so deep inside, our pain for all to see
That is lost and can't be found, search for eternity


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