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Turn Back Trilobite

"Turn Back Trilobite" (1989)

1. Father Time (Beneath the Gaze)
2. Silent Dark
3. Soul Search
4. Awaken (Suryanamaskar)
5. Key To Nirvana
6. Into The Sea Of Tranquility (Parts 1 - 3)
7. Equinox

1. Father Time (Beneath the Gaze)

No less than men yes they were strong,
Determined they traveled on.
Tho' the land against them was
Evil 'midst each step they trod.
Deep into the twisted vine
Branches gnarled by father time.
Against a man whose spirit swayed
From the light to darkest ways.
Time they took to rest awhile
In a place where freedom ran wild.
Life's golden gift was tarnished not
Man's greed and waste here they forgot.

The final climb
To meet whose enemy?
The battle bringing
Death's distorted tragedy.
Now we seek into
This foes dark eyes.
Who was this man?
They sought out to fight.

Battle it was long, for no it never ends
Inside all our souls, spirits that he bends.
Mixing his dark spells, to waver our weak minds
Looks into our faces, blackside of mankind.

2. Silent Dark

So when I close my eyes
I see the walls close in
And when the sunlight fades
That's when my pain begins
You take me further down
Into my own black hell
See all the strangers there
I thought I knew so well
Amongst the crowd, I'm alone with me
Amongst the crowd, I'm alone you see

Standing alone, in this a crowded room
Not thought the end would come so soon.
I can't explain that within you see
Such terror, these fears have brought to me.
This crime I'd not wish to commit
With those who fought and lost to it.
You seek confusion, but I not mine
I see not your laughter, my eyes now blind.

Amongst the crowd, I'm alone with me
Amongst the crowd, we're alone you see

You say I have no reason
For this my sense of loss.
You cry your tears of ignorance
Your laughter wisdom it is not.
I envy so your strength
For I know mine is none.
I touched the cold black dark
So now I seek the sun.

3. Soul Search

The bleak rock face above us stands.
In the dusk it knows no fear.
The dark that seeps into our lives
Would penetrate not here.
Three score and ten this crooked stair
A mountain climb, till our sure death.
As climber who 'neath the chasm lies
Life for us, traps it does set.
Why always do I seem to have
This gun against my head?
It gets so very close sometimes
That I can almost taste its lead.
This love is far too strong now
See me crying blood instead of tears.
We've danced upon this battlefield
For far too many years.

Amongst this ordered chaos, I need to feel your love so deep.
Filling me with life's sweet music, inside pain can be sweet.
This star to touch is ours alone, one that can be true.
Given by our mother earth, a gift to me and you.

4. Awaken (Suryanamaskar)

Seen the writing on the wall
Now I'm stronger than before.
All the love you gave to me
You take my pain and set me free.
The sun and moon, the dark defeats
My love is strong, sorrow retreats.
The sun and moon, sweet fantasy
My love is strong, now you let me be.

You came to me when I was poor
Gave me riches sweet and pure.
Touched my soul and gave me peace
In your warmth life's new release.

All the wealth that man has sold
Cannot touch love that's pure gold.
All the winters that war brings
Could, through love, be forever spring.

5. Key To Nirvana

Today the jackal left me
His grip is now released.
Freed from the cage
Where I pawed for the key.
The bars are through my heart
And lock is through my soul.
My mind was torn to shreds
As I sought to see.
As I stand at the door
The night is now far behind.
I shake with fear at the thought of its grasp.
The cold it touches me like its fingers of death.
It's now my own mind that stands in my path.

When tomorrow I'm strong
And my spirit is regained.
I will laugh
In its face
As it did in my mind.
But now before me lies,
My final task
To make use
Of this key
That now lies in my mind

6. Into The Sea Of Tranquility (Parts 1 - 3)

And so between, these empty walls
So many tears, and closing doors.
The lines rehearsed, and rules laid down,
And yet we falter upon this ground.
So many cannot find the path
Why not? On this, such a beaten track.
The rain falls down, on shattered window pane.
The lies laid bare still not the answer plain.
Like pebbles worn by the sea so smooth
What does the proof, now really prove.
The point behind forever�s race
And that which gone now on lonely's face.
The smiles of those who have learned the truth
Whose lives now end, they travel soon.

Onto a place where thought is freed
In time and space, our minds may breathe.
Without the chains and bribes of hate
Our souls may fly without restraint.

If I come to you in pieces
If I arrive before my time.
Well, I pray that you'll still take me.
Take me into your endless rhyme.
If I come for there is no one
And there is no where else to go.
Well, I pray it's not the void
Into my lonely soul you'll throw.

And now into the darkness
And yet at last to see.
After the storm the dawn may leave
Our answer there to be.
Like shroud now wrapped about us
As mist on morning peak,
Our weary journey ended
Rising to final peace.
In the sea of tranquility, as begun we end.
In the sea of tranquility, tired souls, love will mend.

7. Equinox

The tide will turn as comes the day with sun.
The weak no more to fear the tyrants gun.
As phoenix rises from his charred burnt pain.
The carrion flight above this blood soaked plain.
The blind who see no fear in dark.
Shout to the deaf who ne'er did hark.
You'd give to us your stolen prize
No more we'll hear your twisted lies.
Too near the edge
We dare not look down.
See a tired mind
Come crashing to the ground.
Behind the mask
I see the naked flesh
The wounds are deep
And jagged as in death.
The river runs on down into the sea
This cleft so cruel that now is carved thru' me.

Look into my eyes, tell me what do you see?
Can you ever tell, what's inside of me?

We changed so much
Yet we really changed not at all.
They always said that pride
Would come before this fall.
We cannot give you what we do not possess.
Only the truth now, it's time for nothing less.


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