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Behind the Realms of Madness

"Behind the Realms of Madness" (1985)

1. Life Line
2. Shadow From Mordor
3. At Death's Door
4. A Violation Of Something Sacred
5. The Closing Irony
6. Out Of Sight Out Of Mind

1. Life Line

Through innocent minds the knife glides in
Cutting the lifeline to sanity
Replacing lives with possessions and greed
Like blind children we search frantically
Our hands claw the air for peace and light
But we're offered just blackness and rage

A new life screams as it takes its first breath
Soon trapped in its ready-made cage
Its hands claw the air for peace and light
Yet it's offered just blackness and rage

Through innocent flesh the knife glides in
Cutting the life-line with ease
Replacing life with the foul stench of death
On the fresh blood they now start to feed
They've taken the earth as they now take the life
Cold concrete replaces warm soil
We sit in the corners, minds twisted with fear
For a world we shall soon see no more

2. Shadow From Mordor

Like the shadow from Mordor, creeping slowly forward
Unleashed from it's sanctuary by the devil in man
The world thrown into torment by their uncaring greed
We stare into the face of death screaming to be freed
Their control is complete, we the voiceless have none
Beaten into defeat by the arm of the strong
Now the shadow gets darker for they've stolen the sun
And the sale of our earth has already begun

Like Durin's Bane, rising up from the deep
There is evil at work while the people do sleep
As they plunder the earth, still we sit back and watch
Their wrath consumes all that would stand in their path

3. At Death's Door

The new day is dawning they start counting the dead
The hard swollen bellies of the children not fed
Their land dry and parched still they pray for the rain
The massacre continues yet again and again
Year after year the lands ring death's bell
The children blind's eyes have a sad tale to tell
Their limbs bent and twisted, their minds hold no spark
Their crying in vain for no light breaks the dark

The land holds the hammer but mankind deals the blow
Economics and profit before compassion we show
Our excesses waste as the wealthy grow fat
Rather than give to the needy they'll let the food rot

At death's door they stand, only suffering they know

4. A Violation Of Something Sacred

With blatant deception they rape the fields of life
With brutal destruction enforcing hatred and strife
They take beauty in their hands yet put back only pain
Their bigotry and greed has always been the same
With blind acceptance we swallow all their lies
Engulfed by their hatred we learn only to despise
They have nothing in their arrogance, their narrow-minded stance
But they won't open up their eyes to even give it just a chance

5. The Closing Irony

On the brink of destruction the world trembles in fear
The madman is screaming, a crumpled corpse lying near
The people are fighting for what's left of the mess
Their minds blown to fragments now blend with the dust
The corpses are moving, hungry maggots give life
The brave men of the world have now fought their last fight
A mother's last scream as in death she brings life
An heir to the world that now whimpers and dies

The child is slaughtered as it leaves the womb
Fighting for air in this festering tomb

6. Out Of Sight Out Of Mind

Such a sorrowful scene, this sight for sore eyes
Emaciated bodies, another child dies
A sad symbol of the brotherhood of man
Out of sight out of mind in a faraway land
Begging for a morsel, bowl in hand
While the rich men talk of relief plans
Drawing up agreements of who gets what
But the bowl stays empty and the corpses rot

Such a sorrowful scene, a sight for sore eyes
The weapons pile up, the whole country dies
A sad symbol of the hatred of man
Out of sight out of mind in our own land

Begging for sanity, let reason prevail
The wise men talk, the efforts all fail
They make new agreements of who's got what
The stockpiles get higher the child is forgot


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