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The Ritual

"The Ritual" (1985)

1. Teaser
2. Ritual
3. Headfirst
4. 1812: The Battle
5. Witch's Fury (Live)
6. Executioner (Live)
7. Second Row (Live)
8. Revelation (Live)

1. Teaser

She's got a lot on her mind, she's not wastin' time, she knows what she's gotta have
Well, I can feel the fire in her desire, she knows I'm her kind of man
So look out, baby, 'cause here we go, there ain't no turnin' back
I got a one-way ticket to paradise, oh, you know it ain't that bad

Teaser! I just can't please her
Teaser! Watch her tease and get on your knees
Teaser! I just can't please her

I'm talkin' my way down to the 'prize', she's diggin' it all the way
I'm gettin' real close, 'Baby, you're the most' is what she had to say
'Well maybe next time you'll get some more than what you got tonight'
I said, 'Come on, darlin', you mean that's it? Baby, no, that just ain't right!'

I'm makin' my move, lookin' for the groove, and I'm waitin' for the call
On the side, she glanced at my pride and said, 'Baby that's just too small'
I said, 'Look here, bitch, I'm here to rock, don't wanna take no shit'
She said,'If that's the way you want it, then that's all you're gonna get'

2. Ritual

Far beyond the edge of sight, in a deep and distant land
Lies the dark and misty road that takes the shadow of a man
He stumbles on a band of savage sinners, pagan fools!
Worshipping the carcasses and carrion left by you

Have you seen their eyes?
Have you heard their cry?
Have you seen the pain
That brings them down again?

With pig's blood and with poison, they prepare the evil Rite
With dignity, they march their sacrifice into the night
A maid, no more than twelve years old, will soon be with the Man
Free the virgin chained to stone, and you will win her hand

Born within the young, and then it spread throughout the old
A demon wrecked their bodies, stole their minds, possessed their souls
Writhing, bleeding madman, spitting screaming, bloody fright!
One by one they fell and disappeared into the night

3. Headfirst

The night has come, we're heading for the door
The rush is big, gets down to the core
Headfirst tonight is all that's on my mind
I need it now, don't waste no time

One thing's for sure / There ain't no cure
One thing I know / I can't wait for the start of the show

Headfirst into lovin'
That's when push comes to shovin'
Headfirst into lovin'
Headfirst into...

You got the fire to make the night go on
I've got desire to have some fun
You're lookin' hot (yeah!) We need some time alone
I call the shots, sucked dry to the bone

C'mon, baby, give me your love
And I'll take you higher
Don't mess with me, I need you to please
My desire
Oh, got me goin'

4. 1812: The Battle

Oh, tell all the boys / The battle calls us tonight
Oh, with fear in their eyes / Their leaders have poisoned their sight

With guns in their hands, and swords at their sides
They kill with such utter delight
Night has fallen, and blood has spilled
The battle, it calls us tonight

Oh, children are dying
Your dreams and their dreams are gone
Oh, with fear in their eyes
The leaders have poisoned the pawns

5. Witch's Fury (Live)

The King! We found him dead last night, no heir to win his throne
The Queen is still a virgin, she's lying there alone
The King is dead; long live the King, but who will be the one?
The monarch will be chosen between the parted sons

And daughters of the evil witch, who lies beyond the sun
She's watching you, she's watching, can you see the damage done?

Brothers take the battlefield and turn to face the foe
Bad men scream their battle cry where good men never go
The knight in black, the knight in white, will never see the day
The dead men on the battlefield can't hear the voices say

The wicked minds that lie before you can't show you the way
The evil witch is fading, melting, cast her soul away!

6. Executioner (Live)

My head's to the stone / The executioner's coming
My sins stand alone / Soon my blood will be running
Save my soul / From the path that awaits me
His blade will crack the stone / And darkness will wake me

Fight the dead / Or tomorrow they'll take you
Away to the hills / Where they laugh as they break you
Live in sin / And play with the damned
You'll fight with the beast, and eat at the feast, before you become a man

Shed the tears / Of the Angels who want you
Taste the fears / Of the devils who haunt you
Rape the dead / Make love to the living
They'll take all you have / Until you stop giving

Many times, the sound of the dead
Has rung through the hills, still rings through my head
Dry your eyes of the tears you're creating
Say goodbye, the hangman is waiting

Feel the end, ice to the bone
His task is done, the hangman goes home

7. Second Row (Live)

Come and delight at the show tonight, see the beautiful and the bizarre
The King and all of his men will be there to witness the death of the star
Jesters and jugglers and horses and riders parade through the field of Hell
Magicians and sorcerors chant and incant and will captivate you with their spell

As the shouting goes down, you can hear the faint sound of the ringleader giving his cry
'Bring out the sacrifice, place it up high on the altar of the sky'
The audience roars as they bring in the whores and the animals smile with joy
Open their cages, there's nothing to fear, they have only our souls to destroy

See the show / Second row
See the show / It's Rock-n-Roll

Witches and demons will gather together to sing you their own special song
The evils of all the world will be there, so won't you all come, sing along
They'll charm you and tempt you and ravish you, and give you anything that you desire
They're plotting to capture the world by the balls, and cast your soul into the fire

As the curtain goes down and the beggar is crowned, and the fireworks blast through the sky
And the spirits of lovers and ladies and lords celebrate as the virgins cry
And all the King's horses and all the Kings men travel home to their castles of sand
And the circus of Hell packs it's bags and moves on to enchant and entrance other lands

8. Revelation (Live)

Iron clouds of thunder, roaring 'cross the sky
Speeding to the war-scene, many about to die
Radiation warheads ready to destroy
Like fire-breathing dragons, making all life void

This is the ending of the earth!
Revelation is at birth!
Man has fallen into black!
They warned us about this death attack!

Approaching from the darkness, to mankinds surprise
Missiles launched in fury, claiming all our lives
Fire and death surrounds us, falling from the sky
There is no use in hiding, we are doomed to die


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