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Sacred Rite

"Sacred Rite" (1984)

1. Wings of Pegasus
2. Angels Never Die
3. White Boy
4. The Blade
5. Executioner
6. R.I.P.
7. Revelation

1. Wings of Pegasus

We summon you into the night, can you hear the sound?
We've crossed the force of darkness, and drove them to the ground
Every day they turn deaf ears to what we try to say
One day they'll learn the truth, and then they'll have to pay

Like the sword of the warrior, we'll destroy the demons in the end
Like the wings of Pegasus, we'll fly to Hell and back again

We raped the sorceress and left her there to die
Burning down the devil's temple, hear his children cry
We cured the leper and he told us when he said
'Sing the songs of soldiers as you wander through the dead'

We found him crouching in the halls of darkness
Screaming madman, worshiping the dead
Praying for the night to send him swiftly to his grave
Recieving only damnation instead

2. Angels Never Die

From down beneath the fire / Came demons, riding high
Set forth with hate and vengance / Telling all, 'Prepare to die'

Angels taste ambrosia / Angels never lie
Angels live forever / Angels never die

With wings and eyes of fire / Destruction in their minds
Set forth to fight the heavens / 'Till death destroys their kind

Angels taste ambrosia / Angels never lie
Angels live forever / Angels never die
And if you ask me how the world survived that day
I'll tell you, 'I don't know, my world has passed away'

3. White Boy

I was walking down the street, when a lady caught my eye
As I walked right by her, she said, 'Ooooh, my, oh my!'
'If you step this way, boy, I'll give it to you free'
I said, 'I'll think about it', and you know what she said to me?

'I need a little white boy
'And I feel that you're the type, boy
'I need a little white boy
'And you sure are lookin' right, boy'

I said, 'Now wait a minute, you're comin' on too strong
'I got a feelin' you're a lady of the night, but you know I could be wrong'
She said, 'Awe, come on, son, you got to learn how to relax
'And even if I was one, wouldn't charge you any tax!'

I woke up the next morning, and I knew that I'd gone wrong
I had to find a way to warn you, that's why I wrote this song
If you ever come across a lady who's givin' up for free
I advise you to stay away, 'cause she's got some kind of disease

4. The Blade

Pushing land behind us as we march to break the dome
A million years will bring us miles closer to their homes
Remnants of forgotten lands remind us of our goal
The lives of all the people are now tales we'll never know
What's left of them are mutants, warped and twisted form the mold
Hiding underground, protected from the firey cold
Swallowed by the landscape, lost a hundred times
Could it be that God is seeking payment for our crimes

Raping anger drives us, vengance unfulfilled to this day
A day or two will have us there to execute our plan
Then they all will learn the blade is quicker than the hand

I can see on the horizon as we march across the land
A gleaming dome of iron, miles larger than we'd planned
Burning down the city to a ton of molten lead
We'll blast away the living, and we'll persecute the dead.

Taking the road that will lead to destructing
The wall of the city, so death can be spread into
Madness, evil, wrong
Screaming for the dawn

All of the people who now live in peace with themselves
They forever will never forgive us for
What we have done
All their hopes are gone

Seizing the women and children and men
To be senselessly slaughtered again and again
Dead without a sound
No reason can be found

One day the gods will descend from the heavens
To stop all this killing and bring back the peace
That once was there
Spreading through the air

5. Executioner

My head's to the stone / The executioner's coming
My sins stand alone / Soon my blood will be running
Save my soul / From the path that awaits me
His blade will crack the stone / And darkness will wake me

Fight the dead / Or tomorrow they'll take you
Away to the hills / Where they laugh as they break you
Live in sin / And play with the damned
You'll fight with the beast, and eat at the feast, before you become a man

Shed the tears / Of the Angels who want you
Taste the fears / Of the devils who haunt you
Rape the dead / Make love to the living
They'll take all you have / Until you stop giving

Many times, the sound of the dead
Has rung through the hills, still rings through my head
Dry your eyes of the tears you're creating
Say goodbye, the hangman is waiting

Feel the end, ice to the bone
His task is done, the hangman goes home

6. R.I.P.

In the space of time before me / Lies the passage of the dead
I met a man, he tried to warn me / 'Close your eyes', is all he said
Following the man, I see the torture / A thousand victims lie in pain
Now I hear the voice of judgement / 'Throw them all into the flame!'

Who are you to murder the faithless? / Who are you to damn them all to Hell?
Do you know where they go when they leave you? / You'll pay the price for the souls that you sell

Are you the tyrant who cast them to the sea?
One day you'll be among the dead
And when they bury you beneath your enemy
Oh! Rest in peace

In the dark, they hide and tremble / Crying eyes that shake with fear
Fighting time, alone and frightened / And all at once, they disappear
Just a breath of life before them / stands the Man, the Mind, the Way
And with him go the chosen children / To their home so far away

One day you're a beggar, and the next day you're a King
But you'll never know the joy to hear your subjects when they sing
For you persecute and damn them 'till they curl up, there, and die
They call you Lucifer and you wonder why?

Total disintegration - Famine and disease
Ruthless domination - Bring them to their knees
Power to your people - Freedom to your slaves
Your torment and your evil have sent you to your grave

We find you guilty
What have you to say?
Take him away!

7. Revelation

Iron clouds of thunder, roaring 'cross the sky
Speeding to the war-scene, many about to die
Radiation warheads ready to destroy
Like fire-breathing dragons, making all life void

This is the ending of the earth!
Revelation is at birth!
Man has fallen into black!
They warned us about this death attack!

Approaching from the darkness, to mankinds surprise
Missiles launched in fury, claiming all our lives
Fire and death surrounds us, falling from the sky
There is no use in hiding, we are doomed to die


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