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Is Nothing Sacred

"Is Nothing Sacred" (1986)

1. Cold Hearted Girl
2. I've Seen the Wizard
3. I Will Survive
4. Take Me to the Kingdom
5. Ni4Ni
6. Eleanor Rigby (The Beatles cover)
7. The Last Rites
8. As It Was Told...

1. Cold Hearted Girl

You say you'll love me forever / You got my heart in your hands every day
You say "you've got to get it together / And make me part of your plans, take me away"
You say that you'll love me forever / But then you call it a day
You take my heart away
You're a woman of the world / You're a cold hearted girl
Dime-a-dozen, imitation, mother-of-pearl / Cold hearted girl

You say you've got no other / You tell me I'm your man every day
But you're a two-timin' lover / And now I gotta make plans, I gotta get away

2. I've Seen the Wizard

I have seen the Wizard, and he's told me of his plan
He wanders through the darkness, gathering the damned
He strips you of your soul and then he throws you in the fire
When he finds you, he will force you to make love with all the liars

I have seen the Wizard, I have seen the Man
I have seen his magic, catch them, if you can

I have seen the magic of his mountain in the sky
Lords and demons disappear there, right before your eyes
Lies are true, and truth? It lies! You wonder, what is true?
Confusion shreds your soul, now look what has become of you

I've seen the Man, he sits there, high above the clouds
He's crying for the loss of all his children in the crowd
He's praying for your soul, he'll love you 'till the end of time
Praising you, your glories - forgiving you, your crimes
Yes, He's an old Man / His hands are filled with time
Time and time / Time and time, we'll see the end

I have seen the fires of hell, I have seen the dead
I have seen the Wizard deny everything he's said
I have seen the gates of Zion, I have seen the Man
I have seen His people die, they never understand

3. I Will Survive

Evil-eyed woman, you're doing it again / The way you look and the way you feel could capture any man
Make your magic potion, baby, fill it to the brim / Like a fool for your emptiness, I'll fall for you again
It's not the first time that I've felt this way for you / So many times, I've been hurt before, I can't help feeling used

But I will survive / I'll come out alive
I've learned a lot since the last time, baby / Can't take no more lies
You can push, but you can't take my life
I'll get out like the other times / I will survive

Evil-eyed woman, I know what's on your mind / It's easy to see what you want from me, you'll probably get it if you try
There's a fire burnin' deep within your eyes / You're just usin' me to entertain, and to keep you satisfied
Will it ever matter that you're killin' me inside? / Will you ever realise that my heart is gonna die?

All I wanted / was to love you / All I needed / was to hold you

Evil-eyed woman, If you want me for a while, you've gotta change all your evil ways, you've gotta tell me with a smile
But I think I know you better than to expect a change in you
Maybe you'll fake it for a little while, but you'll end up being cruel
I know you'll leave me, it's just a matter of time / I was a fool to ever think you'd stay and to think that you were mine

4. Take Me to the Kingdom

You were a good man / You knew the way
Born of the one Man / King for the day

I know where you will go when we have seen the end
And I will follow you, my friend
Take me! To the Kingdom
Take me! Take me away
To the Kingdom

Goin' to Paradise / Today is the day
Say the Last Rites / Take me away!

5. Ni4Ni

6. Eleanor Rigby (The Beatles cover)

Eleanor Rigby picks up the rice in a church where a wedding has been
Lives in a dream
Waits by the window, wearing a face that she keeps in a jar by the door
Who is it for?

All the lonely people / Where do they all come from?
All the lonely people / Where do they all belong?

Father Mckenzie, writing the words to a sermon that no one will hear
No one comes near
Look at him working, darning his socks in the night while there's nobody there
What does he care?

Eleanor Rigby died in the church and was buried, along with her name
Nobody came
Father Mckenzie, wiping the dirt from his hands as he walks from the grave
No one was saved

7. The Last Rites

Shot down in cold blood / Cold blood in the rain
Bullets of anger, bullets of pain
Killed without reason / Waste without cause
Now is the season, the season of loss

Welcome the darkness / Welcome the night
Pray for your soul / Pray the Last Rites

Murdered for ransom of vengance and hate
Dreams to fulfill, but now it's too late
Sirens and madness / Confusion and fear
The past is forgotten, the future is clear...

There's a place, not far from here, where the dead sing out in fear
Take my hand, I'll lead the way / Hell has time for those who stray
Now it's time for you to know / 'Cause you've got nothing, not a reason left to show
Choose your path o'er yonder hill, you know the one
Live in darkness all your life / Never see the Son

Pray for your Last Rites

8. As It Was Told...

When the walls of the castle come down and the King is nowhere in sight
Take command of the soldiers and be their new leader for the rest of the night
The fortune is there, it's hidden in the dungeon, take what you find
Of the riches, and the knowledge, and the freedom, and leave the rest there, behind
As the battle for your kingdom rages on and on, watch your men as they die
And the slaughter of your people subsides, for there's no one left alive
When the smoke blows away and there's nothing left to say, the dead will arise
And assassinate their leader, who turned and ran away, for leaving them to die

In the palace, on the street, hidden in everyone you meet
Is a hatred or a love, fighting for the domination of the other's defeat
If the hatred wins, the people kill each other in despair
And the essence of the blood of the battle seeps out and fills the air
If the love wins, the hatred conquered, fleeing in exile
And the children run free, for everyone to see, they're pleased for a while
Everybody's sayin' that the way to get to heaven is to be a good boy, now
But the way to get to heaven is a path that's been faded since the day you were born


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