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Liar Flags

"Liar Flags" (2006)

1. When the Demons Ride
2. Liar Flags
3. Last Days of Aghrapur Pt.I: Ambush
4. Last Days of Aghrapur Pt.II: Lost Empire
5. Predecessor
6. To the Fallen Ones
7. Vs Myself
8. Nau
9. And a New Journey Begins

1. When the Demons Ride

To the farest town of the highset hill
I was led by the spell of misfortune witch
With a drunken crowd wounds from past were healed
But it´s not good to loose the control
... Under unconciousness...

World is coming down, far beyond the seas
Rulers never have enough to feed their greed
With a broken law they have free the beast
Our destiny will be hanging
By a thread when the demons ride

Stygia is my destiny
Stygia is you destiny

Heartless mercenaries
Your ambition knows no boundaries
Infidel defilers of the sacred graves
As the black clouds bring the storm in the wind
Their speech will drive us to misery
Don´t believe in their words spat from hell

A frozen poison made of rage was poured
Deep inside their soul
There is a dusk without its dawn prepared
For those who built their thrones
Over the martyr bones...

Don´t waste your life...
There is no crown which earns a life

Unhealing wounds have overflown their riverbeds
Fallen traditions have been humbled at the sight of the adepts
You have subjected whole empires to your will
But don´t forget that some species are never tamed...

You can spread my remains over the oceans
But you will meet with other threats...
You should realize that distressed wings beat stronger
In mighty raven´s flight

Fly again...

Blind crowds are waking up from your lies
Can´t you hear the shadows breaking up the silence?

Figures are riding
Before my eyes...
Can´t you feel their presence streaming in the cold wind?

From the farest town of the highset hill
I was sent by the spells of misfortune witch
I left empty words in a mountain but
Our destiny will be hanging
By a thread when the demons ride...

2. Liar Flags

Darker days are approaching the storm to us
Rain falls with a potency never seen
The good old days are vaniched in the mist of times
But the flame of ancient hordes is still alive
Conflicts are imminent
Be prepared for years of agony in a fearful dark...

We can´t allow dirty governments of tyranny
We must not accept states of impartiality

You have thought we are little more than slaves
But you know we will be only silenced in graves
I think it will be better to pray for us
Because the air is overloaded
With the scents of war
Our pagan roots will show the way...
Ancient writings very occasionally lie...

Turn a deaf ear to the liar flags

We´re dealed to their flags...
But too many flags...
Don´t fall with them...
In dark days because they have brought disgrace
Because they have brought dark days...

Who wrote your laws...?
Who break the chains...?
We have no options...
We must free our life of any servilities

Who wrote your laws...?
Who break the chains...?
We have no options...
We must free our life of any servile submissiveness

Dark desires in the moon, have taken control of my dazed soul...
We have been lost in the forest,
Until we have been captivated in its revealing bright...

Away, don´t turn your eyes away from truth... Away

Your mounth is plenty of rubbish
The chests of dirty stolen black old
We have been kneeling down in front of the throne
But the fallen masks uncovered a face that should never be shown

Through the clouded sky
A shinning light
Keep your aims in safe
Even when the dark days hurt...
Disguised but uncovered in time...?

Flags die when their sons deserted them
Gods falls down of their own temples
Every beginning has an ending...
And we have seen the fire on the face of your idols...

3. Last Days of Aghrapur Pt.I: Ambush

The flame is in the fire
The fire is in the sky
Thousand coming flaming arrows wisthel in the night
Dead bodies hide the landscape
Falling on my side
The smell of flesh makes drunk the senses
Don´t make we waste the time and...

Let me fight... I´ll never be surrendered, I swear
Rise me high... Take me to the glory, in fight...

The soldiers are surrounded
The bangman holds his rope...
Don´t be out of alignment
If you don´t want feed his wolves
The flame is in the fire
The fire is in my eyes
My eyes are burning, My head is turning
You know it´s fate to throw us back!

When the beams of the moon drank their shelter
It could be listened the counterattack shout
Gods were pleased with the scene of a few, against many...
A cry for help were the last words that many said
Before the sword stab its edge in their necks...
Keep back their troops
Don´t drop your guard
We have strengh enough to hurt them all down

I´ll never forgive
I can´t get memories out of my mind
Every promise you did in a past
Was a lance inside the dark

We´ve been living enclosed in the firing line

We´ll never defeat
Stronger feelings arise in our hearts
We´d prefer to die in these damned fields
To decay in captivity...
Sick of standing to behold the pain
Of oppresions which came with the "king of lies"
We can´t know what is, in store for us...
But you will be caught in your own traps...

We´ve been living enclosed in the firing line

Nine days until we were rearmed
Becoming closer to their hidden camp
Nine whole nights on their trail
Expecting any kind of dirty play

Nine days without repite
You know that many of us remained behind
Moonlight has been ou ally
We are going to defeat you under
The light of the Northern star

When the beams of the moon drank their shelter
It could be listened the counterattack shout
Gods were pleased with the scene of a few, against many...
A cry for help
Will make the punishment to fit your crimes
You´ll never bring us down...

4. Last Days of Aghrapur Pt.II: Lost Empire

Ashes in the emptiness...

It´s written in the forbidden scrolls...
That the jewel of the black sea should never be found
Confronted nations devastated for gold
Every beast displays an instinct and we learned to destroy...

More than two ages have slowly gone by
And the conquerors desire hasn´t been satisfied...
Another heads, the same stone...
Human being has been corroded by the same snake fangs!

5. Predecessor

We´re back
To times of fears and mistiries
I think I´m unable to understand...
The walls that fate has laid out for me...


Let me ask you the questions
Replace our frustrations
Your wisdom revelations
Will get us free of our convictions...

We have reached the last meridian
While we drifted against the streams
We have given up our existence
We may perish just for a dream...
Lost dreams...

Coming through the centuries
Spirits of great kings sent their legacies...
Standards were placed in the wrong hands
Stained by conspiracies
By force, they were suddenly stolen by force
Divested of the values that once made us
Feel proud of them...

Decisions have been already taken
Luck has been pushed by the same spectres
Time puts everyone straight
But the bird of ill omen is flying over our heads...

We have been...
For nothing...
We have been sold down the river...
Hungry wolves are devouring us
We can´t find no lights through these everlasting walls...

Decisions have been already taken...
Never mind if they were mistaken


Black marks are strongly impressed on my mind
We are gnawed by the uncertainties
But everything is beginning to make sense
With the colder wings...
... That brings the airs of truth...
... Perhaps the answers doesn´t like you...
Winds that full the airs with fumes
... Coming from our past remains
Winds that turn the sky as black as...

Black colours stained the standards we gave up in past
Now we have lost our identities
Now we are sons of a kingdom uncrowned
Reborn in the centuries...

6. To the Fallen Ones

Glory for those who let their fears in past
Having taken the enemies lands
Glory for those who will reach the stars of nightfall
To never come back...
So wait by the side of the almighty Crom...

Words in the wind, I can hear you, I can feel you in
Blowing the sea, to the mountains of Grief
Row to the mist, it is written in our destiny
Words in the wind, take your weapons and shields
Spirit of wind, I can find you as far I can see
Blowing the sea, take a swig of my drink!
Row to the mist, our brothers didn´t die in vain
Spirit of wind, I can hear their screams in my dreams...

From the other side of the Stygian lake
Songs of battles will pray in your name
At war...!

No mercy on your blade
Nor sign of a small benevolence
Never look back or future will clit your throat
Why we fought will be buried into the oblivion
Grant me at last
With the head of the traitor as the price of revenge

Grant me revenge!
Grant me revenge in the name of the proud of the fallen ones
under years of domain
Send me strenght through the air of the highest clouds
Don´t let ravens feed their young birds with my entrails...
Arisen from earth!
Alive in our chest!
A new time will come...
To meet the dead

Ice becomes red
As we move forward
The howls of pain
Will be the sound of reward

Many men will be lost in the blood
But much more were sent with no hope in their soul to the eternity...

Dream of vanity
I hope be worth
I won´t deceive you in this world...

I feel, be real, at last
Be free, as the ashes in wind...

Unfurl the sails
We´re going back home
Remember the life as a brezze from the north...
We have the breath
For whom we have fought
Allowing our ships to be drawn towards them...

7. Vs Myself

Nightmares between the heaven and the promised lands
I feel myself inmersed in bitterness
There is no rest for midnight travellers...
... In paths don´t led by a northern star...
When desecrations knock a broken hope
Adversities advise the slaves of hate
Lost, inmersed, imprisoned...
I´m fighting versus myself

Maybe the coming days take out the worst of us
Maybe we´re victims of a playing Gods...

Scales have turned the weight of blindness
Against the eyes that gaze at sun...
We have been burnt by its reflections...
In our depths we are slaves of hate
Lost, inmersed, imprisoned...
I´m fighting versus myself to (the) death...

The days when we were undefended are gone beyond recall
A fortress of rage has been built inside on my own remains
Reborn from the pain, I take on mistakes
With no regrets...

Intrudes in forbidden lands
Souls in torment which will never find their rest

Ah! Don´t be deceived by a future which never will come
Before the lighting strucks the ground
There is always an spirit which blows in the storm...
Against you

8. Nau

Nau de vento, nau dos homes
Que vogan na inmensidade
Somos xente de Galicia
Onde a terra bica o mar-e
Nau de somos, nau de espranzas
Nau de infinda veleidade
O esquece as suas raices
Verde a sua identidade.

9. And a New Journey Begins

And a new journey begins...
...And this story shall also be told


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