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Awaiting the Sound of the Unavoidable

"Awaiting the Sound of the Unavoidable" (2001)

1. The Arrival of Troops
2. Playing With Gods
3. Showdown
4. Seed of Unrest
5. Prophecy of A New World
6. The Search

1. The Arrival of Troops

2. Playing With Gods

Let me tell you this tale of lords
Who came from remote lands
To steal the sacred lance
To the ones born by frost.

They were waiting for the nightfall
When wolves slept, the stick of sway
Was snatched from its room
But the winter saw what they had done.
And the wind blew towars the shining wisdom well
Where the supreme fighter was keeping watch...
So they were destined to die at dawn
When the early rising horse touched the sky
And it lighted up their haunt.

Then he went hunting for the midnight thieves,
Guided by his ravens, throughout the nine worlds,
Attracted by the smell of fear just like worms.

And a dull caw was the encounter sign
Between the hunter and his prey.
The morning clouds began to cry,
And his anger became unstoppable,
The fighter rushed the intruders group,
And a lightning crossed the tears.
Thousands of bits of flesh and blood
Remained on the battlefield.

And the storm let the calm by...
And he took again what him was (made)

And each bit of their entrails
Were spread along the southern lands.
Being condemned to be conquered
And annihilated.
By the great fighter sons
Who should show for ever more
The price of playing with their gods.

3. Showdown

My mind is sick of thinking
And my heart is flared up with rage
Arouse my fighting spirit
Become lethargic in the mist of times

Soon like the waves
Breaking themselves,
The swords will be knocked together
Soon like a storm,
Double-edged swords
Will rumble for ever and ever

The grounds for war aren´t needed.
Only the pleasure of seeing the blood.
Your blood soaking the weapon is
Enough for me and
For my warlike people.

Tides And wind side with us.
Gods must have heard the sound
Of our drums.
We´re going to mow´em down
We´re going to make them feel
The taste of rout...

Praise be to showdown!

So row for the northern lights...
So row the Atlantis ocean skies.
Battleground jus before us.
Enemies are waiting for dusk.
Death has been invoked
And she will not leave alone.

Kill or be killed, win or be won.
Don´t doubt in cut their heads off.
Gods will be proud of our work...

And now there is no place for cowards.
And now there is no time for weakness.

For those who feel down...
Their presence just now around, with us.
War, you are the only way
To let the fallen reach the eternal rest.
For all I believed.
All what you made me leave forgotten in past
War, that gave me the steel,
That gives me the courage.
That will make me great.

Maybe alive, maybe dead...
But never being slave again


Thousand people fighting/dying
Only think in gain

4. Seed of Unrest

Memories to forget
Raking up the past is far from good
Although I didn´t feel guilt
So everybody else decided it

Who did you think you were
To find me guilty?
If you were who indulged me in dirty play,
In dirty laws.

You get me out of your holy way
Thinking that I couldn´t come
Back to the fray.

Look at my wings
Burnt by race
I should forgive
But I can´t forget.

Exiled into nowhere
I found the reason for my existence.
The time has come
To reap the fruits
Born by the tree of unrest.

Memories to remind.
Raking up the past has toughen me
And I´m sure that I won´t feel guilt
When I can contemplate your filthy sons
Kneeling down to my feet.

Maybe I wasn´t good enough
For your celestial hierarchy.
In fact, you were scared because you
Could be dethroned by me.

Punish those who don´t do as I say.
Your omnipotence made the negative part
Control my will.
Now you and me are only one...
Now war is served.

Come here and pay your trespassess
It´s too late for truces.
Come here. I´ll be awaiting.
It´s too late.

If I fall, you´ll fall with me.

5. Prophecy of A New World

Malevolent mirror,
With a powerfull cruelty.
Where the suffering is predicted to exist.
Reflecting the worst
Of the world´s history.
Controlling its lousy destiny.
Ancestral wizards
Were cursing you.
But nobody is free of your reach.
Glass fed with spiritual sins.
They paid dearly for their insolence.

Inheritors of the crown of thorns.
You´ll praise betrayer merciless god.
Who will burn your hearts
In a high greed hell
To take the revenge for the murder of his son.

And so the third ghost.
The one holy ghost.
Set its compassion aside...
With the essence of blood.
And the wood of the cross.
Broke the balance between death and life.

Unlocking a door
Reflectiva in shape.
To the universe negative load
And the rotten souls,
By the excess of grudge.
Brought under control the physical world
The same as a virus corroding its host.

Mirror, spit the reflection of hate,
Placed deep in human being feelings.
Charged through the ages with sceptical repetances.

Nobody is free of your reach.
Nobody is free of your devilish swish.

Eminence of fire.
Gift from the infinite depth.
Show me the wisdom
Of that who was revealed against the whole.

And searching in its blinded light ray.
I found myself as if it were no changes!
Perhaps believe in the mirror means you believe
In your own human´s evil.

I promise my faith, without fear to lose
My future, my own life, my body, my soul...

Without fear to pass away.
Without fear to serve to the eminence of fire.
Gift from the infinite depth.
Show me the wisdom
Of that who was revealed against...

Inheritors of the crown of thorns...
You´ll be a virus corroding the world.
Placing deep in human being feelings
Reflections of hate for the murder of his son.

6. The Search

Up to the stars.
The search is directed
To the upper sky.
All what I learnt turn over
In my mind and
I need to find out what nobody
Couldn´t explain.

Nothing won´t make me forsake.
I am a lost drop of rain.
Floating away.
Trying to scape from the uncertaity sea
To reach the dry land.

Somebody said that the wisdom was in the words.
I replied him that the wisdom was in the
Triumphant warrior´s sword

I´ll die if it´s carved like this
Over the destiny´s stone
When the moment arrive.
It will be the time to solve...
The meaning of life.
The meaning is to crush the enemy.
Strenght. The meaning is the strenght.
To take revenge of those who died for me
To find the glory only worthy by the ones
Who got the Riddle of Steel...

Feel the pain in enemy´s wound.
Look His Eyes, the fear absorbs him.
Search the Riddle of Steel


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