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Demo 86

"Demo 86" (1986 Demo)

1. Rotting Corpse
2. War on Drugs
3. Evil Slaughter

1. Rotting Corpse

We don't care what you think
We'll never change
Our views clash with the norm
We've lived in pain

Always put down for what you believe
Told you "you're wrong"
You've been put down all your life
It's been too long

Rotting Corpse
The time has come
For things to change

We're tired of all the posers and wimps
They're all the same
Too many people play it safe
There's other ways

Put on your makeup to look real nice
It's your tool
You tease your hair wear high heels
You're so cool


Our music's different dirty and fast
It rips your brain
Thrash till death our raging noise
will drive you insane

We attack your town with our rage
Your body ascends
Screams of fury fill the air
There is no end


2. War on Drugs

Early in life there's a need
to prove how one will adapt
Pressure of close ones to do
the drugs and all kinds of crap

There's no life with this abuse
of your mind and your soul
Persistent addiction to this stuff
will leave your life in a hole

Life or death, it's your choice
Your addiction grows each day
A mindless waste of vital matter
Your brain rots in decay

Luring victims for the use
of your mind altering shit
Would they start if they knew
coming down would be the bitch

The need for more is always there
soon they'll need once again
The use of this is daily now
and you are more than just a friend


Your brain is burned, you're living toast
You feel your life is at an end
You cringe for more there's nothing there
and now your soul will descend

Feeling lifeless due to drugs
will make you feel like you're worn
But now it's up to you alone
Will you be addicted or reformed?


3. Evil Slaughter

Lurking in the shadows
You know you face your death
You hear us somewhere chanting
Our strange and ghastly quest

You imagine what horrow await you
In those that you despise
We'll haunt you till your dying breath
The truth you realize

The sound is drawing nearer
Louder it becomes
You know we're somewhere near you
You have no place to run

Prepare for bloody battle
Won't die without a fight
Your life will now expire
It's certain death tonight

Assasins are the victims
They are the one we hate
Their lust for violent murder
Will soon seal their fate - die

You know your life is on the line
You feel the fear from deep inside
Your evil ways too late to change
The cry of the innocent you feel their pain
You start to feel a deep regret
For the evil that you've done
You know in your mind that it's time
The process of death has begun

Vigilantes dominate
Slaughtering at will
Evil is their target
Their task will be fulfilled

Deceive to escape us
Do not try to hide
Again I'll find you in my grasp
Now prepare to die



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