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In memories

"In memories" (1996)

1. Sacrifice faith
2. For the burried alive, ...
3. Satan's saviours - envoys from hell!
4. Just now
5. Trilogy - memory
6. Trilogy - eyes from crying, soul from hope
7. Trilogy - time of joy

1. Sacrifice faith

Empty house, and there is a little child
Who prays silently alone and hidden before the light

Give me the strength to believe
Give me the strength to dream,
That what has to be truth, truth must be
That what I knew, was not a lie...
I believed in you very much, believe me

She doesn't believe that the people
Are as bad as she knows them
She's little yet...
Life, reality she doesn't perceive

But when she finds what it is to
Live with people, where no one likes each other
To live with people who hate you,
Look from the evil and no one else is you

Tears, crying, grief, fear
Death, lament, dark, dying

The world is evil and you know it,
You won't find happiness in this life, maybe after

2. For the burried alive, ...

Damned cruel war destroying our people,
The flame of hope flared up while escaping
So thank you, our new land,
That you've received us and let us live

I fell into a deep trauma,
And the mother Earth betrayed me
Thrown on a mass of rotting human bodies
Given to vultures, my last word has been said

Life, pure life, was given to us
To suffer, to die alive...

Disc in flame, burn our bodies,
Deep down I hear a touching cry
I look at the faces of the dead and the Libiny
And turn up my eyes for Heaven's help

Despair of life showing the worst face,
I could hear the symphony of sounds around me
I could hear a lamentable woman's cry, endless cry
Even the cry of all the prostrate Libiny wretched

The rotting smell chokes of decay, of death
All memories slip away...
I only wait for the worms and vultures,
I only wait for them to bite through the dead bodies

I see high mountains, falling down!
The ground is closing around me!
I'm alive! Please, help!

I'm alive! Please, help! End!

Who was the alien? Who was the alien?
Who was the alien? Who was the alien?

You were in a strange country
And nobody knew your name,
Where's your grave, memorial and remains?
Nobody will know this day...
You ended your life and it's all over
War ended but your people are still dying
Who was the alien? ...Nobody!

3. Satan's saviours - envoys from hell!

Full moon, the time has come,
The time of his birth, time of victimity
Laughter is heard in disgusting silence
That's him, his son...

No, no! No, no!
The saviour is on the Earth
No, no! No, no!
The saviour will redeem our sins

I give you power to defeat the evil and lies
You may find and seize the maggots
Scare them, fear, and use them
That's why I bred you here!

No, no! No, no!
The saviour is on the Earth
No, no! No, no!
The saviour will redeem our sins

Satan himself, brings you the power
Satan himself, to fire and fighting
Satan himself, you're his signy and tongue
Satan himself, the dance begins!

Brother and sisters, only one rules
Only one aim, one thought,
Only one first, one throne
And all my servants,
Who are here with me,
Listen carefully to these words
That I am saying, your lord

So the key to Hell was found,
The distress of the innocent begins everywhere
Those still living, wish to die
Gigantic tortures suffer their souls

No, no!

4. Just now

Eyes lighting out,
Life is disappearing
Candle and flame
Means the end death
Welcome here!

Voices, I heard voices
I am opening eyes and I gape
I lie silently...
Candles around and I see it
Welcome here!

The voice is coming to me
And whispers:
"It's not your end,
Your way is to carry on"

You'll find everything that was hidden from you,
You'll find everything that was hidden in the world

"Father, my father...
It's a long time since you've died"

"There is your sister and mother too
Give the greetings, there's your wife

"My darling! My darling!
I love you! I love you, my darling!
My darliiing!!!"

Now it's the time, time to say goodbye
Now you'll see what you dreamed of

Oh my God, that's not me!
But yes, only please remember

5. Trilogy - memory

Suddenly quiet, everyone is petrified
Suddenly quiet, the tears running down
Suddenly quiet, strange
Really strange feeling
Why him?

Snad smrt není tak krutá,
[Perhaps death is not that cruel]
Snad existuje druhý breh,
[Perhaps there is another shore]
Mozná se tam jednou vsichni sejdeme
[Maybe one day everyone will be there]
A zase se budeme spolu smát
[And we'll all be laughing together]

Zítra pujdou davy lidí,
V cerném, které znám
Zítra pujdou davy lidí

[Tomorrow masses of people will march]
[In black, those that I know]
[Tomorrow masses of people will march]

6. Trilogy - eyes from crying, soul from hope

Now the third star
The same day,
I'm on my knees
Behind your grave

Inside the will
Of my thoughts, without limit,
Hearing the melancholy
Wind singing...

I'm thinking about you
With tears in my eyes,
The pain in my heart
Still remains unceasing
You're back again

Don't leave, I want to touch you!
I want to listen to your voice!

Here's eternity!

7. Trilogy - time of joy

[In the Present]

When the time of judgment comes
All the evil of this world disappears
Falling into Hell fire,
Let the human race forget everything

[In Hope]

All the borders of the past will fall
All the mighty Romaine poor,
The last tones of the symphony of fate will fade
Symphony of glory will be heard, forever

[In the Future]

The fire of hate and suffering is extinguished
The gates of justice are open
The secret message is fulfilled
The halo of truth is dawning

But the eternal echo of the past
We cannot allow its resurrection

[The Time of Joy]

What is it mum?
Is it the time of joy?
Yes, it is...

Time of joy, time of joy


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