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Pestilence of The Undead

"Pestilence of The Undead" (1999 Demo)

1. Menace to Mankind
2. Pestilence of the Undead
3. Killed by Delight
4. Fucking Insect (Bonus Track)

1. Menace to Mankind

I´m a walking corpse, back from the kingdom of the dead
I´m the perpetrator of perpetual hatred

Molest retarded girls by rubbing my rotten
genitals against their deformed bodies
Reshape their monstrous faces by measured beats
Mutilate abominale bodies
Hatchet cutting through tissues and bones

Menace of mankind, scum of the earth
Incinerate them all at birth
Infertile creatures, offspring of man
Disgusting bastards, run while you can

Virulent maggots feasting rectums
Ripping, peeling the skin off scrotums
Vehement stabs in swollen abdomen
Features lost, unrecognizable
Retribution, die!

2. Pestilence of the Undead

Perseveranced gnawings on the skull
Ghoulish behaviour, eaten alive
Cleaver in the head
Brain pulled out from nostrils

Done with a crochet-hook

I am the pestilence of the undead
Relentless search for human meat
Disintegrated bodyparts, decayed soul
Obsessive bloodthirts, carnivourous!!

Conjured Zombie!

Cadaver amassed, decomposed
Buried in barren ground
Entrails laying all around
Chewing at congested bodies

Dissected carrion´s deceased by mutilation
Facial incisions, extraction of limbs
Tissues torn asunder, pudenda chopped in half
Ceaseless slicing through the flesh
You can´t breath, your bronchus been cut off

Blood splatter-carnal sacrifice
Vandalized-drowned in your own shot

3. Killed by Delight

Inside of you it´s growing
From metastasis to a tumour
Created by poison inhaled into your lungs
You have sealed your fate through delight

There is no place where you can hide
You cannot run from this decease
Raping you further each day of your life
Insane from despair your pain will increase

Remove the cancer
Hysterical poundings at your chest
Remove the cancer

Suicidal inclined, you´re in a sick state of mind
It´s eating you from inside
You cannot stand the pain, it´s driving you insane
As cancer aggreively invades your body

4. Fucking Insect (Bonus Track)


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