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Experiment In Excrement

"Experiment In Excrement" (2000 Demo)

1. Kicked Down and Hacked Up
2. Luscious Discharge of Fetid Defecation
3. Spinal Leucotomy
4. Experiment in Excrement

1. Kicked Down and Hacked Up

Demented man in a world of his own
Kill to ease his incurable insanity
He meets a girl in the street
Insanity sets in, it´s time for medicine

Foot in the face, facial bones crack
Incessantly beating her body
Bruised skin, bones are broken
Blood slowly clots

Feet nailed together, eyes burned away
Ripping the flesh from her bones
Myriad vessels burst as he slices
Maimed digits, extremities severed

Her genitals savaged with broken glass
Axed in the head, her brain collapse
Snapped neck, broken back
Drooling madman bags her and tags her

Assaulted by a man mentally disturbed
But maybe she received just what she deserved

2. Luscious Discharge of Fetid Defecation

Anal sludge stagnates in her colon
As my dick impales her rectum
Anal muscles squeeze my cock
I pull it out, blood and feces gushing

As I gobble her feces she screams in disgust
A fist in the face will shut her up
Pounding her head, then cut it right off
Beaten and tattered, post mortem coughs

While slicing her innards
I feast on the bowels
Swallowing, spewing her festering entrails

Stinking clots of rotten flesh
Dismembered offals rot away
Purulent extremities turned to chunks
Visceral mess leaking stinking pus

Her body is smeared with tepid guts
My mouth is dripping with intestinal slush
Maggots germinate in rotten grime
Eating their way through her splenic slime

[Entangled in bowels
She´s langushing innards]

3. Spinal Leucotomy

Gulled slashed and larynx tattered
Tounge acidically removed
Gouging your tympanum with sadistic frenzy
Rending your rectal orifice

As you vomit in fear
You are impaled on a spear
Ferocious leucotomy will put you to death
And stop you from taking your next breath

This inevitable Death of yours
In certain as you´re bleeding through sores
Purulent scabs, malicious stabs
Malevolent disfiguration, hideous degeneration

Spine ripped from the cavity, vertebras removed
Slouching body, headless and disembowelled
Nibble your tepid offals, gnawing on your shin

Urge to fuck, on spinal remains I suck
Your clit I begin to lick, then remove it with a pick
Chewing on the calf, your body is now split in half
Mastrubate, masticate, regurgitate

4. Experiment in Excrement

Defecation in your throat
Saturated in semen
Body drenched in urine

A barb-wired dildo is now stabbed in your ass
Tissues rupured and sinews are severed
Your cunt in hacked to shreds
Pubic bone crushed with a sledge
And your crotch is in a mess

Punctured with knifes, nails abraded from fingers
Meticulous dissecting during analsex in blood
Ceaseless fucking your mutilated anus
Peeling off your scalp

Scoop out the brain, chewing on remains
Hollow head, certain death
I fill your hollow skull with shit
Feces now gushing from ears and nose

Skin is peeled off
Carcass decomposed
Blisters festered
Oozing pus


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