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Type II

"Type II" (2002)

1. Reciprocity
2. Composition #33
3. Mood Swings
4. Type II Error
5. The Jar
6. Wasting Away
7. Deviation
8. In Vain

1. Reciprocity

Hypocrite, liar, you are nothing but a fake
Plastic face, Full of shit, Full of Lies, you make me sick
You try to play god with your looks and personality
Standing on top of your ivory tower thinking you can't be touched
You're going down
Bring you down Bring you Down
Look in the mirror
Are you truly content with yourself?
(Jealousy, Inadequacy, Insecurity)

[Solo: Ian]

When the demons
Come out at night
What do they say to you
Could you have done everything
You could have done
To be yourself again
Your guilty conscious is killing you
Day by Day
Until you fucking go insane!

Can you live your life as something you are not
Can you play this game forever
No one hears you no one sees you
There's no attention
Its coming to an end
You start the feel the pain from within
Drowning in your own lies
Suffocating from your own pain

No one falls for your lies
The game is now over
You're helplessly drowning
We send you to your grave
Your soul is now dead!

[Solo: Wu]

Insecure selfish bastard
Blinded by your own inhibitions
You're falling, falling down
You have become what you have most despised!

2. Composition #33

Have you thought about your life today and where it is going
Youíre living in loneliness and running away from the truth
Will you ever come out of your shell and show your vigor
Or will you be living in solitude in your own world of damn lies

You believe the lies you live the lies
It burns inside like a hollowpoint expanding inside of you
You wait and wait for more damn lies

I thought I knew who you were
But you just put up a front
A front of deception and deceit
You have got to change
Or just rearrange your inner self
No one cares for you
How long can you last living alone and confused
The time has come to stop and look at yourself
What gives you the right to decide what kind of person I am
When you believe your own fucking lies

Youíre so fucking vain
You think you know so much
Recycled rumors which turn you to hate
You canít see through the bullshit

[Solo: Ian]
[Solo: Wu]

Anger rips you open like a shotgun slug blowing out your back
Pain feelings are numb you start to realize that you were wrong
Lying a wake in your bed
Never sleeping after understanding the real truth
(Deceive, inveigle, obfuscate)

3. Mood Swings

Somewhere time was broken to allow for a million things to change.
Inexplicable turns and unexplainable shifts result in the unpredictable
ridiculousness of now, the craziness of this latest development.
The suddenness of an upside down world. The origin of this present
madness before me.

My eyes wide open
The world makes sense
I only blinked
A split second lost

Changing, deny all that was true
A new world to exclude the truth
Exclude the truth!

Is there something I missed
Between your mouth and my eyes
Between your eyes and my heart?

One day you will remember everything again
One day everything buried will rise back to the surface
This day there will be another change
In the blink of an eye
This day of realization
This day you will feel the pain

[Solo: Wu]
[Solo: Foley]
[Solo: Matt Ouellette]
[Solo: Foley]
[Solo: Ian]
[Solo: Foley]

It was so precious
That it now decays
Pieces still rot away
And melt what once was
Down to nothing

4. Type II Error

There exists only one correct answer
Every detail led to this conclusion
Possibilities fall away one by one
Confidence soars and dizzies the soul
Opinions now give way to fact
Confirmation remains the final link
So intense and focused on one thing
That I missed everything

If I had opened my eyes
I would have seen your lies
I would have known what was going to happen to me
If you had opened your mind
Things would have worked this time
But now I donít know what to believe

[Solo: Ian]

When the past remained
You push it all
Far ahead
You show me the future I turn to you
You are gone

If I had opened my eyes
I would have seen your lies
I would have known what was going to happen to me
If you had opened your mind
Things would have worked this time
But now I donít know what to believe

[Solo: Wu]

I am spitting up your lies
And killing that part of you in me

5. The Jar

It poured out of my veins
You watched it hit the floor
And you speak of truth [x2]
You donít know of truth [x2]

You saw my life drain out of me
Every drop that once bled for you
Iím trying to shut it off to stop my heart
But you rip more and more wounds

I never wanted to believe
I saw only my own dream
The fragile world you built for me
Shattered in my agony [x2]

[Solo: Wu]

Stop it all
(You stopped it all for me)

In this end
You made
Now I know you
But I donít know
Who I knew
I thought I understood what you saw
And everything that we were to do

But this is not the end
This is not my end

6. Wasting Away

A little less all of the time
And soon nothing is less enough
A conception of small that canít
Be seen or measured
Scarping away at the essence
Of everything and substance
Forcing a fit into a size

Impossible and incompatible
Where are you going

Your destination is far off
An infinite distance away
I canít see you making it there
I canít even see you now

[Solo: Ian]

Wasting away until nothing at all is left
Fighting to sustain a state of invisibleness
Leaving yourself behind again and again
You will disappear before your true end
Wasting away

[Solo: Wu]

Where are you going
I canít see you
Donít disappear
I wonít to see you [x2]

7. Deviation

Everything that I wanted
Just opened for me
Living out a dream
Made with your total honesty
More and more times
I spent it all with you
And I come to realize
That this is truth...

Deviate you run from me
Break the dream you helped me see
Sever ties created together
Build the lie

ďThe truth will set you freeĒ

Honesty is buried under dirt of your repression
Bonds build by truth are broken by your deviation
Depart from the light into darkness of confusion
Despair the shooting pain as I hit your wall of rejection

Where is all thatís true Ė What I gave to you

[Solo: Ian]

Behind your shelter is something you cannot take
A truth that is so absolute it will never break
Reflections of each other so strong we both feel
That nothing can ever destroy something so real

[Solo: Foley]
[Solo: Wu]

So now I ask for you to see. The truth in you thatís inside me.
And just like me you will find. Something so strong it will never die

It will not die

8. In Vain


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