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"Shadowcast" (2002)

1. Shadowcast
2. Beyond Dead Yesterday
3. Sinful Vinosity
4. Nocturnalia
5. The Fire-Night Essence
6. Ravendusk Dominion
7. Tears Shall Burn

1. Shadowcast

Sometimes I Summon Fury Of Inner Black
Inspired By My New Religion
I Do It Everything For Shadowcast Of My Self
I Touch Stronger Grimmest Art
Shadow Lead Ever Shade To Source Of Oblivion
The Shining Create Light-Breath For Universal Tranquality
Someday I Find Blazing Paths ...
Reborn In Pain; Deep Inside In My Heart My Innocence Fall
I See I Feel Shapes Of Burning Thorns
Deep Inside In My Mind Dead Colours Arise
Fneed I Need Space Of All Dreams
... Nothingness Absorb Blind Ignorance ...
... Emptiness Swallow Every Kind Of Hope
But Not I My World
I Transformation Into Abyss Of Non-Light
I Stand Above Destiny And Whell Of Time;
Only Bizzare Shadowcast Lead Myself
Wearied Angels Sleep In Eternity
Welkin Cover By The Grief
Anonymous God Far Away
Redemption Fiction
Crescent Luna And Her Sister Selene
Send To Mi Belief In The Silver Church
Deep Inside In My Mind Dead Colours Arise
I Remember Definition Of Nocturnal Strenght
I Remember Taste Of Midnight-Cast
Shadow Lead The Shades

2. Beyond Dead Yesterday

Sinister Dip Full Of Lost Dreams
... Cover Remains Of Salvation ...
Maximal Misanthrophy Souvenir After (Homo Sapiens) Perversion
Six Feet Under Stratum Of Dead Moments Exist Mental Perification
And Abstraction About Thorny Past
I Search Another Lamentation
Caducity Of Life
It's A Primary Principles Of Unjustice
Immortality Ornament Only For Gods And Nothingness
Ray Of Light From The Deep Of The Other Side
... My Only Own-Spiritual Splendour ...
Run Beyond The End Of Dead Yesterday
Beyond The Nightmare Of Fallen Everyday
Endless Bleedingmajesty Of The Dismal Lust
I Search Another Darkest Meanings
Search Beyond Space Of Rememberence
Beyond The Nightmare Of Fallen Everyday
Run Beyond The Shame And Remose
... I Run Beyond The End Of My World Taste Of Midnight Cast
Shadow Lead The Shades

3. Sinful Vinosity

Life Is A Moment ...
... Life Is A Gift ...
Life Like Vinosity I M Endless Land Of Redness
Bitter-Sweet Peccancy ...
Abundance Of Extasy ...
Sinful Showiness
Fever And Oblivion ...
Eternal October Souls Release
Renascent Reverie Revulsive Romance
Bloody Red Rose-Sanctuary Of Lips
Showiness Of Sin Purity Of Flames
Act Of New Morality ... Fever End Oblivion
Neverending Vinocity Emotions And Trans
Her Innocenct Skin Like Lunar Web
Alchemy Of Venus Reunion Time
Everything Stand In Flames ... Shocking Majesty Of Passion
... Simple Touch ... Skilful Kiss ... And Everything Stand In Our Flames ... Again
A Bunch Of Grapes In Your Hand I Blue Deep Of Eyes Night After Night
Matrix Of Mars Sweet Perdition
The Perfect Words Demand Of Pleasure
The Carnal Temerity Erotic Interception
In The Dimension Full Of Black Fire Beauty

4. Nocturnalia

Shelter Of The Legends
Celebration Of The Blackened Nature Of Life
Admiration-For Deeds Of The Flesh And Mind
I See Occult Alpha And Omega
Alliance With Darken Melody And Harmony
I See The Other Face Of Misery
I Feel Generosity Of The Truth
Hear Voice Of My Private Fallen Angel
I Hear Voice Of Emptiness
I See Sadism Of Creation
Elements Full Of Primal Mattery
Like A Symphony Qf Cosmic Phantoms
I Dream About Media Nox
Eternal Nocturnallia Pure Horror And Deep Trans "Blackttca" Kiss My Soul
I Fall In Moonlack
The Shelter Of The Legends
Redundance Of Redemption
Living Stones Never Find Path To Our Hearts And Souls
There Is No Good Without Evil
... There Is No Silence Without Chaos
This Is A Final Revelation
... This Is A Turning Point Of Live
... It Is A "B L A C K T I C A"

5. The Fire-Night Essence

Essence Of Serpent Eyes Flow In My Veins
My Questions Suspend Between Heaven And Hell
I'm A Part Of Place Fullof Candles Flames
I Call Power Of Nightly Side
Incoming From Nowhere
Fire Of "Pentime"
Open For My Grievance The Gnostic Gate
This Is My First Step In Uknow Dimension
I'm A Witness Of Fire Beauty
Essence Of Serpent Eyes Flow En My Veins
Lickerish Lies-Secret Paths To New Eden
Hestitation Far Away
I Tends To Fire-Night Essence
From Within Of Fresh Darkness
Coming To Me Immaterial Transmission
Jealous Sunrise Mourn New Day And Him Multi-Farious New Pain ... Pleasure ... Forever ...
On My Hand "Phenomen Of Flame-Now E Recast Esoteric Space ... (And Enigma) ... Pleasure Forever
In Mutual Symbiosis With Fire-Truth ... (And Sunset) ... Pleasure Forever
Before Me Trial Of Patience In Realm Of Stagnancy
Around Me-Cont1nual War With Spirt-Weakness
A Tends To Fire-Night Essence
I Respond For Lunar Summoning ... Pleasure Forever ...
Soul Need A New Wrath For Solar Slavery
Soul Need A New Fire For Final Awakening
Soul Need A New Wrath ... Soul Need A New Blasphemy ... Soul Need Insanity
My Wilful Dreams Come To Me ... Restive For Ungrace Of Cold Heaven ...
My Wilful Dreams Like Marvelous Wind
Bring To Me ... Constellation Of Delight
I Enthroned Gods Of Mist
Under Stellar Infinity
Respond For Lunar Summonings
I Recast Esoteric Space
I Create New Shape Of Black ... Living Black

6. Ravendusk Dominion

As The Turn Of Centuries I Want To Unravel A Mystery
Of Nightly Ultra-Sound Anb Nightly Pure Super-Sound
Twilight Absorb Tilc The End Shadowy Dreams
This Is Not To Say The Sin
This Is Only Poetry Of Sweet Sadistic Black-Breath
You See My Light Hide In The Dark
Full Of Midnight Inside Bleeding Mind
I Generate Genesis Of The-Fullmoon Show
Among You And Me And Origins Of The Gods
Star-Way Of-Sens In Maze Of Nonsense
Time After Time
Searching Of Unknow-Profound Of Fate
Time After Time
Ravendusk Dominion
You See My Light Hide In The Dark
And Luni-Form Delight Inside Burning Heart
Ravendusk Season ... Conquest Of Mist And Grey
Liberation Of All Secrets ... Unity With Star-Trans
What Kind Of Extasy A Shall Choose
What Kind Of Unreal Light Live In Me
Enough Sleep Enough Illusion
Time For Return From Land Of Subconcious Suffering
Strange Reality Give Me Bizzare Energy
Strange Resistence Against Prevelence Of Destiny
You See My Light ...
Abundance In Truth
... Reborn In Silence
Time After Time
The Penetrate Empty Crusts
Without Seeds Of Souls
Time After Time
Ravendusk Dominion

7. Tears Shall Burn

Where Into Going My Friend ...
Across Burning Promise Land (Maybe) To Source Of Night-Wish
Wolf Carnival.In Medium Of Night
Replete By Sermon Of Dark-Light ... Forever
In Crandle Of Sweet Evening For The First Magic Time
Enigma Resound Ever Kind Of Fear
In Accord With Message Of Stars
All Jewels From Your Eyes- Shall Burn
Where-Into Going My Friend
The Astral Voyage Straight To Sin
Celebration Of Rageful Dreams
Absence Of Punishment
Vehemence Freedom
For Your Spirit ... Your Gods Far Away
... Above Your Innate Wings ... Sorrow-Stricken Skies
Behind Your Destiny-Insydious Enemy ... The Vanity
Pure Blood Shall Flow
Pure Tears Shall Burn
Inside Your Supernatural Inner World
From The Bottom Of - The Heart (Mind)
Flow Out Incantations And Solidity Of Moon-Omni-Science
... Above Your Innate Wings
Sorrow-Stricken Skies
Behind Your Destiny
Insydious ... Powerful Enemy ... The Vanity ... Only (Real) Enemy
Remember My Friend
Your Voyage To Relief ... Lead By Mutability Of Fate ... (And Weakness)


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