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"Mess" (1997 Demo)

1. Victimized
2. Harmony Dance
3. Suffocating Life
4. Sight

1. Victimized

A profane breath, Pungent to my skin,
Threatening my need of sanity,
Crazy eyes, Beast like eyes,
Burning holes into my soul,

Wishing it away, feeling like a prey, I don't want to be.
Seeking my flaw, wishing my move, twisting my words.
I don't want to see, I don't want to be, someone help me.

It trapped me in a darkend room, imprissoned by anxiety,
Features bolting from the dark, scars my mind,
With it's haunted threats, panting breath, trembling sweat,
Salty on my lips, lost my trust in society,
You raped me of my own confidence,

Snarling lips, spit at my face,
Sucking strength from my trepidation,
Imminent touch, rips my face,
Sustaining scars, on my skin and mind.

2. Harmony Dance

The smoke escapes the demanding flames.
They reach for me but I slip through their grasping claws.
I emerge into the night, The thickness of the sky.
That holds me in it's grip, under the moon light.

I feel a part of the whole, as I slowly flow,
Away, from the demanding flames.

I dance in harmony with all the elements,
Atoned by the wind's caress and the opus of stars,
The darkness withdraws it's grip and lets me slowly slip,
Into the thick night, and into oblivion.

3. Suffocating Life

Envy their ability to ajust,
To the words written in the dust,
Stuck to the systems web,
Expected to live in its provided cells.

Pray, For salvation.
Away, from another reincarnation.

It prowls in my viens, awakes my internal screams.
I tell myself not to care, about their shit!

Meant to build a perfect world,
But it became something this fucking disturbed.
That changes the dreams that we have,
Into a fucking number tag.


It still prowls in my viens,
The gonernments's beutiful dream.
I try not to care, but it was my fucking dream...
My Dream...

4. Sight


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