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"Rehab" (2006)

1. Free
2. Blind Faith
3. South of Heaven
4. Black Reign
5. Old Habits Die Hard
6. Strange Daze
7. In Harm's Way
8. Beggars and Thieves
9. Don't Think So
10. It Sucks to Be You
11. Evil Woman

1. Free

1.You criticize the way I talk, You canít know how I feel, yeah yeah yeah.
I sympathize with your dark nature, you donít know what that takes no no no
Itís a matter of time now canít you see
Before I turn to your dark enemy
I hear a voice thatís telling me

Iím free, free of the drama, free from the karma, free of the beast
Free, out of my head free of the dread, the moment we met
2. You canít invade your tired old demons I wonít commiserate no no no
You suck the life out of every room how much can I take I donít know
Like a flower that burns you to the touch
Itís so beautiful but takes so much
Of the life inside of me

2. Blind Faith

1. Iíve been the distance and Iíve seen it all
Iíve been turned around by love and hate
I have resided in my private hell
But I love this life and I live to tell

Blind Faith is the cause of the trouble
Blind faith what we bleed

2. When I was young I didnít realize
There was hope and fear with no compromise
And now I testify before myself
I keep walkin on in my innocence

I know if you follow me- you get what want, you get what you need
Somebodyís got to set you free- you get what want, you get what you need
Now donít you give it and learn to breathe
You hear a message now before you leave
You know the fortune here that you have found
There ainít no doubt about it, there ainít no doubt about it

3. South of Heaven

1. Well I realize that love can be foolish and I realize it can be unkind
Itís a never ended river of fear ahead and behind
Your always full of righteous indignation, you can put that where the sun never shines
All I need is one more thing to fear, and a dark place to hide

You know youíre south of heaven
A quarter mile from hell
You know youíre south of heaven
Will you take me down- only time will tell

2. You think everything can be purchased, you think everyone has their price
Just like the fool that I am I believed you were right
Youíre always thinking about meditation
In contact with spirits all the time
Iíve got a magic trick for you itís disappearing time

Stay away from my house- keep out of my life
I canít take no more
I see snakes on your head
Iíd rater be dead- You already are

4. Black Reign

1.Sombodyís watching, watching you all the time
Somebodyís waiting, waiting for you to lose your mind
Wishes are like broken glass show the cracks of you past
Thought you left it all behind
Sailing on ship of fools
You got nothing left to prove
Hidden from the naked eye

Black reign- white light
Your pain- will ignite
Black reign -takes flight
You know it heals as it bites
Black reign- Itís like looking directly at the sun

2. Move my soul and take me to a higher place
Let it go and see the storm face to face
All the answers are within- the secrets that you see as sin
Itís a deal that you make with yourself
Intervene your vanity
Forget about your sanity
We all have a tale to tell


Blot out the rays of the sun
Deep in your mind it will come
Take all the things that youíve learned

5. Old Habits Die Hard

1.I never felt it comin, but you love in a supernatural way
Now you got me running, babe Iím runnin and I canít get away
And I feel like I lost control of my very soul , yes I did
Does it mean that much to you And all the things weíve been through
Whatís a poor boy to do
And I just wanna let you know that I love you

Now Iím face to face in the mirror
And I see what love has done
Let me tell you my thoughts and my visions
Old Habits, Old Habits Die Hard

2.Now I really should have known better
Everytime I look at you I believe you could do no harm
Sometimes the voice inside my head sayís get away, get away.
You know you live inside my mind, am I cursed am I blessed or am I blind?
I never did you no wrong, what am I supposed to do?
Over me you must carry on
I know what your coming to me you must carry on

Repeat verse 1.

6. Strange Daze

1.Pummeled from the moment you wake a void of confusion 24 hours a day
Twisted reality eternal debate the clouds are flowing somethingís going to break.
Deliver me it will deliver you, faceless masses of grey and blue
The sky is falling a rain of blood
The soulís are empty above

Strange Daze- itís hard to accept
Strange ways- you never expect
Strange daze-Nothing makes sense
Strange Daze trying to make sense of it all

2. Loss of balance with an axe to grind
People talking with nothing really on their minds
No provocation, no sparks to the flame
Investigations with nothing left say
Remember me, I wonít remember you
Dogs are howling over what you do
Skin is crawling you embrace your self Iím not feeling too well

7. In Harm's Way

1. You told me no lies, you talking no evil
Itís time to let you go
Wondering why is it too much trouble I really want to know
I gotta cold fever, I gotta new bag, I got it down in Mexico
Should have known better, sugar in the pie
I really want to know

In Harms way and it feels so good
And I donít know which way to turn
In Harms way and it feels so good
Nothing more needs to be said
2.You been my jailer, took me for a while
But you werenít built to last
I need a little comfort I got your remedy
I really want to know
You told me no lies , you talking no evil
But itís time to let you go

8. Beggars and Thieves

1. Grain of sand, no manís land, I wanna fly
Fade away, thatís okay, I enjoyed the ride
Incognito, fireflies, burning up my eyes
Sanctify or receive a fortune full of lies
Cover me- Disconnected all the way down
I Gotta hold on

Beggars and thieves
They wonít bring you no peace
Beggars and thieves
They're living on a one way street
Standing on the edge of madness
I look down and what do I see
Beggars and thieves

2. Detour ahead-it pretends to save the day
Full of hope, low on faith, I feel compelled to pray
Overwhelmed with emotion, the tea has been brewed
Indiscreet and abandoned, I guess Iím pretty well screwed
Forgive me, feeble minded out of control
Break down, shakedown


Safe cracker, scene stealer, a thief of the first degree
Heartbreakers with no takers What does it mean?
Dreaming of at time with no pain, Dreaming of the time when they came
Nothing here but faded pictures, kinda smooth with faded textures

9. Don't Think So

1. You sucked religion from my life
When we met I believed you were hell
take the knife from my back
I know youíll use it again
Donít Think Of Me
I wonít think of you
Donít Think Of Me
I wonít think of you
You donít give
You just take
You donít give
You just break

2. We were never friends
a one act play
I had to stop pretending
My heart donít ache since youíve been gone
Itís like you never left
Donít Think Of Me
I wonít think of you
Donít Think Of Me
I wonít think of you
You donít give
You just take
You donít give
You just take

My time and my money but money ainít love no
The evil within shines without a light
I know what I see and I mean what I say

10. It Sucks to Be You

1. You got a laundry list of todayís complaints
you think youíre a superstar whoís shit donít stank
Youíre a nothing wrapped up in a somethingís clothes
Youíre the kinda person I donít want to know
I donít hear you- please shut up
I donít see you- cause youíre too tough

All the things I do they make you crazy
You always say Iím useless and Iím lazy
You moan and groan and bitch what does that prove?

2. You canít sit still, you never act straight
I get uncomfortable when I see your face
Everybodyís talking behind your back
Youíre a three time loser into the cracks

11. Evil Woman

I've seen a look of evil in your eyes
You've been filling me all full of lies
Sorrow will not change your shameful deeds
Do well best, someone else has better seen

Evil woman, don't you play your games with me
Evil woman, don't you play your games with me

Now I know just what you're looking for
You want me to claim that child you bore
Well you know that it must he not be
And you know the way it got to be

Evil woman, don't you play your games with me
Evil woman, don't you play your games with

Evil woman, don't you play your games with me
Evil woman, don't you play your games with me

Wickedness lies in your moisten lips
Your body moves just like the crack of a whip
Blackness sleeps on top of your stray bed
Do you whish that you could see me dead

Evil woman, don't you play your games with me
Evil woman, don't you play your games with me
Evil woman, don't you play your games with me
Evil woman, don't you play your games with me


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