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Embrace Rapture In Disgust

"Embrace Rapture In Disgust" (1999)

1. Abate The Chains Of Rule
2. Victual Ecliptic Hate
3. The Abysmal Fiend
4. Embrace Rapture In Disgust
5. At The Shrine Of Mortalities
6. Temples Of Flesh
7. Beyond Waking Thought
8. Paths To Damnation
9. The Night's Children Bled
10. Outro

1. Abate The Chains Of Rule

As I Lay in a blanket of darkness
Enraptured by the storms forming around me
I hear amorphic whispering in the canopy
High above this forest protecting me

You are about to know
What it is like to be betrayed
By the Gods that you’ve come to depend on
Without choice your mind was changed by lies
Without God you’ll long to be

Inflicting upon me
Pain over pain
Pleasure my soul
Until I am trained

Your flock is wintering
In the storms black eye
Your flight is a dance for one
Night calls its symphony
With eyes like an eclipsing moon
Following the freezing sun

2. Victual Ecliptic Hate

Waiting at the end of life
To endure the grief
Of my death the outcome bleak

Excersising purgatory
Will they come for me
Will they cleanse me of my crimes
Descending from the dark sky
Breeding on contempt
For the words, the laws of God
Their beliefs will drag you down
And destroy your life
And all aspects of free will

Release the demons from within
Attacking with victual hate
My hands elasped about your throat

Dangling from his cross
Nails pierce your Jesus
Is this what it costs ?

To get to heaven
You have to drink the piss of Jesus
Or you will end in Hell
To get to heaven
You have to eat the cunt of God
Or you will fall to damnation

3. The Abysmal Fiend

Rise majestically
Come forth and bear your horns
Spill the blood of Jesus
The whore of christian scourge
To suffer the cross
Your pain your loss
Incision of thorns

The virgin’s womb is kicked
And raped with cleansing fire
I live for senseless slaughter
And I crave perverse desires
When all lies dead and rotten

My words won’t be forgotten
You’ll heed them and give praise
Renounce your feeble beliefs

Make way for the new God
Your lies thus defiled
Bow down to the horned one
Black lord the abysmal fiend
Recrucify the false prophet I despise

Hammer a forth nail
Through the neck of the Nazarene
Now forever dead
Never to rise again

4. Embrace Rapture In Disgust

Embrace all this is dark
Embrace the bloodied flesh
Embrace the creatures of sin

Forth with she approaches
Tranquil in her fields
Implicit lust enchanting
Her dance in firelit skies

Disgust impure filth
Entwined in rapture
We walk on all fours

Hatred and desire
My eyes bleeds tears of sorrow
And my ears hold the whispers
Of immortality

Confined to being mortal
Towards a murderous fate
Towards a lurking death

Through mist and shadows
For which I rise awake
I’m blessed with majesties
Of the cosmic keys

Intelligence of the seasons
And knowledge set forth
I dance the shadows in darkness
Amid the base of noon

Of darkness sealed in flesh
He who was living is now dead
We who are living are now dying
With little patience we await to rest

5. At The Shrine Of Mortalities

Oceans of red flood the shrine
The blood of its victims so pure
For weak is the flesh of all mortals
In the hands of the vengeance filled scourge

Uriel the flame of God
Who guards the gates of Hades
The seer kind run sacred
For their bones shall adorn your throne

Lying aeons in wait
To unleash the fury it holds
The fires of Hades eternal
Upon its betrayers once loyal…
Fire from beyond

A single mind yet three in one
I am we and we see all
Ex sanguinate the fugue divine
And unravel the forlorn souls within
Not made of stone or made of clay
But the broken dreams of generations
At tribute to the seer kind…
Let the blood flow free

The loorn sees its autumn nigh
Unweaving the blood from its crust
Aeons passed in its solitude
Leaving but scattered remnants of a land to be dust

Writhe in pain as your worlds destroyed
Bereave your loss in the seas of souls

6. Temples Of Flesh

To steal a souls last breath
To voyeurise ones shame
To stimulate yourself
The feast on faecal mess

To rub salt in your wounds
Excrete to quench your thirst
To whip the bloodied flesh
Is to feed my endless lust

Abstain the mind of purist thought
And taste the flesh divine
Perpetual lust envisioned
Adorn this temple of flesh

Through rapture or through pain
To love or to lust
To draw forth ones seed
Is to indulge the flesh with greed

7. Beyond Waking Thought

8. Paths To Damnation

Must we sail this river of salvation
Or is there more,
Desclaiming essence dissipates the flow,
I will not follow
As you walk blindly into this river
And drown in your own life fluid.

Our time is but short for we have not aeons,
mothers wheels turn slower,
The embers no longer burn as bright,
I kiss the feeble ground and awake
To its every prominent mortality.

The horizons reveals to me alone
A vast shadow, a storm of blackness,
A prophisised deity here to lure
Us unto eternal damnation
Or fulfillment and bliss.

A last breath of foul air
And a taste of life’s never ending biterness,
I embrace the burning wind with open arms
And turn my back, I now roam free of mind and will,
I shed not one glistening tear
But pity you blind faith
For it will crush you

9. The Night's Children Bled

Reflections of images where
Hideous existence
Can be mistaken with ethereal dreams
The disirable dream reflected together

Looking for a future of immense majesties
Symmetry exercises symbols tangles of wind
Golden images lonely wishes and nightmares
Nearness inviting you to touch it
Touch it with your breath
The nights children bled

Watch me feed upon your torment
And laugh as you die

The nights children bled

I watch with unusual intensity
As the glow fades from your eyes

10. Outro


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