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Debauching The Minions

"Debauching The Minions" (2001)

1. Scourge
2. Depraved Humanity
3. Haven Of Betrayal
4. Debauching The Minions
5. Godfucked
6. Dead Emotion
7. Severance
8. Shroud Of Profanity
9. Harbouring The Fire

1. Scourge

Never in all life. Never in all time.
Have I stopped to wonder. Have I looked behind
Why is this hate lasting. To this purpose I am blind
Why have I blindly destroyed. Ever quenching my own mind.

I, I am the scourge divine
From blackened depths I shall rise
Heed the fury in my fire
A lost souls existence I deny�

Release your anger, realise you are sane
Realise you�ve filled your life with pain
This temperament bestowed upon me
The scourge I am without choice

I must witness the pain and suffering I inflict
To give me some sense of fulfilment
Lost in a false sense of well being
Until the urge beckons me again�

Inflicting suffering but not death
I am the one that brings pain
I am the one who deals the hate
Revelling insanity � keeping me sane

Raised in betrayal
Taught to emotionlessly accept death
No morals are a virtue in a life that knows no less

Is it just my anger which drives my force
Or is it some sense of revenge
Can I help myself urge this pleasure I know
Destruction cases my mind
Make many suffer as I once did
Will they become as I have
Why am I pleasured by the demise
Why are these feelings inside me
So easy I give in � destroy

2. Depraved Humanity

Depraved ourselves of what could be
Man has taught itself not to believe
To push away all which science could not prove

Lost in a world where real power is suppressed
And replaced with a false confidence in an evolution
Which constantly fails itself

How can this race be free
When everything it stands for is ultimately depriving us
Depriving us of our humanity
How many losses can we believe in

Suppressing souls, crushing spirit, clipping wings
False idols are what fill our lives
Society stands tall like the confining walls of a prison cell
Leaving no room for thought

Individuality blinded � without we cannot see
The human race is its own ultimate devastator
Deception corruption is what rules our powers and we feed
Lest not to lead

Now you�ll know � you�ll never be free
Thinking you�re all � you�ll never be anything

In a world where we�re so certain that
We�re all pure and god rules our lives
But the depravity of sanctuary blinds
Blinds us from the truth that it�s nothing
But evil which rules this dominion we�ve created as our own!

3. Haven Of Betrayal

Men of the cloth choked with suppression
Brainwashed at birth, veiled in deception
Utopian dreams of achieving ascension
Grave reality a nightmarish vision

Men of the cross an advocacy of evil
Holiest deceivers servants of the devil
Peculators of youth procurating the weak
Suppressed in their lust molesting the meek

Hide behind the mask of christ
Restrained in abstination
The pressure builds slowly
Reaching the point of ebullition

Chastising for their god
Leaving their loins in detention
Yet as wolves among their own flocks
They hunt for the purest penetration

Men of god blinded by faith
Deceiving with religion, the finest tool of hate
Emersed in perversity so obsessed with lust
Sodomising the young revelling in disgust

Devious minds rule the realms of the cross
To prey on the ones who�s minds have been lost
Walk to the dark and stay away from the light
As the evil in mankind is strongest with christ

Vengeance shall fall on the heads that betrayed
Slow emasculation the phallus is splayed
May the fears of their faith lead to their ultimate castigation
And the haven that breeds them fall in extirpation

4. Debauching The Minions

As the wrath of time goes on
Minions of darkness ever grow strong
The time awaited ever draws near
Evil ascends

Millions of years lying in wait
Patience to achieve lights awful fate
The time awaited ever draws near
Evil ascends

Proceed with might and haste
Temptation the weapon that will change
Loving the fear of fear
The corruption begins

Minions with purest lewdness now seduced
Intemperance succumb to the evil urge
Angels torn, spirits crushed
Temptation bought, sought, the fight is lost
Blackened souls spread the hate
The first thought of fear begins the loss of faith

As one minion falls, another grows strong
The inevitable is clear
Embrace the pleasure of fear

Like so many before
The outcome manifests
Gods legions are blackened
Blackened to the core

Now all is lost, now all is gained
So many souls, so many stained
Much to achieve, this purity
But with all lost, clouded eyes only see
What evil can evolve
Purest light corrupted
Evolve and beckoned for the hand to follow

5. Godfucked

Born as a seed into this earth
Young and pure more that what�s worth
Deception begins without waste
Teachings that lead to a brainwashed state

What is in the mind
What is in the soul
Something to believe in
Dependent till they go
What is in the mind
What is in the soul
Something to believe in
Dependence that leads to hell

A life wasted and where will you turn to

What happens when your god expires
What is to look forward to
And where will you turn to
Where�s proof of your christ
Where�s the life you�ve been denied
And where will you turn to

Before the aeons of time
Man has put his trust in their beliefs
Relied on them to live their putrid lives
Never thinking where they would be
Where would they go, what could they do
When they themselves are the only ones
The only ones left to turn to.

Are you immortal?

You�re fucked when your god dies
Who then will shepherd you
And where will you turn to�

6. Dead Emotion

Drained of life fulfilled with emptiness
The emptiness within
Consented emotionless beckoning
The emptiness within

An abyss within myself
Falling I�d always be
Plunging into darkness
Drained is my will of being

Emptied your soul shall be
For drained is the essence of humanity
Internal darkness is longed for all
Emptiness filling purity

Dive into the abyss infernal
Where demons contest thy soul eternal
The body�s aura has ceased to shine
Emotions death � life sublime
Nobody is immortal � no soul is eternal

The aura will cease to shine

Just like a cancer feeding relentlessly
Mind and being � soul devouring

Emptiness brings tranquillity
In solitude the soul runs free
Impregnate with lust and blasphemy
Revelling in mordacity
Succumbed in acrimony

Dead emotions reign � the barren wastelands
Within Scourging remnants � of humanity
A new being is spawned � fed by winds of enmity
Blessed in contempt � aligning with tragedy
The mind subdued � in melancholy
Forever choked � by the cancer of society

7. Severance

8. Shroud Of Profanity

A world of godly misfortune
Of plague, sin and lust
The horizon looms a storm
To obliterate the earths crust

From hell with fire and brimstone
Lost souls despair in dread
Where now is your god
Your god is fucking dead

You�ll never see the sun arise
Just pain and suffering is all for you
Scoring flames steal your last breath
The world has died, there�s nothing left

Suffer to the End
Suffer to the End

Wings of death descend
And violent skies arise
A decrepit earth lies bleeding
Behold the worlds demise

Cast the sword of wrath
Plunge the earth afire
Despondent souls in torment
For lucifer�s desire

Now you see the sun has died
Pain and suffering called on you
The flames have stolen your last breath
The world has died, there�s nothing left.

9. Harbouring The Fire


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