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"Reapeiron" (2002)

1. Entrance: the First Night
2. Alogia
3. On the Wings of Mind
4. Four Time Sectors
5. Through the Land Of Honour
6. Alpha and Omega
7. Nostalgia
8. And Stranger Will Arrive
9. Apeiron
10. In The Halls of Time
11. Exit: The Last Night
12. Bonus: Drum Solo
13. Bonus: Metal Storm

1. Entrance: the First Night

2. Alogia

My illnesses are temporary,
Harder to other people than to myself.
They are totally without shape,
Deep, pervertly dirty but radiat.
They are insanely animated and again,
Limited by corporal claustrophobia.
My illnesses are week infront of my mind,
Shaped in the shell of exterior
Its infinity is running wildly from the veins to the arteries.
It is red 'cause of the shame which ends one more circle
And comes back to the beginning again
My thought are threatening,
More to other people than to myself.
They are the form of teeth which bit the peace of time
Trying to make the space for the one more life,
That space is filling itself with the spring air,
That space I strong as an oak with the thousand years old back,
Marked by the storms of the past.
I'll stand, lonely, looking for myself.
Through my glorious past.

3. On the Wings of Mind

Sometimes in my dream I see a door,
Behind the door are my wishes in the moment of realization
And I feel the long awaited heaven,
But, shadow dark and deep like infernal abyss is infront of the door
And I'm passing, through all the circles of hell.
I'm curing myself with the thoughts,
Lonely on the road to eternity,
In the middle of the space,
I'm longing for the truth like an old man for the new energy,
Lie a mother for her lost child.
Crossroads are large, roads are blue, green and who knows.
So let my spirit take me, I don't need my senses.
Body pleasures are useless when atoms are falling apart
And form something newm something very old, very old.
I'm the earth, the water, the air.
I'm the fire of eternal existence!
I'm sufficient to myself, broken into my astral brothers,
I move, my path is written on my palm and I'm the traveler!

4. Four Time Sectors

Horizon are all around me.
Four parts of existence,
Morning sky and the young golden sun in the just born half,
Madness of the beginning of life,
Naive ignorance and pure innocence are passing through people.
Afternoon is bringing the full power,
Sun is smiling on it's throne
And we are all illuminated while our skin is sweating,
That is inevitable as a sun and it leaces it's marks.
Isn't a strange manuscript?
Are we aware of our power.
Sunset. Could be sad but always beautiful... And sweet like a pain.
Colours are mixing for the last time.
That spectrum gives us special sight, one for each man.
People are silent, some of them are tired,
It doesn't matter.
We are all waiting for the darkness and we are all afraid of it.
And it comes without a sound.
At least at the beginning until some muffled cry breaks it,
And mourning is finding us in the hint of circle.

5. Through the Land Of Honour

And the angel used to walk through the land of honour
With human blood and sweat soaked.
And virgin clear sky that used to be,
The birds used to be free and a song was the only law
Until the black dark covered and disgraced
Innocent garden of gos used to be called the earth.
And the angel used to walk through the land of honour,
And song is not song anymore, with no ideas a bird,
You can hear a sacred letters cry, written sometime,
Somewhere on the piece of sense, makes no point now and it
Was worth when the angel used to walk on the earth.
And I walk, running away from the fears, I find other dimensions,
I'm revealing new secrets which are engraved on the faces of the unknown people.
Oh yes, they tell me their fears and they understand...
My suffering, they close their eyes, but the third pay respects to me.
With the third they dream my world and...

6. Alpha and Omega

All the worlds are the same, they have their entrance and their exit,
My world is Alpha and theirs is Omega, their fear is Alpha and my is Omega,
The rest of it is a bad karma and we are written in the stars.
I'm opening the other sky which glitter is dazzling my only eye,
Lost like cyclop I'm looking for revenge stepping on the sheep infront of me.
New horizon is opening!
Strong as stone I'm standing in the white
Gallery watching pictures from my linked life.
Nostalgia is revealing my feelings.

7. Nostalgia

The call of the pirmal world, the call of the firstbirth.
When I saw the eyes of sunlight, the call of the past.
Everything leads to one, evertyhing becomes one name.
I always suffer to survive return,
Disappointed in new knowledges I laugh at my reality,
Nostalgia is bringing me back to the beginning and awaken my new illnesses.
The old being wakes up when it feels the scent of the mother's milk,
Rocking in the credle of the little world - the earth,
My little world is breathing again and I'm breathing in it.
And the melody of the familiar lullaby is awakening my senses.
Morning is finding me awaken born for once more,
Another page of the book is written nostalgia, so inevitable.
The traveler is closing the circle.

8. And Stranger Will Arrive

And one night my illnesses disappeared,
Slowly or probably I've learned how to live with them.
Morning is finding me with clean aim, with clear detail,
Time fulfilled the task.
I dodn't count the years, they counted me,
I connected all the horizons into one,
Completely enough to me, the heaven!
Everything else was too short to satisfy my steps.
The aim was written in the stars,
Many nights taught me how to read and I read with my eyes closed,
And astral note revealed
It's last secret: A stranger will bring the last chapter of eternity,
He is my heavenly guard, an angel.
The author of the astral book whose constellation
I traveled through not for one moment suspecting its
Last page: The infinite principle Apeiron

9. Apeiron

And now it's so clear, my dreams are so real
The candles are lighted, tje darkness is gone.
God I can't believe but almost I hear
Some voices are calling me to join them.
He looks in my eyes like no one before
And now I don't care if I die anymore.
He said just few words "Signs, place and time."
As long as I live I will remember:
You're circling in time don't be afraid to die,
Just read the signs don't be afraid to die.

10. In The Halls of Time

I closed my eyes.
And thousand stars surrounded me,
The first night Alogia was erased.
Now I'm flying on the wings of mind, and still I'm the traveler.
The stars sais that I came from the four time sectors, place I left behind.
Now I'm walking through the land of honour, without fear.
'Cause here I'm Alpha and Omega, The Beginning and The End.
And I know, one day all of us will find the truth.
The answers.
One day, stranger will arrive and he will bring the last chapter of eternity
To all of us, Apeiron.
Somewhere, where tha past is dreaming in silence,
Deep in the halls of time
Exits the kingdom of the souls awaiting my spirit to come.
Somewhere in the halls of time,
Between the earth and sky my soul will live forever
Saved by the majestic light.
Leave me alone, my friends please don;t cry
I need just one moment to say my last goodbye,
Please don't steal my peace,
Just let me to die,
Body is still on the ground, but empty,
Without the light of life and soul is learning to ly between earth and sky...
The doors are opened before my eyes, I'm blinded by the divine light.
I'm standing stoned in white gallery looking the pictures of my past life.
Somewhere in the halls of time,
Between the earth and sky my soul will live
Forever saved by the majestic light.

11. Exit: The Last Night

12. Bonus: Drum Solo

13. Bonus: Metal Storm


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