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"Schizoid" (2002 EP)

1. Strange Illusion
2. Purple Coloured Kingdom

1. Strange Illusion

1. Strange Illusion

Talking to the sun with closed eyes
Word racing along in a blinding redness
Their weight repress my desires as a ballast

Stair of the wind
Gushed out bark
My sleepy shadowings

Waiting unceasing
Like a lightcoat

It begins to rain
Sharp blades flying in the wind
Bood on my face
I don't feel the pain

Feelers cuddling me
Sweaty embrace
Choking nightmare
My silence

My sight gushed out
Hanged angels
Dangle to the nothingless above my head
My choice is a decisive scream
To the silence
The glitter of the snow
Strange illusion

My steampearls are swimming in drops

2. Purple Coloured Kingdom

2. Purple Coloured Kingdom

Part I. Screamgarden

Pulsating wonder
Our echoes hurtless sensually
In the wind

Racing along
Clamour of blind birds
Magic dream-pictures

Time is going slowly
In the middle of the sea
Being resplendent in pain-colours
Sprinkling sand in our eyes
Deerscream makes the soundgarden resound
Cold glance stares at the fire
I'm afraid.

Part II. Dreadpalace

In an astounding lightpalace
Statuemoths stand, dumbly
Web-eyed snakes wriggle
The depths are frightful
Fear-hiding silentfall
Rain-washed voiceflow

Free Breezecry
Purple-coloured kingdom
Bleeding body in a frame
Whose death dance is deep sigh

Leave the grid-shaped shed
Step over the ray of the mirror
Waiting in a delightgarden
Calming giddiness

Sweat washes my face
Fulfilment nears to the end
Nightabyss at the end of the way
Body is bleeding from the scream.


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