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Beyond Tomorrow

"Beyond Tomorrow" (1998)

1. Forgotten By Gods
2. The Running
3. Madness
4. Sick Earth
5. Run To Eternity
6. Synthetic Love
7. Life Of Misery
8. Beyond Tomorrow
9. Your Uncareness
10. Underweaved Dreams

1. Forgotten By Gods

We live in a world forgotten by gods
destroyed to you and your fellow creatures
running towards the absolute evil
You'll wanna stop but all is in vain

You haven't either reason to exist
[there] isn't either sense to be born
[there] isn't either sense to live here
in this lost infect world

In this world of shit rules horror and hatred
Nightmare of death worries your brain
Murder and terror, bloodshed and death
around you hear cries, regrets

What is the reason to pray now?
when all are lost and transformed in ashes
Forgotten by gods we are
Another life is only a fantasy of your sick mind

Forgotten By Gods!
Forgotten By Gods!

2. The Running

Kill yourself, burn your body
the end of time will become soon
Nuclear rain, atomic rain
Hopeless faces waiting for escape

Running for life, running for light
everybody running, nobody escapes
We cannot stop this running
everybody running, everyone is suffering
everyone guilty, we'll die!

No - we can't stop the invasion of power
No - we can't stop the ending of life
Now I see a light, a point of light
but now it disappears like life on Earth
running for lif, but haven't sense
will become soon clinical death

3. Madness

You know the night wich on air's coming
on violet wind and pattering rains
when there's no stars on the canopy of heaven
and neither eye can't see through torrent

You know the night which on life's coming
when death gives you eternal night
The vastness when calls you home
and your blood throws in cold spasm

However dark is the night, day will come
Therefore, sleep at leisure, sleep tonight

You know the niht which on mind's coming
and you can't pull out her dark veil
and your soul is lost like close in rake
and thousands [of] demons cover yoyr brain

Then you can't get repose and quiet
because never daylight you shall find

No, nothing can save you
when this night, oh this terrible night, lays in our mind
Nothing and nobody can help you
for you life is useless, it's a nightmare
till death for you life is torture, a continual pain
Madness, oh madness, you live like a plant, like a tree
smashed in the abyss of insanity, you stare against infinity
till death for you life is a pain, a torture therefore...


4. Sick Earth

Sick earth exhausts in silence
destroyed by civilizations, by their infernal inventions
these billions of people who now live here
will have the same destiny lik their sick planet
No way to stop the calamity
a nuclear war will bring the ending

Earth is sick, exluded is any chance
to survive on sick planet
this infect world which now lives here
will kill the Earth and kill themselves

World bases now dismembered and shattered
and the ancient good eves was flat and backwards
a satanic voice rules and man doesn't realise
he runs to death because the time has arrived

Nobody understands cause all is lost
and when they understand it will be too late
will be asking fo mrcy to Almighty Lord
but this one shall not hear the voices from destroyed Earth

5. Run To Eternity

6. Synthetic Love

7. Life Of Misery

What is the price of life?
the way to live today is only the crime
injustice and corruption everywhere
we [were] born into a world of sadness and pain

someone's happy living enjoyment
but someone preffers to die
the life of misery is our daily reality
the life of misery is not a lie

Children without future, people without hope
Empty souls and misery exists in our world
Why must we spill the innocent blood?
Why don't we end these fucking wars?

What is the price of life?
We are guilty for all of these crimes
Why must we suffer without reason?
We were born only to die

What is the price?
Oh, God, you are our last chance
Please wake up inour minds the will to live
Please pull out this world from the hands of evil
Send on this Earth love, peace and freedom

8. Beyond Tomorrow

Who knows what will be beyond tomorrow?
maybe happiness, maybe sorrow
maybe we will meet the Life, maybe the Death
or maybe all will be transformed into eternity

To save our Earth from destruction
we need a self awareness
as everyone has the duty to protect the planet
if not for the own self for the others

Supposing a war grinding our planet
too much life cannot resist
till death shall follow us, pain & sorrow
and civilization will stop to exist

We are the only ones who build
our own future and destiny
We must be careful with this fragile globe
because this is our homeand nothing else
We must stop destroying the planet
We must save our mother...Earth!

9. Your Uncareness

Nothing of what you've created
does inspire your invertion
like this world that you hate
because you didn't watch it
from the creation's day
I see your eyes full of hate
I see myself ready to give up
I see many faces ready to give up
I see many faces that lost their hope
I see your heartbeat that wants to stop
Sometimes I dream to alter this reality
but when I wake up I realize
that believing in yourself, loving and hoping
must give you much power yo walk [on] in this life
Waiting to die is not a reason to live
You lost any hope, any love, any dream
But if you created us just to give [us] your uncareness
my lord I promise, I'll damn you forever
A master who forgot his servants
who created us and then let us die
A master who forgot his servants
A god who promised only lies
A master who forgot his servants
like a father that abandons his child
A master who forgot his servants
A god who promised only lies

10. Underweaved Dreams


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