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The Manifestation

"The Manifestation" (1988 Demo)

1. Venomous Moleculi
2. The Manifestation
3. Reality's Complete
4. The Sin of Innocence

1. Venomous Moleculi

The spectre of disease is rising
Spreading his shadow over
the land
Contagious pandemic outbreak
The fate of all Europe at hand

Created out of the darkness
Slicing through your veins
Biting into your flesh so deep
The end shall come within days

Boils grow, and unholy birth
Born of the things not
of this Earth
Destined to die, but never repent
This scourge of Hell is
Heaven sent

Intense pain runs like acid, infect-
ing your body throughout
Violent tremors shake you, your
future is in doubt
internal incubation, rodent
Venomous moleculi, the end
of civilization

The feeling of hatred, the
ultimate sin
Losing resistence from within
It covers the land by evil
Time waits for no one, your
day is at hand

There is no beginning,
there is no end
Your mind is distorted, your
conscience bends
Raging delirium, the final sign
Now your life is out of time

2. The Manifestation

Screams of horror fill the night
What was it that I've seen?
My eyes are burning, full of fright
From the vison in my dreams

Fear explodes from within
In the darkness I can't hide
This night has left me scarred forever
Something's changing inside

This evil curse that grips my soul
Reality, I lose control
This feeling in me, chilling cold
The sins within me break my hold
Trapped inside this mental cage
I can't hold back this bitter rage

I feel as though I've lost control
Reality slips from me Fear like this I've never know
It brings me to my knees

I hear the voices in my mind
Have I gone insane?
But if I look, will I find
That someone's in my fuckin' brain

Violence and force takes over me
From all this I must break free
In the darkness my body lies
The flames of Hell have been realized

3. Reality's Complete

Cold and tired with the life that you're living
You want to end it all for a new beinning
Your time on Earth is coming to an end
Feeling your life descend

Awaiting your rebirth

The end of life on Earth
Death is what you seek
Your reality's complete

Through the realms and up past the skies
Beyond the outer world is where
the answer lies
The only way out of this life is death

Now you've found rebirth
No more life on Earth
it's not what it seems
Reality's a dream

Now you're trapped within death's reality
With the souls of the damned for eternity
Your life after death is not what you thought
But you keep searching for the world
you have sought

Year after year and day afer day
You still wish that the pain will go away
Trapped forever in the infinte dark side
On the black wings of death you'll forever rid

4. The Sin of Innocence

The burning lust inside of you torments
your virgin soul
Your dreams of me have now come true,
Your mind has lost control
Never have you felt the heat burn
you form within
Tonight I"ll be the one who rapes
you of your sin

I make my way into your midst,
your body shakes with fear
The smell of you engulfs my thoughts,
our consummation's near
You beg for me to violate the place no man has before

I'll fuck you without mercy
and you will be my whore

Convulsions now take over as I plunge inside of you
Lust and violence becomes one,
I'm splitting you in two
Breaking through the bond inside,
pleasure of pain denied
Destroy the sin of innocence,
from me you cannot hide

You will give in to this fatal sin,
it's only a matter tf time
the burning pain drives you
insane, the choice of rape is mine
Temptation now by force is how,
victim of domination
it must exist, do not reisst this
act of procreation

On your knees, froze with fear, I
call you to my side
The evil lust that you have sought
tonight will come alive
Search for satisfaction, my sword
of flesh you hunt
Putrid bitch, I'll stab your womb
and desecrate your cunt

The burning pain within you now
consumes your final breath
The flames I'm shooting deep
Inside will bring you to your death
Breaking through the bond inside,
virginity denied
Destroy the sin of innocece, from
me you cannot hide


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