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Prime Evil

"Prime Evil" (1987 Demo)

1. Random Violence
2. Kill For Me!
3. Living In Fear
4. Prime Evil

1. Random Violence

Torture and pain is what I deliver
Tormentor of screams, I am the sinner
In the dead of night I'm watching
your moves
Death in the air, I'll take your life soon

Random violence, I kill at command
The fate of mankind lies in my hands

Await for attack, you know
I have won
My destruction has just begun

Kill for pleasure!!

The path of terror that
guides my way
Slashing and trashing
I do as I may
To kill for pleasure I do
what I must
Leaving miles of bodies
lying in the dust

Random violence, I am
your master
No on ecan survive my
blood disaster

Random Violence (3 times)

2. Kill For Me!

God can't save you now!

You've got the body and I've got the brains
And when you listen to my words, you'll know
my evil reigns
Now listen closely, I've got you
on my mind
For you have the power to bring
terror to mankind
Armed with my anger you will
by my slaves
Carry forth my orders and no one
will be saved
You've got a job to do and I will
show you how
Plunge the knife into our youth,
the time to strike is now

Kill for me! I lust for blood, why don't you
kill for me! Slaughter
must be done, why
don't you
Kill for me! You are
chosen ones to kill!

Violence is the way to
show the world what
you can do
And when I become the
ruler you'll know what I say is
My desinty has been foretold
today your bodies bare
Creating martyrs for your cause,
I laugh at your despair
The time has come to
take command
and I will chose who dies
Tormented by the human race,
your fear is in my eyes

So pledge yourself to me
now, society is lost
And aid me in my quest to start the
second holocaust

Victims of my inquistion, Crushed beneath my feet
feeding on the desperation, Tasting your defeat

Mutilated generations, Mankind's suffering
Damnation of the innocent, Barbaric burchery

Your final plea for mercy, tonight has been defiled
The slaughter of the innocent, for me is justified
Spreading fear through the land,
death will take its toll
Building to a frenzy-you're losing all control
Die in a pool of blood, scream in frantic rage
Desecrate the worthless of all the world today
So let the Earth drink their blood, the throne
for me awaits
My violent forces take control, you've got no time
to waste

Kill for me! I lust for blood, why don't you
Kill for me! Slaughter must be done, why
don't you kill for me!
You are the chosen ones to die!

3. Living In Fear

Born ito this world with original sin
Believing what you're told as the lies being
Binding illusions, false security
You're just a face in the crowd with no identity

They fill your head with lies form the start
Will you live to see tomorrow, or be ripped apart?
Can you survive your youth and face reality
Or fall victim to destruction for your blasphemy

Scream in pain, tormented in fire
The cloud of death is rising higher

Living in fear
in fear of death, in fear of life
Living in fear
On this Earth fighting to survive
Living in fear
Is this the essence of our existence
The weakening of our resistence
The wrath from above creates despair
Smoke of your torture ascends into the air
Can you be saved from the ends of the Earth?
Cast into the shadows with no hope of rebirth

The sins of all of us will last eternity
Face the burning torture that will
make you believe
When you reach your dreams,
it's the truth you will find
The destruction of man at the
hands of mankind

With your future in doubt,
you only think of the past
Dreaming that your world will last
Don't listen to the lies that
your leders perpetrate
Crying out for peace when
they know it's too late
Fear of the unkonwn is fear of yourself
The world must has to face the truth

The cry of the masses can be heard form above
Screaming for a world you're dreaming of

4. Prime Evil

Raging waters of the Earth wash away
all hopes of peace
The weak are on their knees at the
mercy of the beast
The time has come and gone, giving life
to all your sins
The evil form below destroys your
power form within

Purgatory here on Earth, the sacred
ground you lie
The ruler of the underworld dictates
the time to die
Mocking human ignorance, your secret
his to hold
The downfall of all evil now has been foretold

Sense the fear growing near
Defying all his will
The end hass come again
The times has come to kill
Prime Evil

He who died and was cast to Hell is
now risen from the dead
Hypnotizing from below the Earth the thoughts
inside you head
He searches for the unbaptized scarred
with original sin
Battling for their heart and soul a game they
cannot win

The night is set ablaze with the flames
of burning souls
Sword of evil swing with wrath
seeking out his goals
Eternal life is what you seek,
death is what you find

The end the final conflict,
destruction of mankind

You will die by our lies
Your secrets cannot tell
In the end he comes again
Taking souls
to Hell

Prime Evil

The very life you
lead is nothing in his mind
He's come to take it now,
your body left behind
His burning eyes
of fire pierce your inner soul
The evil that has poisoned
you now starts to take its toll

Seconds tickaway, the final
moment has come
Beginning of the end,
Armageddon has begun
in a final flahs of glory, mankind
has been defied
Waiting for the sacriifice, your
soul is cast aside

The end has been foretold
The bible tells us so
That when you choose his evil
for you we wait below
Prime evil


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