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Weapons Of Retaliation

"Weapons Of Retaliation" (2004 EP)

1. Destroy Inhuman Condition
2. Downfall of Life
3. Absorbing Sickness
4. Forward Without Control
5. Grey World
6. Into The War

1. Destroy Inhuman Condition

Destroy inhuman condition
Endless reign of cynical human intention
Invincible architects of remote horrors
Assaulting terror, land annihilation
The field of mass graves multiplies

Artificial peace in distortion we embrace
Chains constrict, bond and locked us all in a cage
We are the victims of this tolerance
Fear was the price of their strict control

Suffer the scourge of their law
Hatred dominates
Rivalries and territories

Humanity are innocently murdered
Chemical warfare, cyanide contamination
Declining numbers to complete obliteration
Shadows left for forgotten world

Destroy our inhuman condition

Let's seek another way
Stop the insanity of striking tragedies
Wreck the war's device
End of man's demise

2. Downfall of Life

3. Absorbing Sickness

Words confabulate
My twisted dehumanization
Force-fed delussion

Subconscious terror talking through
Deep inside my voices screaming
Now it reigns my supremacy
This lunacy holds the generated rage

A time of manipulation begins to conceive
Unleashing the conflict of inner self
Abusive manifestation
Self-inflicted overload

Absorbing this sickness
Embraces my entertaining visions
Severed life, I stare blind
Feeding the pain from these tired scorching eyes
Uncontrollable dark intentions, coils to strike
I swallowed the disease of collapsing humanity
Confide on me, suicidal art
Disarmed pride to die
Beneath the guise I rot
Affect of my untrue smile
Tearing my soul apart

4. Forward Without Control

Our valuable traits
Insights and knowledge
Accounting visions
Questions and privilege
This our own tool
To take ahead
Promulgation protest
A motion amend

But why there are no traces for changes?
We live forward but toward to silence
Controlled freedom to speak for what is right
We are demented the way we survive

Before, after, before
Reasons remain the same
"Don't fight with it, so it won't harm you"
"I don't care because you don't care too"
This ignorance ruined our thoughts
All we have now
Dismantled minds

But we can exterminate and delete our wrong
To help stand the weak
To look ourselves "what's wrong"
To give hope to those who bleed in fear
This is the tension of full assistance

We need your cooperation
To endure our own proportion
Forward, forward, forward
Forward without control!

5. Grey World

Spawned terrorist reinforced
Children of war fueled by lies
Breed to suspend a mass
Advanced technology and system
Inherit hatred, brainwashed
Force-fed of misdirect anger
Onslaught of war
Demoralized by dictator's greed
Walking corpses
Animate with horrendous motivation and drive
Spread to eliminate innocent civilians
Causing mass carnage
Suicidal souls
Disciples of disorder bestowed without fear
Meaningless sacrifice of terror
Over their targets

Grey world, ashes fall, all are gone
Product of madness, humanity exiled
Life on earth denied
Brute Of retaliation now exist
Exist... Exist...

Inflict sickness
Bloodshed arise
Desultory of inhuman vision
The key of conquering are suffering, pain and death
Massive weapons so strong to elicit every creation
Aggressor war machines, used for antagonist protection

The aftermath of incinerating scorched earth atmosphere

Victory of annihilation are now measured
Victory of annihilation are now measured

6. Into The War

A decorated soldier
Encompassed duties with honor
Siege to destroy, seek and comfront
Forward according to the plan

A team of man will carry their mission
Programmed sensors for the operation
Armed and skillful for hire
Godless and hostile in the line of fire

I'm a member of the troops
My destination erased my faith
Who can smile while standing this ground?

Human hunting like animals
Execute the enemy
Light of night watching our moves
Pull the trigger in times of loss

Through our preys, from were victims
Absolute terror degenerates
Gasping for breath, begging for help
Soon to be dead
This is not our torment
This is not out grave
Your christ was not here
This was hell

Into the war!


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