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"Betrayed" (1996)

1. Intro
2. Forgotten Cause
3. Mental Connection
4. Elimination
5. Betrayed
6. Emptiness
7. Drowning (In Faith)
8. Indulge
9. Never To Be Free
10. Need Me
11. My Voice
12. Outro

1. Intro

2. Forgotten Cause

You seem me as an enemy
What have I done wrong?
What have you got against me?
Do you really know?!!

The hate you feel for me
Is not yours
But your forefather's
And ithose before
You do not know why
This is so
It's only history
That you follow

Forgotten cause - Remembered hate
Behold the past - Revenge the pain

Why don't you leave me be
The way I want to be
Respect my choice of life
As I do yours

Forgotten cause - Remembered hate

3. Mental Connection

Awakened, yet I see only darkness
I curse the god that got me born - Got me gifted
I sense the closing, the arrive is near
From dead-men, thoughts come my way
All that's deceased
Forcing their grief
Of what once was upon me
Clearing their souls of misery and leaving me be

Rain of thoughts piercing me
From unknown identities
Experience their Ensuing fate
Relive their lives
Their pain, their hate
The pain of death fulfilling me
Again to see life's destiny, release me

A torture again to see
Lost souls in obscurity
Seeking their way through me
To absorb their agone

Mental connection

He is free from misery
His work is done by me

God is no saviour
On that part I reign
To whom will I leave my pain?
When I die?

4. Elimination

Born at the wrong time
In the wrong place
Danger to scoiety?
The elimination of those
Who don't know
Betrayal by those
You live with
No place in this world

No sense of humanity
No sense of life
The adult child has to die
A systematic destruction
To purify your pathetic

Ride behind your symbols
Your fake truth
Saviour of humanity
Your insanity is your truth

Take my life
Free my soul
Save your life
Kill your soul

5. Betrayed

My soul floats
After death
But where is heaven now?
No golden gate
Between clouds
No angel-harp harmonies
Unconsciously I realise
The house of god stays hidden
They promised me
Eternal life
How could it be a lie?!

I feel the presence near me
Of thousand souls or more
I sense the desperation
Of souls all been betrayed
Drifting on the waves of sadness
Our souls seek eternal peace
There's only darkness on
Our way
Lost in the caverns of time

Where is the paradise, promised for?
How could I've been betrayed?
Where is the place, of eternal peace?
Where are the golden gates?

6. Emptiness

See the world through my eyes
All you see is weakness
It's not a cause of insanity
It's a cause of pain
What's the use of life
If you want to be dead

I take my life in my own hands
Selfish thoughts?!

The only way to escape from this life
Fulfilles my world, now I want to die

It's my choice don't you see
To forever end this misery

Inner fears I can't deny
Salvation when I die?
No more pain no more lies
From this world I can't hide

7. Drowning (In Faith)

Beleive in me and my insanity
The new born god, salvation that you seek
Reject your past
Live your life by my hand
Soon to behold my insande primised land

Those who will join, shall meet eternal peace
Drowning in faith and my insanity
Obey to me and every word I preach
Devote your life, as you will die for me

Blessed by me
I am he
Set you free
For eternity

Believe in me
I set you free

8. Indulge

I can't suppress, the urge inside
The addiction controls my mind
Searching for the infant flesh
To fulfill my desire

I will seek and I will find
The life, the body will be mine
So young, so pure
I need the pleasure, more and more

The addiction, my excuse, my reason to abuse
This illness so strong
This illness so wrong

I can't resist the call for more
And as I hear
The voice of my greed
I complete my pleasure
To kill

The desire for the infant
Can't control the urge inside
The rape
The kill is addicted in my mind
The addiction, my excuse, my reason

The screams I hear
Their begging their fear

I must proceed, this inhuman deed
To rape, to kill, my needs must
Be fulfilled

9. Never To Be Free

Can we trust and believe in these
Words of deceit
Is the truth unrevealed
Must we seek for what's real

True words misused
So confused
What are lies
What's the truth

Contradiction every spoken word
Disbelief with their fall of disguise
Lost and deeper they fall
Inot hte strangling claws of their lies
Remain with the pitiful believe in yourself

Never to be free

10. Need Me

Come to me where you feel safe
I comfort you with my warm embrace
There is no sorrow, there is no pain

In this world I give
Take me
I let you see how you want it to be
Take me, Take me
I am the way out of your misery
Take me

I did not choose you, you chose me
Now I will help you to escape reality
You try to fight but you cannot win
The pain comes back, you loose again

I let you see how you want it to be
Take me need me hear me
Take me feed me

I am your life
I am your truth
I am your breath
I am you death

11. My Voice

In a psychotic state
Dreaming when I'm awake
Seeing things only I can see
A fantasy in reality
Panic takes control
Sink away in a sea of black
Caught in my twisted soul
Is there a way back?

A fantasy? Reality?

Whisperings of the unknown voice
What I see is not my choice
I belive it's real what I see

A fantasy in reality
A fantasy in reality

The world looks insane to me
Will you please set me free
I'm on the edge of insanity

I'm alone with my voice

The only thing I now need
Is a piece of reality
Please don't let me be
Living in captivity
Who should I believe
Is it you or is it me

The only thing that I now need
Is a piece of reality
Please don't let me be
Living in captivity

12. Outro


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